Top 10 Ice Maker Refrigerators (2023). Rating

Modern refrigerators are technically superior to their predecessors. Today, modules for control via a smartphone are installed in familiar devices, they are equipped with the latest systems for distributing cold and maintaining humidity. Needless to say about ergonomics and high comfort. A manual or automatic ice maker in the refrigerator is another useful option designed to make life easier. With its help, freezing ice for drinks becomes elementary. Our editorial experts conducted an independent study and chose the 10 best refrigerators with an ice maker.

TOP 10 best refrigerators with an ice maker 2023

Modern ice makers in refrigerators are of three types:

  • In the form of a separate form for ice, which is placed in the freezer. Its plus is that it is possible to fill in not only filtered or mineral water, but also any juices, fruit drinks. Depending on the size, you can put berries or pieces of fruit in the cell.
  • Manual ice maker. In practice, this is a special container with cells, into which you need to pour water yourself. Ice cubes fall into the container when the handle is turned. An important advantage of the generator is a larger volume in comparison with the first type.
  • The most top – generators with a connection to the water supply. Such refrigerators need to be connected to the central water supply and it is better to involve specialists. Water enters the generator through a tube and is filtered at the inlet.

Today there are refrigerators on the market with all three types of ice makers, but our editors included models of the second and third types in the review. The latter are the most expensive and “advanced” in technical terms. With a manual system, they represent an optimal ratio of price and performance.

1. Bosch KAI93VL30R

Bosch KAI93VL30R

One of the best refrigerators with an ice maker and a side freezer is Side by Side. Despite the ice generator reducing the overall volume, its capacity allows you to arrange the necessary amount of food for a large family. At the same time, optimal storage conditions can be ensured for each group. The quality of technology, like all brand products, is at the highest level – the refrigerator works very quietly and is economical. There are no innovations in this model, but all the options necessary for comfortable use are present. Owners don’t have to defrost the refrigerator, and SuperCoolig and FreshSense functions ensure that freshly delivered food is quickly cooled and maintained at the set temperature.


  • the possibility of transforming the internal space;
  • capacity;
  • two types of ice (crushed and cubes);
  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • quiet compressor;
  • uniform distribution of cold throughout the chamber;
  • fresh sense climate control.


  • high price;
  • not connected to the water supply.



The popular model of the HB18 series refrigerator also has impressive dimensions. The total volume is divided into three separate chambers, each of which can be used for different product groups. Wet and dry zones are divided into zones, there is a compartment for chilled products, in which zero temperature is maintained. Also in the freezer compartment there is a special aluminum Fresher PAD tray for quick freezing while preserving taste and nutrients, and the doors of the chambers are equipped with closers. Externally, the refrigerator looks very beautiful and will easily fit into any interior. The choice of buyers are presented with several options for the coloring of the facades. According to reviews, the refrigerator has only one drawback – shelves that cannot be rearranged either higher or lower.


  • antibacterial radiation Fresh Turbo;
  • individual zoning;
  • large volume;
  • low noise level;
  • solid assembly;
  • design;
  • There is a vacation mode.


  • not adjustable shelves.



A reliable side-by-side refrigerator with a manual ice maker is interesting for the presence of a Wi-Fi module and the ability to remotely control it via a smartphone via LG ThinQ. The manufacturer has implemented a lot of technological solutions, starting with the Multi Air Flow multi-threaded cooling system and ending with the Moist Balance Crisper optimal humidity zone. In the reviews, users write a lot about the convenience of the refrigerator, praise the large usable volume of the freezer and stable maintenance of the set temperature. Products stay fresh longer, and logical zoning added comfort when using. No design flaws were found in the device; buyers attributed the lack of an egg tray to minor flaws.


  • modern and technological;
  • high level of ergonomics;
  • excellent build quality;
  • thoughtful distribution of internal space;
  • noiselessness in work;
  • remote control;
  • the space between the shelves accommodates large dishes.


  • There is no egg net included.

4. Samsung RT-22 HAR4DSA

Samsung RT-22 HAR4DSA

This is the best option when it comes to choosing a good refrigerator with an ice maker in a compact form factor. Unlike most models from the TOP-10, this 1.55 m high model is made in the usual dimensions with a volume of 234 liters. At the same time, it boasts high energy efficiency and a dedicated MoistFresh Zone, No Frost technology for both cameras. Ergonomics deserve special attention, there is a convenient pull-out shelf inside the refrigerating chamber, and a high “pocket” is provided on the door where bottles can be placed. According to the characteristics, the noise level of the refrigerator is slightly higher than that of analogues. However, according to buyers, the inverter compressor hardly reminds of itself, making a slight noise at very hot temperatures.


  • a rare combination of compactness and No Frost;
  • wide shelves on the door;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • long-term preservation of cold;
  • adjustable shelves;
  • low noise level – suitable for a studio apartment.


  • doors cannot be repositioned.

5. Gorenje NRS 9181 MX

Gorenje NRS 9181 MX

Gorenje’s Side by Side refrigerator could have received a nomination for best value for money. Affordable two-door model has a decent volume of 516 liters. However, its main advantage is the original design and unusual layout with two vertical chambers: a large refrigerator and a smaller freezer. This decision made it possible to better organize the space of the freezer, which contained 7 separate shelves and compartments. In addition, the model is distinguished by a strong assembly and the absence of backlash. The refrigerator is not without useful options, for example, alerts when the door is open, a display with a temperature indicator. Due to the design, it is impossible to rehang the doors here, and for their full opening on the sides it is necessary to leave a little space.


