Top 10 thermostatic kettles (2023). Rating

Every year household appliances become more and more functional. And today, even such a seemingly simple kitchen appliance as an electric kettle can offer additional possibilities. The most useful among them is the ability to indicate the temperature of the water. To do this, use a thermostat that allows you to control the heating and stop it after reaching a predetermined threshold. First of all, the choice of an electric kettle with a thermostat is useful for tea lovers and young mothers, because the taste of the drink and the preservation of vitamins in the infant formula depend on the temperature of the water.

TOP 10 best kettles with thermostat 2023

The first thing you need to decide when buying is the volume. The standard capacity in modern models is 1.7 liters. But there are also more capacious and compact models. Which kettle is better in size is up to you to decide, because it depends on the number of people who will use the equipment, and on the features of use.

The more capacious the technique, the more powerful it must be in order to quickly boil water. The type of thermostat is also worth deciding in advance. They are divided into:

  • stepless (you can smoothly adjust the temperature);
  • stepped (heating scale set by the manufacturer).

Often, manufacturers produce the second option, which is quite enough for basic tasks: preparing infant formula (40 C °), brewing white tea (60 C °), green, red teas (up to 85 C °), flower (90-95 C °) , black tea and instant noodles (100 C °).

1. Smeg KLF04

Smeg KLF04

Smeg appliances attract consumers with a modern filling, which is packaged in a retro case. One of the most popular electric kettles according to customer reviews, the KLF04 is made in the style of the 50s of the last century – one of the most popular eras in the current culture. In order to customize your home, Smeg offers a choice of several colors of appliances: white, cream, black, green, blue, red and pink.

Retro design is very expensive. Moreover, even the most affordable black and white versions cost 3-5 times more than the main competitors.

All controls are located on the base of a reliable Smeg electric kettle: two buttons (on and keep warm), as well as a temperature selection lever. There are 7 heating options: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 95, 100. There is another key on top. It is responsible for the smooth opening of the lid at an angle of approximately 75 degrees. Due to the power of 2.4 kW, the KLF04 kettle boils 1.7 liters of water in about 6 minutes. After that, the equipment can maintain the temperature for another 20 minutes.


  • classic design;
  • base management;
  • quality of materials and reliability in work;
  • keeping warm;
  • many colors;
  • reliable assembly.


  •  too expensive.

2. Bosch TWK8613P

Bosch TWK8613P

A more affordable solution from a world famous German brand. The TWK8613P kettle offers a KeepWarm function that allows you to maintain the set temperature for 30 minutes. Among the heating options, there are 4 values ​​​​from 70 to 100 C ° in 10 degree increments. Management is carried out using the buttons located on the base.

The last digit in the model name indicates its color. For the review of electric kettles, we took the black modification (3), but white (1), green (2) and beige (7) are also available. Due to the hidden heating element, it is very easy to clean the kettle. Protection systems, in turn, do not allow the device to turn on without water and automatically turn it off when removed from the base.


  • rapid boiling;
  • elaborate security system;
  • simple control;
  • retains heat for a long time;
  • stylish design;
  • excellent ergonomics.


  • loud beep when turned on.

3. MIE Smart Kettle 100

MIE Smart Kettle 100

A popular model of an electric kettle, which is ideal for tea lovers. You can brew a drink in the Smart Kettle 100 not after, but during the boiling process. To do this, a special strainer is provided with the device, in which you need to fill the tea leaves. When boiling, the water will form steam, which, under pressure, will rise through the tube to the tea leaves and make delicious tea.

The total volume of the model from MIE is 1.7 liters. If you want to brew a drink during the heating process, it is not recommended to exceed the mark of 1200 ml. For other dishes and teas that do not require cooking at high temperatures, you can prepare the water yourself. Heating is regulated within 13 modes with a minimum value of 40, a maximum of 100 and a setting step of 5 C °.


  • brewing from 1 to 20 minutes;
  • long warranty (3 years);
  • 13 temperature presets;
  • unique feature of geyser brewing;
  • stylish transparent design;
  • sieve for brewing included.


  • low quality materials.

4. REDMOND SkyKettle RK-G203S

REDMOND SkyKettle RK-G203S

If you want to buy an electric kettle that will become a real decoration of the kitchen, then REDMOND products will be an excellent solution. Model RK-G203S from the SkyKettle line received a stepless regulator, so you can set any temperature with an accuracy of 1 degree. However, for this you will have to use a smartphone, in which you can set not only the heating, but also the color of the built-in backlight for the RK-G203S.

Without using a mobile device, a smart electric kettle will allow you to choose among several standard temperature settings: 40, 55, 70, 85 and 100 degrees. The program for smartphones allows you not to think about the optimal temperature, because in it you can choose a recipe for the selected type of tea. You can also choose an active boil for tap water and a short boil if you are using bottled water.


  • lamp function;
  • many interesting features;
  • price-opportunity combination;
  • solid assembly;
  • recipes in the application;
  • precise temperature setting;
  • remote control.

5. Kitfort KT-6115-1

Kitfort KT-6115-1

A good electric kettle with a stepped thermostat and a laconic design. For the KT-6115 model, all controls are located on the body. With two buttons on the handle, you can select the temperature and turn on the kettle. The set mode is shown on the illuminated character display on the side. But there is no scale that allows you to control the volume of filled water, so you will have to navigate by the markings inside the device. This is done in order to achieve good thermal insulation. Therefore, the high-quality body of the Kitfort kettle retains heat well. Three colors are available in the manufacturer’s assortment: white (1), gray (2) and red (3).


