Top 10 Microwave Brands. Rating

Since its inception in 1947, microwave ovens have become much smaller, more functional and cheaper. In terms of prevalence, they are second only to refrigerators and stoves. Therefore, dozens of companies in all price categories offer such equipment today. Of course, it is easy to get confused in such a variety. Therefore, we decided to suggest which microwave oven is better to buy. Brands are sorted by a combination of several criteria: available range, build quality, features, performance reliability, customer demand, service and cost. As a result, our TOP 10 manufacturers were formed.

Rating of the best microwave oven companies

Is it smart to buy appliances from any popular company? On the one hand, high demand can be explained by the high quality of products. But its reason may be the lowest price (either in the class or for similar features). Therefore, the assessment of the manufacturer should be comprehensive. It is also important to consider the characteristics of technology:

  • available cooking methods;
  • chamber size and material;
  • rated power of the device;
  • way and convenience of management, etc.

However, you will have to deal with these things on your own. And we begin to consider brands that produce the highest quality microwave ovens.

10. BQ


Russian trademark registered in 2013. Initially, the manufacturer produced only inexpensive phones. A few years later, the company expanded the catalog with its own TVs, which are assembled at domestic factories. And now BQ offers a wide range of electronics and small household appliances.

The company concentrated exclusively on cheap microwave ovens. Most models under the BQ brand can be purchased for only 5-6 thousand rubles. The capacity of all devices is identical and is 20 liters. The power is no different – 700 watts. For periodic heating of food in the office or at home, BQ appliances will be a good choice.

9. Hyundai


The company, primarily known to the domestic buyer for its cars. However, the South Korean giant has a division of Hyundai Electronics, which produces modern household appliances and electronics. In the Russian market, devices of this brand were first introduced in 2004. Since then, the Hyundai brand has regularly increased sales volumes and developed an official dealer network in all corners of our country.

Microwave ovens from a South Korean manufacturer stand out for their simplicity of design and high build quality. The range of equipment includes the most popular models with a volume of 20 and 23 liters. Their power varies from 700 to 900 watts. The functionality of Hyundai microwave ovens is minimally sufficient and includes:

  • defrosting;
  • grill function;
  • combined mode.

Control in all models is electronic, but can be made in the form of buttons (only physical, without a sensor) or rotary controls.

8. Midea


The largest Chinese manufacturer of household appliances, which has gained great popularity in overseas markets. Midea ranks first in the world in terms of growth and is one of the top three sales leaders in most markets in European and Asian countries. In total, the equipment of this brand is exported to more than 200 countries. The company’s assortment includes both budget devices with a price tag of about 5000, and premium models, whose cost exceeds 50 thousand rubles.

Advanced solutions offer automatic cooking programs, keep warm mode and other functions.

The Midea brand strives to cover consumer needs as much as possible. The company produces both free-standing and built-in microwave ovens. Control in them can be implemented in 4 versions: rotary mechanical, rotary clock, push-button or touch. In terms of design, the Chinese are not inferior to competitors at all, releasing both modern and classic devices. But in terms of a set of colors, everything is quite restrained: silver, gray, white, beige and black.

7. BBK


Another brand from China, which is well known to the Russian consumer. Our brand appeared almost immediately after its foundation in 1995. In the huge range of products of this company, there was a place for almost any household appliances and consumer electronics. The BBK brand has reliable microwave ovens at a reasonable cost. The size of the devices starts from just 17 liters. Such microwaves are well suited for use in hostels and cottages. And larger ones of 20, 23 and 25 liters can be chosen for an office, apartment or house.

Despite the cheapness, the possibilities of solo microwaves from BBK are very extensive:

  • warming up;
  • defrosting;
  • grill;
  • convection;
  • hybrid programs.

Embedded models from the Chinese company, alas, no. But considering the price tag, this is understandable.

6. Horizon


The Minsk enterprise is the largest in Belarus and one of the largest in the CIS. Horizont equipment is officially presented in Russia. Developed not only a network of dealers, but also branded service centers. There is no doubt about the reliability of the equipment of the Belarusian company, because its engineers studied with the best representatives of the market. For example, in 2007, Horizont created an enterprise for the production of household appliances along with the Midea brand mentioned above.

Belarusians are helped to produce reliable microwave ovens at a reasonable cost by having their own full-cycle lines. All body parts, installation of radio elements and even the creation of packaging are carried out at factories in the Republic of Belarus. The company also has subsidiaries responsible for logistics and related services. Due to this, Russian buyers can purchase inexpensive Horizon microwave ovens anywhere in the country and, if necessary, receive qualified support.

