Top 10 Electrolux ovens. Our rating

The popular Dutch brand Electrolux offers good built-in ovens in two versions: with a standard width of 60 cm and compact solutions of 45 cm. The second option is not very popular with our readers, so equipment of this class was not included in the review. As for the functionality of the equipment presented in the rating, it varies from basic to advanced. Electrolux equips its best ovens with self-cleaning and steaming modes. Also, in the technique, the functions of sous-vide, temperature probe, and others can be provided.

TOP 10 best Electrolux ovens

Depending on the line of equipment, the user will receive different capabilities of the device. In the simplest models, only baking with lower and upper heating is available. More advanced solutions offer grilling and convection. Steam cooking modes for healthier meals are already available in the middle segment. But in this case, it can be from 25 to 80% in saturation in combination with heating. And fully wet steam (100% saturation) is available only in the older segment. Both pyrolytic and steam cleaning of the chamber are also provided there. Sous vide technology only in the premium line.

1. Electrolux EZB 52410

Electrolux EZB 52410

Inexpensive oven with convection, so that the distribution of heat in the chamber is more even. It also allows you to quickly reach the set temperature, since heat losses when the fan is running become minimal. Convection also directly affects the quality of baking, because loaves, breads, cookies and buns will be baked evenly at any point in the oven.

Without the convection function, it is difficult to achieve simultaneous cooking. In this case, the baking sheet will have to be constantly rearranged to avoid drops.

The presence of an LCD screen in the popular model of the oven allows you to precisely control the settings and monitor the status of the dish. To simplify the task, the manufacturer has added a timer to the EZB 52410 model, which can operate in two modes: only cooking control and counting down the time before switching on. Now you do not have to constantly monitor the oven. Mind your own business and let Electrolux finish the cooking on its own.


  • heats up/cools down quickly
  • convenient control and timer;
  • excellent capacity;
  • appearance, good assembly;
  • will perfectly complement any interior;
  • there are many baking modes;
  • easily integrated into the headset.


  • there are no telescopic guides;
  • the door glass heats up.

2. Electrolux OPEB 2320 R

Electrolux OPEB 2320 R

The popular model in retro style continues the rating of ovens. This design is increasingly attracting the attention of consumers, so most brands offer at least one line of related products. But this only applies to the exterior, because inside the Rococo design series is equipped with the most modern components. Top and bottom heat, as well as the UltraFanPlus system, have been added to the oven. There is no steam function in this model, but a grill and a timer are available. The digital display in OPEB 2320 R has been replaced by a mechanical scale. It is not as accurate, but fits perfectly into the classic design. The volume of the Electrolux oven is 72 liters, which allows you to cook several dishes at the same time.


  • good capacity;
  • cool retro design;
  • low power consumption;
  • convector UltraFanPlus;
  • easy clean enamel.


  • high price;
  • no steaming.

3. Electrolux EZC52430AX

Electrolux EZC52430AX

The perfect oven for a high-tech kitchen. The appliance has a grill with several modes, as well as a pyrolytic cleaning function. Its work is as simple and effective as possible: the chamber is heated to temperatures at which fat and food residues on the walls turn into ash. Thanks to this, the Electrolux owner simply needs to wipe the oven after pyrolytic cleaning with a soft cloth.

EZC52430AX heats up as quickly as possible and ensures even heat distribution in the chamber. This allows you to cook 2 or even 3 dishes at the same time, and at any point on the baking sheet and on any tier, the temperature will be the same. Also, in one of the best ovens from Electrolux, the manufacturer installed durable heat-resistant glass with fingerprint protection – your kitchen will always look beautiful and clean.


  • reasoned price;
  • pyrolytic cleaning;
  • easy care;
  • quick warm-up of the chamber;
  • protection against fingerprints;
  • thoughtful management.


  • some buyers complain about poor quality tempered glass.

4. Electrolux OPEB 2500 R

Electrolux OPEB 2500 R

Another stylish model from the Rococo series. The device is offered in two colors: black (letter R in the name) and cream (index V). The technique has a PlusSteam steaming function. When using this mode, a little steam is produced in the functional oven. To do this, you just need to pour 100 ml of water into the special reservoir located at the bottom of the chamber and activate the PlusSteam function.

The steam stays in the oven for 10-15 minutes. This is enough to make the dough rise better. The crispy crust on pastries is formed with the help of dry air.

In total, OPEB 2500 has 9 automatic modes. Among them there is a grill, convection, separate upper and lower heating, as well as their combinations. The switches in the technique are rotary, and the timer is mechanical. The maximum temperature reaches 250 C°, the grill capacity is limited to 2700 watts. The OPEB 2500 set includes two trays and a rack. Other accessories are available for purchase separately.


  • child protection system;
  • classic design;
  • solid assembly;
  • reliability in work;
  • rotary switches;
  • choice of 9 operating modes.

5. Electrolux OED3H50TW

Electrolux OED3H50TW

Housewives often dream of spacious snow-white kitchens, where it is pleasant to be and create culinary masterpieces. In the list of the best Electrolux ovens you will find suitable appliances for such requirements. For example, model OED3H50TW, which belongs to the 600 SurroundCook series. This technique allows you to cook a variety of dishes, from muffins and fragrant potatoes, to crispy chicken and fish.

