Top 10 Dome Hoods (2023). Rating

The need to use kitchen hoods is due not only to the removal of odors and combustion products, but also to the desire to preserve the original interior of the room and furniture design for many years. The dome (chimney) type of hoods copes with this task very effectively, allowing you to avoid getting steam, grease, burning on the surface.

Such devices combine a nice design with power, which is enough to work in spacious rooms. You have to pay for this only with large dimensions of equipment, but the best dome hoods can be correctly entered into the design at the design stage. And our today’s review will help you choose the right model.

TOP 10 best dome hoods 2023

The range of appliances under consideration is quite extensive, so everyone can find a suitable solution for their kitchen. First of all, the hoods are divided by dimensions. The size range varies from 30 to 120 cm. But the greatest demand for widths is 60 and 90 cm. The height of the dome should be within 125 cm, but you also need to take into account the parameters of the room. Please note that the exhaust device can be located at least 75 cm above the stove. The following parameters are performance and noise level. The higher the first, the more dishes you can cook at the same time. Operating volume does not affect performance, but it does affect personal comfort.

1. Kuppersberg BONA 60 W Bronze

Kuppersberg BONA 60 W Bronze

A popular German brand with production facilities in Russia. This allows us to provide good quality while maintaining an attractive price. The BONA 60 W model is equipped with a 132 W motor that consumes 140 W at maximum speed. In total, there are three modes available in the hood. The noise limit declared by the manufacturer is an acceptable 42 dB.

Among the useful functions of the device, we note the timer. With it, you can leave the dish on the hob with auto-off, after which the appliance will automatically complete the work to save energy.

The quality Kuppersberg dome hood demonstrates a high performance of 800 m3/h. This allows you to effectively get rid of burning, smoke, fat, fumes that are dangerous to your health. The recommended area for installing BONA 60 W is 25 m2, which covers almost any kitchen, not only in an apartment building, but also in a private house. A pair of LED lamps is used for lighting.


  • anti-return valve;
  • excellent performance margin;
  • carbon filter (option);
  • stylish appearance;
  • maximum power;
  • 2 year warranty.

2. De’Longhi KT-A 100 BF

De'Longhi KT-A 100 BF

Good domed hood with a nice design in black. The device has a standard width of 60 cm and a depth of 47 cm. The KT-A 100 BF model is equipped with 2 incandescent lamps with a power of 40 W each. They are bright enough to illuminate the work area, but not too economical, so after purchasing the hood they can be replaced.

The equipment is controlled using 5 buttons, of which 4 are responsible for turning on / off and selecting speed, and one more is needed to activate the backlight. The 60 cm fireplace hood from De’Longhi has a capacity of 680 cubic meters per hour. This is a very high figure, which is enough for a large kitchen. The volume of work here reaches 48 dB.


  • reasonable cost;
  • black color;
  • control Panel;
  • build quality;
  • good filtration;
  • effective work.


  • too noisy at high speed.

3. Hansa OKP6222MH

Hansa OKP6222MH

Elegant hood for a small kitchen, equipped with a non-return valve. Its presence prevents air from entering the kitchen from the ventilation shaft. And in addition to the withdrawal mode, a recirculation function is offered. In the second case, in addition to the grease filter, you will have to buy a coal one. Filters will need to be changed regularly in the future.

One of the best dome hoods according to customer reviews does an excellent job even at minimum speed. If you cook a lot of dishes at the same time, then it is enough to turn on the productive mode, which can clean up to 457 m3 of air per hour. Power consumption in this case will be 150 W, noise – 48 dB.


  • aluminum grease filter;
  • clear push-button control;
  • 3 speed modes;
  • bright halogen lighting;
  • high quality materials;
  • premium corporate design.


  • the cost of carbon filters.

4. LEX BASIC 600


Inexpensive chimney-type hood, which will perfectly fit into any interior. And so that you do not have to puzzle over interior design, the manufacturer offers 5 colors to choose from: black, stainless steel, white, ivory and beige.