  • neat appearance;
  • temperature display;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • small dimensions;
  • heating element power of 1800 W;
  • reasoned price.


  • inconvenient scale for controlling the volume of water in the device.

6. Polaris PWK 1777CGLD

Polaris PWK 1777CGLD

Among Russian brands, teapots are offered by Polaris at the best price. Its model uses a high-precision heating element that allows you to set the temperature from 40 to 100 degrees. It also maintains the temperature of the water after boiling. All controls and indicator lights are located in the base.

Polaris also has a PWK 1725CGLD electric kettle model. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, has support for the Alice voice assistant and allows you to fill in water without opening the device due to the special design of the lid.

The electric kettle received an English STRIX controller, designed for 15 thousand boiling cycles (more than 10 years of active work). The lid in the kettle opens 90 degrees, so it allows you to conveniently pour water and clean the equipment from scale. And so that the latter remains inside, and does not fall into the drink, a mesh filter is used on the spout.


  • high quality glass;
  • original design;
  • low noise;
  • quickly boils 1.7 liters of water;
  • controller from STRIX;
  • reliability and 2-year warranty;
  • turning off the kettle without water.

7. Philips HD9359 Advance Collection

Philips HD9359 Advance Collection

Stylish all-metal kettle with a spring-loaded lid that opens at the touch of a button. The HD9359 stand includes a touch control panel with 6 buttons: temperature selection from 40 to 100 degrees in 20 ° C increments, a power button and a key to activate the heating mode. Under the handle in a teapot with a high-quality thermostat is a volume scale. For convenience, it is also marked with the number of cups of standard size. The safety system in the kettle automatically turns off the equipment when boiling to prevent overheating, and in the absence of water. And the microfilter in the spout allows you to retain scale up to 200 microns.


  • wide opening lid;
  • stainless steel body;
  • convenient choice of water temperature;
  • the ability to maintain heat;
  • Volumetric scale indicating cups.


  • Heats water quite noisily.

8. Kitfort KT-601

Kitfort KT-601

Looking at reviews of kettles with a thermostat, we came across the KT-601 model from Kitfort. We immediately wanted to take it for review, because the device turned out to be very stylish. In shape, it resembles a jug, and the rubberized handle of the equipment does not heat up at all and does not slip even in wet hands. The lid in the KT-601 is completely removable for easy water filling, and the lock button helps to ensure the necessary tightness.

The body of a good and inexpensive Kitfort teapot is made of high quality glass. It not only looks stylish, but also allows you to accurately control the amount of water filled. The control panel in the device is very similar to that in Philips, but the buttons are tactile here, and the heating temperature varies from 70 to 100 degrees in steps of 10. That is, the KT-601 is not suitable for preparing infant formula, which must be taken into account.


  • quality assembly;
  • cute design;
  • rubberized handle;
  • thoughtful ergonomics;
  • removable cover;
  • transparent body.


  • no 40 °C mode.

9. Hottek HT-960-014

Hottek HT-960-014

Reliable and, importantly, cheap teapot with brewing function. You can buy the HT-960-014 model in stores for only 4 thousand rubles. The technique has 5 heating modes and the same number of backlight options, which turns on automatically. Red is activated for boiling, green and blue – for 60 and 70 degrees. Heating up to 80 and 90 C° are indicated by yellow and purple glow, respectively. One of the best teapots with a built-in thermostat has a classic strainer without a geyser brew function. Therefore, it is possible to prepare a drink in it for the entire volume, which is 1.5 liters. The technician can then heat the tea, maintaining the desired temperature for 2 hours.


  • removable filter for brewing;
  • overheating protection and limescale filter;
  • stylish case made of heat-resistant glass;
  • solid assembly;
  • 5 kinds of illumination for different temperatures.


  • considering the low cost was not found.

10. Tefal KO 3318 Snow Control

Tefal KO 3318 Snow Control

Another interesting solution among inexpensive kettles. The technique of the French brand Tefal is compact and durable. The volume of the model we have chosen is 1.5 liters, which the device heats up to a temperature of 100 degrees in just 5 minutes, which is the merit of a 2400 W heating element. You can turn on the boil with one button.

Also on the control panel there is a symbolic display showing the current mode and the activity of the heating function, and buttons for their activation.

In terms of available presets, the Tefal kettle is almost identical to the Hottek. However, two intermediate modes are added to the above modes – 85 and 95 degrees, which are ideal for green and red tea, respectively. The keep warm function is activated and deactivated with a separate button. Its maximum duration is 60 minutes.


  • no smell of plastic at the beginning of work;
  • stylish design and comfortable stand;
  • when removing the kettle from the base, it does not reset the set mode;
  • many modes for different teas;
  • high power and fast heating.


  • there is no 40 ° C mode for infant formula.

Which teapot is better to choose

The model from REDMOND offers the greatest functionality in terms of choosing the required temperature. The best design is undoubtedly offered by Smeg. However, the equipment of the premium Italian brand is too expensive. If you want beautiful, high-quality and more affordable, then choose Bosch or the domestic brand Kitfort. Do you love tea? We have added two models to the rating of the best teapots with a thermostat that are capable of brewing tea leaves already in the process of boiling.