Top 5 Xiaomi Juicers. Rating

Xiaomi (pronounced Xiaomi) is a world famous corporation based in China. The name of the company literally translates as “a small grain of rice”, which has long turned the world of technology upside down with its innovative ideas: at the moment, the brand is one of the world leaders in the production of smartphones (which it mainly specializes in), as well as high-tech household goods – among they include small appliances for the kitchen, and large climate control systems.

Among the manufacturer’s products there are also juicers: these are portable wireless models designed for preparing drinks outside the home. They are especially fond of sports fans, as small devices from Xiaomi are convenient to take with you for a run, to the fitness room or to yoga, so that after a workout you can immediately refresh yourself with a glass of juice. Recently, however, Xiaomi has focused on expanding the range of juicers: now among the manufacturer’s products you can also find powerful household appliances (screw and centrifugal), which integrate the best practices of wireless models. 

In the markets of the CIS countries, products have earned their popularity due to the ratio of price and quality: despite the ergonomics and excellent performance indicators, Xiaomi juicers belong to the mid-budget price segment

Top 5. Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NU90

Stylish case design

The ergonomic shape of the flask and the matte color of this juicer make it look like a portable thermos – the device not only effectively copes with its functions, but also looks very stylish!

  • Type: auger (vertical)
  • Power: 50W
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Juice/pulp tank volume: 350 ml
  • Warranty: 1 year

What the Xiaomi brand cannot be denied is the ability to produce equipment that not only impresses with its functional characteristics, but can also act as a stylish accessory. The Deerma portable auger juicer was designed specifically for those who frequent the gym: its flask is made not of glass, but of steel and impenetrable impact-resistant plastic (as safe as the material used in the manufacture of baby food bottles), – for which from the side the device is easily confused with a sports flask. The cordless juicer runs on battery power, and to turn it on, you need to hold down the power button twice – this will prevent accidental switching on inside a backpack or bag. As a bonus, the device can also be used as a thermos, because it keeps drinks cold / warm for up to 6 hours.

Pros and cons

  • Works as a juicer and thermos
  • Modern design
  • 4 stainless blades
  • Battery lasts for 8 glasses
  • Small flask volume

Top 4. Xiaomi Solove Z2 Juicer

Best Portable Model

Take this compact centrifugal juicer to your workout, office or picnic – it won’t take up much space in your backpack, so you can enjoy fresh juice anywhere!

  • Type: centrifugal
  • Power: 58W
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Juice/pulp tank volume: 330 ml
  • Warranty: 1 year

Looking for a compact cordless juicer to take to the gym? Then this portable model from Xiaomi will definitely suit you! The device does not work from the mains, but from magnetic charging: you can pre-charge the battery from a USB cable (it will take about 2 hours), and then throw the juicer into a backpack and go to the gym or on a picnic: a 700 mAh battery will provide at least several dozen work cycles. You should not worry that the case will be scratched while carrying, because the glass-flask of the model is made of heavy-duty borosilicate glass, which is resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to high temperatures. The icing on the cake is a very nice and ergonomic design that makes the juicer look like a mini thermos.

Pros and cons

  • Convenient portable model
  • Battery operated
  • Stylish case design
  • Impact-resistant flask for juice
  • Not suitable for preparing large portions of the drink

Топ-3. Xiaomi Le Free Cold Press Juicer White (MSW1)

Convenient cleaning

This juicer uses special bags that completely prevent contamination of the internal compartments – so the device almost does not need to be washed after use!

  • Type: combined (cold press)
  • Power: 200W
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Juice/pulp tank volume: n/a
  • Warranty: n/a
  • Video review

With this juicer, the Xiaomi brand decided to please the housewives who do not like to spend a lot of time washing the device: the model uses an innovative cold-pressing system for raw materials from the packages that are included in the kit. That is, it is enough to cut fruits or vegetables, put them in a bag (each can be used up to 5 times, after which they can be washed), insert it into the juicer and press the button to get a fresh and healthy drink. Moreover, the device will cope with raw materials of almost any level of hardness, because according to the manufacturers, the press exerts a pressure equal to almost 8 tons! There is also no doubt about the benefits of the resulting drinks: fruits and vegetables retain all the vitamins, do not oxidize and do not lose their taste due to the complete absence of contact with oxygen.

Pros and cons

  • Does not get dirty thanks to the use of bags
  • Innovative cold pressed technology
  • Press pressure up to 8 tons
  • Large, takes up a lot of space
  • High price

Top 2. Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer Cup MJZZB01PL

Best spin quality

Only 35 seconds – that’s how much this Xiaomi juicer needs to process fruit into a glass of refreshing juice!

  • Type: centrifugal
  • Power: 45W
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Juice/pulp tank volume: 300 ml
  • Warranty: 2 years

Perhaps one of the main features of this centrifugal model from Xiaomi is the high power of operation with relatively small dimensions of the device (of course, because this is a portable model) – four 3D stainless steel blades make at least 18 thousand revolutions per minute, which allows you to squeeze the juice from raw materials in seconds. The ingredients are processed so quickly that, according to the manufacturer, the loss of liquid due to the pulp is no more than 6%. The overall battery capacity is also pleasing: when fully charged, two 1300mAh batteries allow you to mix at least 12 glasses of juice. The wireless juicer is also equipped with an innovative self-cleaning system: just press the power button twice quickly, and the water toggle switch will start a 35-second process of automatically cleaning the flask from the inside.

Pros and cons

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • High blade speed
  • Holds a charge for a long time
  • Battery operated
  • Not suitable for squeezing large portions of juice

Top-1. Xiaomi Bud Slag Juice Separation

The highest percentage of juice yield

Xiaomi guarantees that this auger model will squeeze out 90% of the liquid from fruits and vegetables, so you won’t waste a drop of precious juice!

  • Type: auger
  • Power: 250W
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Juice/pulp tank volume: n/a
  • Warranty: 1 year

Although the Xiaomi brand is best known for portable portable juicers, they have devices in their arsenal that are best suited for use at home. One of these was the auger model of the Bud series with the function of separating pulp and juice: in the process of squeezing, the liquid and cake immediately merge into two external containers (you can use your own or those supplied in the kit), which makes it as easy as possible to clean the device after work. The principle of cold pressing allows you to save most of the vitamins and nutrients in fruits, and also prevents their oxidation. Moreover, the juicer will cope not only with soft fruits and citrus fruits, but also with pomegranates and watermelons – just cut them and load them into a neck with a diameter of 81 mm, and the bones will separate already in the process of squeezing.

Pros and cons

  • Suitable for processing hard and soft vegetables/fruits
  • System for separating pulp and juice into external containers
  • Efficient spin
  • Takes up a lot of space in the kitchen

Attention! The above information is not a buying guide. For any advice, you should contact the experts!