Top 10 oven brands. Rating

Built-in appliances are the perfect choice for a modern kitchen. It allows you to buy exactly the equipment that is ideally suited for its characteristics. Need a full-fledged oven, but rarely use the hob? No problem. You can assemble a suitable configuration, and from different brands. It is about the manufacturers of ovens that we want to talk in today’s review. Of course, you should not rely only on the brand, because there are many other criteria. However, the best oven companies always care about their reputation and strive for leadership. It is in the technique of such companies that advanced technologies are used and there is no marriage.

Rating of the best oven companies

Most manufacturers today concentrate on electric models. Why is this and should I choose another option? First of all, we need to talk about the savings that are obvious with gas ovens. If you cook very often, then the bill in utility bills when using different devices will be obvious. However, even the best gas ovens are rarely equipped with convection, which guarantees uniform heating of the air in the chamber. Also, electrics are safer and usually allow you to set a more accurate temperature. But the cost of gas ovens is lower than an identical class of electric models. But the range of the second type of devices is much more extensive.

1. Bosch

bosch oven

The legendary German corporation, which is synonymous with the word “quality”. Bosch makes a variety of ovens at different price points. You can find good products in the assortment of the brand for less than 40 thousand rubles. It will offer basic features and a good build. If you love cooking, then Bosch ovens in the premium segment are a great choice.

The top models of the German giant are equipped with doors with 4 glasses at once. Therefore, even when choosing a high temperature, you will not be able to get burned if you accidentally touch the equipment. In their reviews, buyers of ovens note other unique features of Bosch devices, including:

  • food defrost function;
  • the possibility of rapid heating of the chamber;
  • steam cooking;
  • ceramic coating of EcoClean chambers.

The latter will be of particular interest to those who do not like unnecessary fuss with cleaning equipment. Dirt on the EcoClean coating turns into a normal coating that is easy to remove.

2. Siemens

Siemens oven

In our TOP oven manufacturers, the German brand Siemens is one of the most interesting in terms of build quality and durability. However, the company has very few new products. Therefore, some modern functions in Siemens devices appear later than those of competitors. On the other hand, this allows you to achieve the highest reliability in existing lines. And the possibilities available in technology are enough for most users even with a margin. In terms of cost, among the best oven companies, Siemens is in the upper segment. Even inexpensive models from this brand start from 60 thousand rubles, and premium ones will cost more than two hundred.

3. Burning

oven Gorenje

Similar to German brands, the Slovenian company Gorenje produces exclusively electric built-in ovens. A unique feature of most models of this brand is the special shape of the chamber with rounded upper corners, which visually resembles a wood-burning stove. The company produces both models with only touch, and solutions exclusively with mechanical control. But in most devices, both options are still combined, because this combination is recognized as the most convenient.

In terms of design, Gorenje also has a lot of variety. There are devices in the Hi-Tech style, and retro-style appliances.

The manufacturer’s convenient ovens also differ in volume. There are compact solutions with a capacity of 50 liters, and models with 84 liters. But most Gorenje devices offer 71 or 77 liter chambers. The grill in the ovens of the Slovenian company can be electric or infrared. Additional features include a microwave function, a double boiler, heating dishes and others. Overpaying for them if they are rarely used is not worth it. Budget Gorenje models are no worse.

4. Electrolux


In terms of demand among Russian buyers, ovens of the Gorenje and Electrolux brands are leading today. But in terms of sales, the Swedish concert is slightly ahead. This is ensured by the ownership of several more brands of household appliances, including AEG and Zanussi. The Electrolux engineering department is constantly creating innovative solutions. Among the popular features, we note steam cooking, which appeared in ovens thanks to a manufacturer from Sweden.

PlusStream technology is available to combine steam and heat treatment in the company’s top models. It allows you to make meat and fish juicier, and pastries – more airy. So that after creating culinary masterpieces you do not have to spend a lot of time also washing appliances, Electrolux ovens have a self-cleaning function. It is enough for the user to press only one button, after which all food residues on the walls will be destroyed by the pyrolytic method.

One of the most useful additions in built-in ovens of the Electrolux brand can be called a temperature probe. It is useful for cooking meat in a whole piece. Focusing only on the crust is inconvenient, because you can overdry the product or, conversely, leave it raw. The temperature probe will measure the exact temperature inside the meat, chicken or fish, giving a signal at the moment when the required threshold is reached.

5. Weissgauff

Weissgauff oven

What is the best oven manufacturer to choose? An excellent purchase in terms of price and performance will be the Weissgauff technique. It offers automatic cleaning of the walls, and the removable glass door makes it as easy as possible to care for the oven and help you keep it looking perfect for a long time. The Smart Clean enamel used in Weissgauff appliances is durable and minimizes contamination.

Weissgauff is officially represented on the Russian market and offers customers high-quality inexpensive products with standard and devices with an extended 2-year warranty.

On the inner glass of the ovens of this brand are recommendations for the optimal preparation of various dishes. The Weissgauff range includes models for 70 and even 80 liters. However, most of the manufacturer’s ovens are in the segment up to 50 liters. Moreover, both narrow models (45 cm) and low ones with a similar capacity are available. This choice will allow you to purchase the optimal solution for the parameters of your kitchen.