  • very competent organization of space inside;
  • functionality and capacity;
  • freshness zone;
  • long network cable;
  • justified price tag;
  • boxes with guides;
  • interesting design;
  • strong assembly;
  • value for money.


  • one position of the door hinge;
  • requires some free space on the sides.



A reliable refrigerator with an ice maker and a built-in dispenser will provide a supply of cold water in hot weather. To do this, just pour water into a special container on the freezer door. No Frost technology prevents the appearance of frost and frost in both compartments. The shelves are made of tempered glass and are secured with clips. For each chamber, it is possible to set the exact temperature, and if necessary, use the modes with presets. The refrigerator is designed as Side by Side, two wide doors provide convenient access to the entire internal space of the chambers. At the same time, despite the impressive dimensions of the refrigerator, its depth meets the standards of kitchen furniture and there will be no problems with choosing a suitable place for installation.


  • there is an ice maker and dispenser;
  • fixing shelves;
  • reliability and long service life;
  • defrosting is not required;
  • moderate power consumption;
  • 4 color options.


  • no cool zone.

7. Hitachi R-B502PU6GBW

Hitachi R-B502PU6GBW

According to the owners, the two-chamber model of the Japanese manufacturer is one of the best refrigerators with an ice maker. Hitachi home appliances are renowned for their reliability and convenience. This model was no exception, in which every detail is thought out. The refrigerator compartment has three shelves, two of which are adjustable. There are already six shelves on the door, this is done so that users can place not only standard packages, but also larger ones. The distance between the door shelves can also be adjusted. There is no need to defrost the refrigerator, No Frost technology is present in both compartments. Of the functions, users note a very powerful “superfreeze” and an audible alarm for an open door. The model does not have any significant shortcomings, therefore, it received the highest rating of 5.0 on YandexMarket.


  •  the ability to use the entire interior space;
  • economical inverter compressor;
  • quality of parts and assembly;
  • open door indication;
  • moderate price.

8. Kuppersberg NRV 1867 DX


A reliable refrigerator with two doors will be an excellent choice for a large family. The huge compartments can easily fit all the necessary products and ready-made meals right in the cooking containers. And in order to keep them as long as possible, the inner surfaces of the compartments are made of special polymers based on silver ions, which prevent the growth of bacteria. For the same purpose, the refrigerator is equipped with the Neutra Fresh air ionization system, which eliminates odors and harmful bacteria. A uniform supply of cold air is provided by air ducts located under each shelf. The electronic control unit is located directly on the front panel of the refrigerator, so you don’t even need to open the door to set the necessary parameters and control.


  • there is an economy mode;
  • antibacterial coating;
  • quality of parts;
  • convenient arrangement of shelves;
  • not a bad case.


  • a bit noisy.

9. Turquoise SBS 573 I

Biryusa SBS 573 I

The Side by Side refrigerator of the Russian manufacturer Biryusa meets all modern standards and has excellent functionality. The automatic ice maker built into the freezer door provides users with ice and cold water in hot weather. The Full No Frost system will completely eliminate the need to defrost compartments. And the “vacation” function will save electricity in the absence of owners. The quality of the refrigerator is not inferior to foreign analogues. The plastic has no foreign odors, all connections fit snugly. Shelves made of durable tempered glass will not scratch or bend under the weight of full pots. The compressor runs smoothly and almost silently, according to reviews, even if the refrigerator is next to the bedroom, its sound does not interfere.


  • quality assembly;
  • compressor with cooling system;
  • manufacturability;
  • durable shelves;
  • low noise level;
  • ice maker with cold water supply;
  • Full No Frost.


  • low freezing power per day.

10. LG GC-H502HEHZ


When choosing which refrigerator to buy, many modern users prefer technology controlled via a smartphone, as in this LG model. A two-chamber refrigerator with a top-mounted freezer compartment fits easily into a standard layout. At the same time, it has a good volume – 438 liters, and thanks to the well-thought-out interior space and adjustable height of the shelves, it seems even more spacious. In order for the products to be stored longer, the air is distributed by the Multi Air Flow multi-flow system, which maintains a uniform temperature at all levels, and in the freshness zone 0 ° C. The Hyqiene Fresh function is responsible for the purity of the cooled air and the absence of bacteria – a special filter that absorbs unpleasant odors and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.


  • Wi-Fi control;
  • antibacterial filter;
  • excellent lighting;
  • very convenient to use
  • adjustable shelves and containers;
  • inverter compressor.


  • Difficult to set up Wi-Fi.

Which refrigerator with ice maker is better

The review of the top refrigerators with an icemaker presents diverse models so that everyone can choose the right option for themselves. For example, our experts have found the best refrigerator with No Frost in compact dimensions – this is the RT-22 HAR4DSA Samsung, which has collected a lot of positive reviews. This technique is an excellent solution for a small studio apartment or for a summer residence. The refrigerator is easy to place in a limited space, and small electrical appliances can be placed on top of it.

Also in the ranking there are top models with advanced features. So, KAI93VL30R from Bosch is one of the most progressive and expensive refrigerators among analogues. Solid and roomy – the best option for those who are looking for a model for several years to come.

Flexible price-quality ratio – this is a device from Gorenje. Modern technologies are implemented in the usual dimensions, and the literacy of the organization of the internal space exceeds expectations.

An independent rating of refrigerators with an ice maker from our editors introduces the key characteristics of the best models. It will also reveal their main advantages and hidden disadvantages.