5. Burning


The next line is occupied by one of the most popular brands in our market. Freestanding and built-in solutions are available in the catalog of microwave ovens of the popular Gorenje company. All Slovenian devices, including basic models, have an attractive design. The range of good microwave ovens of the company is divided into several popular lines: Essential with two rotary controls, Advanced with combined control, Simplicity, featuring a minimalist design, and others. The Slovenian manufacturer does not save on quality even in the initial segment. A quartz grill in microwave ovens with the appropriate function allows you to make the equipment more functional, without significantly increasing the dimensions. Another advantage of Gorenje is a special antibacterial coating in enameled chambers.



Among corporations that produce household appliances, Beko is the 2nd most popular company in Western Europe. The Turkish manufacturer managed to achieve such heights due to an attractive combination of cost and quality. Beko pays special attention to the reliability of devices. Moreover, for many models of its microwave ovens, the Turkish brand offers an extended 2-year warranty.

Beko produces equipment not only for itself, but also for other manufacturers under ODM contracts. Therefore, the marriage rate of the corporation is very low.

The company offers freestanding and built-in microwave ovens with a volume of 17 to 25 liters. Most of the models get very high ratings from users and experts. Service center specialists note that they rarely have to deal with Beko equipment. Moreover, in most cases, the reason for the appeal is a violation of operating conditions, and not production problems.

Therefore, Beko is a great technique if you want to invest your money wisely. The company offers both affordable models with a minimum of functions, and appliances in which you can cook complex dishes. Variants with all types of control are available. The coating in the chamber can be enamel or stainless steel. But the colors are offered only classic: gray, white, black and combinations thereof.



Often the choice of a microwave oven for the home becomes really difficult: to give preference to a stylish design, an attractive price, good functionality or durability? With the international brand REDMOND, you don’t have to face this problem. The equipment of this brand is relatively inexpensive, but in terms of capabilities and appearance, it is not inferior to premium manufacturers. High build quality is guaranteed by multi-stage production control. And so that you feel the maximum convenience when working with REDMON devices, they offer:

  • recessed switches;
  • convenient touch control;
  • stylish and practical materials;
  • camera illumination and display;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • long service life;
  • delayed start function.

The company offers the most simple models, designed exclusively for heating food, and advanced microwave ovens with convection and grill support. These functions will allow you to cook a full meal when there is no other equipment at hand.

2. Samsung


The largest manufacturer from South Korea took only the second place in our rating. However, the gap from the leader is so modest that it can even be neglected. And this is not surprising, because in terms of design and build quality, Samsung is one of the leaders recommended by experts. All details of Koreans’ equipment are reliable, environmentally friendly and modern. And the internal coating of the camera has a guarantee of as much as 10 years.

By the way, the company pays special attention to the environment. In standby mode, modern models of Samsung microwaves consume 40% less electricity than competitors’ devices. There are more practical advantages in South Korean microwave ovens that their owners will definitely appreciate. For example, TDS technology provides a three-dimensional distribution of waves throughout the chamber, which guarantees uniform heating of food.

The manufacturer is also pleasantly surprised by the assortment. Yes, Samsung does not produce very compact microwave ovens. The minimum volume of the chamber in the technique of this brand is 20 liters. But the maximum can reach as much as 35. With power, everything is also fine: from 750 to 1500 watts. Devices with grill, convection, standard recipes, advanced equipment and other advantages are available.

1. LG


You can see good reviews of LG microwave ovens in any store. The manufacturer’s equipment receives such praise not in vain. The company makes reliable devices with thoughtful controls, low noise operation and stylish design. Microwave ovens from LG regularly introduce innovations that are then adopted by other brands. Therefore, if you want to use modern technologies right now, and not in a few years, buy equipment from a company from South Korea.

One of the unique features of LG microwaves is the Smart Inverter. Due to this technology, power consumption is reduced, and the power is kept in the range set by the user. The official warranty for Smart Inverter is 10 years.

In terms of feature set, LG appliances are not inferior, and sometimes even surpass Samsung. Also, the manufacturer has no problems with quality and design. The appearance of the Koreans is beautiful. The only thing that may not be enough for the most picky consumers is the retro design. But the modern design in the LG lines is presented for every taste. Even with the choice of volume of difficulties will not arise. Do you just want to heat food? Then 20 liters will suffice. Do you also plan to cook? LG will offer equipment up to 39 liters.

Which brand of microwave is best?

Over the past 15 years, the market has shaped itself in such a way that it is dominated by LG and Samsung. Korean brands offer the most modern and advanced technology for any requirement. In addition, Beko and Gorenje are among the best microwave oven companies according to customer reviews. This is more accessible equipment for those who want to purchase non-Chinese equipment. However, prejudices against products from China have long been unfounded. Therefore, for those who want to purchase a high-quality device from China, we advise you to take a closer look at Midea or BBK Electronics.