6. Hansa

Hansa oven

When choosing a good oven, buyers often focus on its appearance. And in this regard, Hansa is one of the most interesting brands. For achievements in the field of design, the European manufacturer even received prestigious awards in 2011, 2014 and 2015. The company has classic-style appliances, modern-style ovens, and products that fit perfectly into any interior design.

The range of Hansa multifunctional ovens includes over 10 lines! In terms of capabilities, they are not inferior to competitors’ household appliances, but please with a more affordable cost. Among the interesting features in the devices of the Polish brand, we highlight:

  • the EasyControlT system, which allows you to very accurately set the cooking process;
  • a temperature probe that helps to prepare a dish that is ideal in terms of juiciness;
  • the function “Quick heating” – heating the oven to 150 ° C in just 4 minutes;
  • easy cleaning enamel to simplify the care of the device and others.

Of course, the company makes good electric ovens that have defrost and steam modes. Moreover, for a model with a double boiler, you will be asked for less than 50 thousand, which is one of the most advantageous offers on the market.

7. Discount

oven Korting

One of the top oven manufacturers by user reviews and, along with Bosch, one of the oldest consumer appliance brands. The German brand owns its own engineering offices in Germany, where products are developed. Production is concentrated in Turkey, which allows you to reduce the price while maintaining high quality. However, Korting does not have very cheap products. Simple models start at 30-35 thousand and offer basic functionality. The cost of bonus reaches 150,000, which is quite democratic.

The company produces electric and gas ovens with an emphasis on the first type. In models from Korting, all modern functions are available, with the exception of a double boiler. But the possibility of simultaneous cooking with steam and heating elements in technology is available. Also available are a temperature probe, screen, convenient operation (sensor or rotary switches) and a wide range of chamber volumes. The narrowest 45-liter ovens at Korting have the smallest capacity. The maximum chamber volume is 101 liters. Such models are ideal for customers who regularly cook a lot of meals for a large family. The maximum temperature in ovens of the German brand Korting depends on the model: from 240 degrees in inexpensive ones to 300 ° C in advanced household appliances.



The joint Russian-Belarusian enterprise continues the rating of oven brands. GEFEST offers both gas and electric models. The company’s products stand out for their good quality, attractive design and affordable price. If you are looking for inexpensive ovens, then GEFEST is the best solution in this segment.

The brand is not afraid to experiment with design. If you want a more discreet technique, then choose models with traditional black, white and gray colors. And lovers of something unusual can buy ovens with a surface stylized as a stone.

The manufacturer equips the equipment with telescopic guides, automatic cooking programs, camera lighting and a skewer. In all models, two glasses are installed in the door, which prevents strong heating. Of the additional functions in GEFEST gas ovens, only a timer. In electric, defrost is also available.

9. Backhoe


Beko brand ovens are in great demand not only in the Russian Federation, but also in 130 other countries around the world. The key advantages of this manufacturer are a wide range of equipment and reasonable cost. Beko produces household appliances not only for itself, but also for other brands under ODM contracts. Therefore, the product quality of the Turkish company is consistently high, and the probability of marriage is almost zero.
Beko strives to offer customers the maximum of modern technology. In reliable ovens of this brand are used:

  • Cooking in 3D mode. Using the top, bottom and oval heater, as well as the fan. The inclusion of heating elements in this mode is carried out variably, so the heat is more evenly distributed throughout the chamber.
  • Split & Cook. A feature available in premium Turkish ovens. With the help of a special partition, you can divide the space in order to cook two dishes at once, individually setting the temperature and time for them.
  • hydrolysis cleaning. A function designed to soften dirt. This helps to facilitate cleaning of equipment and reduces the cost of purchasing cleaning products.

In some models of ovens of a popular brand, there is a quick warm-up function, touch controls with a child lock, and other features.



The Russian company DARINA closes the list of the best manufacturers of ovens. It makes high-quality, reliable and attractive equipment at an affordable cost. The range includes retro, hi-tech and minimalist appliances. DARINA production facilities are concentrated in Russia, which ensures uninterrupted supplies and attractive prices in any economic situation.

Ovens of a domestic brand can be equipped with doors with 2 and 3 glasses. To clean the cabinet in DARINA, the simplest hydrolysis type is used. The functionality of the products of the Russian brand is quite extensive. For example, DARINA ovens can be equipped with a spit, a defrost function and a temperature probe. But in terms of capacity, the choice is not too big: either 50 or 60 liters.

Which oven brand is better to buy

DARINA and GEFEST are a great choice if you need budget equipment. The Russian manufacturer presents only electric models. Belarusians also produce gas devices. They can also be found at the Korting brand, but at a higher cost. Buyers in the Russian Federation are interested in the popular brands of electric and gas ovens Beko and Bosch. They have products in different price categories, but only the Germans produce truly premium solutions. We also include the Siemens brand among the leaders in terms of reliability. And Weissgauff and Hansa are stylish appliances at an affordable price.