The front panel of a good oven is occupied by two rotary switches and a display, under which there is a pair of touch buttons for controlling the timer. This function allows you to precisely control the cooking process, and if you are doing housework while cooking, then you will definitely not miss the moment when you need to turn off the appliance. The Electrolux oven has 4 rows of rails for more convenient use.


  • steam addition function;
  • hydrolysis chamber cleaning;
  • very practical;
  • accurate shutdown timer;
  • heating temperature 275 C°;
  • the presence of an electronic clock.


  • the price tag is a bit high.

6. Electrolux OEF5C50V

Electrolux OEF5C50V

The next model has three body color options at once: white, silver, black. You can distinguish them by the last letter in the model name – respectively, V, X, Z. This will allow you to decide which oven is better to purchase for the kitchen without sacrificing the functionality of the equipment. The reviewed model is slightly smaller than the one described earlier, and holds 57 liters of seat 72. But for most users, this will be enough. In terms of functionality, the manufacturer has not cut anything: 9 modes are available, including a large grill, convection and SteamBake steaming. The only thing that distinguishes the OEF5C50V from the advanced model is the temperature. Here it is less by 25 С°.


  • uniform cooking;
  • combination price-quality;
  • elaborate security system;
  • the possibility of steam formation;
  • the presence of a large and small grill;
  • choice among 3 body colors;
  • long service life.

7. Electrolux EZB 52430 AX

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX

The best model for a young family. The volume of the oven is the usual 57 liters for this category. The owner can choose between bottom, top and combination heat, as well as a large and small grill. If necessary, you can add convection to all modes, which will allow you to distribute heat more evenly so that the dish is baked more evenly everywhere. As it becomes clear from the reviews, the EZB 52430 AX oven has convenient controls. Its rotary switches are recessed so as not to interfere with the cooking process, the timer is set with the usual buttons.


  • bright camera light
  • cooking speed;
  • effective convection;
  • large and small grill;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • silver color;
  • ease of management.


  • lack of guides.

8. Electrolux OED5C50Z

Electrolux OED5C50Z

Spacious Electrolux electric oven in all black. The useful volume of the chamber of the OED5C50Z model is 71 liters. A large fan on the rear panel evenly disperses the air throughout the chamber, allowing baking to rise equally closer to the door and next to the back wall. A special thickening of the glass on the oven door protects the user from burns even at high temperatures inside.

Convection is especially useful in the case of multi-level cooking.

Also in their reviews, buyers of the Electrolux oven praise the SteamBake function. With this option, you can get pastries, as if from your favorite bakery. But it’s not just for testing. Steaming will be just as effective and appropriate for fish and chicken, as well as dozens of other dishes. If the chamber is dirty during the cooking process, then catalytic cleaning will cope with this, easily eliminating food residues and fats.


  • telescopic guides;
  • good catalytic cleaning;
  • simple installation;
  • touch screen, accurate timer;
  • uniform cooking;
  • large useful volume of the chamber.

9. Electrolux OKF5C50X

Electrolux OKF5C50X

The next line is occupied by, perhaps, the best Electrolux oven in terms of reliability. It belongs to the 600 FLEX range, featuring a stylish design, solid build and stainless steel inserts. The glass surfaces of the oven have an Antifingerprint coating that protects against fingerprints on appliances.

The presence in the device of convection with a large fan allows you to cook evenly different dishes on several tiers. Even if you put both pastries, and chicken, and potatoes at the same time, then everything will be prepared as prescribed by the recipe. This option is also useful in that it accelerates the output of equipment to operating temperature.


  • adjustable digital timer;
  • stylish design with durable glass;
  • decent functionality;
  • distribution of heat flows;
  • there are shallow and deep baking sheets;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • rotary tact switches.


  • the volume of the oven (57 l) will not suit everyone.

10. Electrolux OPEA 4300 X

Electrolux OPEA 4300 X

And the TOP of ovens is completed by another model with a chamber volume of 57 liters. It offers top and bottom heating, combined with convection, small or large grill. The oven can be used to defrost foods and then cook them according to a given recipe. The OPEA 4300 X cabinet belongs to the initial range, so there is no possibility of steam generation here. Otherwise, you will not encounter any restrictions, which will allow you to experiment with dishes. The maximum temperature that can be reached in the oven is 250 C°. Connection power – 2.5 kW.


  • attractive price tag;
  • solid assembly;
  • reliable design;
  • good equipment;
  • timer with sound signal;
  • fast heating;
  • the easiest possible installation.


  • insignificant for their price.

Which Electrolux oven to buy

The Dutch brand offers many interesting models of equipment. This rating of Electrolux built-in ovens includes several models with a retro design. With such devices, a classic interior will look very advantageous. If you dream of a snow-white or completely black kitchen, then just take the appropriate modification of the technique. The steam function is another characteristic that experts advise looking at. It can be of two types: steam in the initial stages of cooking and a complete steam cooking cycle, which is very useful for dietary nutrition.