Management, like that of competitors, is made in the form of mechanical buttons. The maximum capacity of the BASIC 600 is 680 m3/h, but this is only achieved in free exit mode. When connected to ventilation – up to 500 m3, with recirculation – from 140 to 320.

The noise level, respectively, depends on the selected mode and varies between 40-50 dB. This is not a very low figure, but typical for available models. But as lighting, a 2 W LED lamp is used, and not incandescent lamps.


  • ease of installation;
  • choice of body color;
  • the presence of a check valve;
  • good lighting;
  • easy filter cleaning;
  • recirculation mode.


  • too sharp corners;
  • noisy in 1st gear.

5. MAUNFELD Cork 60


A classic chimney hood 60 cm wide, capable of operating in 2 modes: exhaust into the ventilation shaft and recirculation. In the second case, a replaceable charcoal filter is used, which is changed every 2-3 months or more often if you cook more actively. An aluminum grease filter is also installed in the hood, but it just needs to be washed regularly.

This range hood is available in the smaller version Cork 50 and the premium Cork Plus 60 with improved design, touch control and timer.

The push-button control system of the device is located on the right side of the front panel. The user has 5 buttons at his disposal: to control the operating modes and backlight. One 2W LED lamp is responsible for lighting. The capacity of Cork 60 is 620 m3/h, which is enough to serve a kitchen with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 20 m2.


  • inexpensive carbon filters;
  • affordable cost;
  • low noise;
  • high performance;
  • 2 multilayer grease filters;
  • ease of maintenance.


  • negligible considering the price tag.

6. Discount KHC 6431 W

Discount KHC 6431 W

Can’t decide which 45 or 60 cm range hood is better? Then take a closer look at the KHC 6431 W model from the popular Korting brand. It has a moderate noise level, which at maximum speed is within 50 dB. The equipment does not emit any extraneous sounds. The design of the hood is made in the style of Hi-Tech. It goes well with modern interiors and new home appliances. Standard equipment includes a pair of aluminum grease filters. To ensure that the quality of air filtration does not decrease, they need to be cleaned every 3 months. The air recirculation function is only available when optional carbon filters are connected. The frequency of their replacement under normal cooking conditions should be quarterly.


  • three operating modes of the hood;
  • air extraction and recirculation;
  • convenient mechanical control;
  • justified price;
  • wear-resistant grease filters;
  • beautiful case made of glass and metal;
  • filter clogging indicator.


  • lighting with an ordinary incandescent lamp.

7. Krona Bella PB 600

Krona Bella PB 600

If you want to buy a hood that will serve you for many years without fail and please you with an attractive appearance, then take Bella PB 600. This model is offered in 3 colors – black, white, stainless steel. In all cases, the surface is non-marking, so it does not collect fingerprints and is easy to clean. The recommended installation height of the Bella PB 600 above the hob is only 50 cm, so if you are short, the Krona hood is the perfect choice. Traditionally, for the recirculation mode, you need to buy accessories: a set of two K5-2 carbon filters. They are not very expensive.


  • metal case with non-staining coating;
  • halogen lighting lamp with a power of 28 W;
  • small dimensions;
  • ease of installation;
  • optimal performance up to 500 m3/h;
  • simple but reliable push-button control;
  • durable 110W motor.


  • loud noise at top speed.

8. ELIKOR Epsilon 60

ELIKOR Epsilon 60

Chimney hood in a modern style with mechanical control. The capacity of this model in the air exhaust mode is 430 cubic meters per hour of operation. Power consumption is quite high: it can reach 225 watts at peak load. In reviews, the ELIKOR hood is praised for its low noise level at two minimum speeds. The maximum is already louder – up to 54 dB, which corresponds to a lively conversation. Epsilon 60 lighting is provided by two 40W incandescent bulbs each. It is bright, but very voracious, which, taking into account the motor, is a miscalculation. It is better to replace the lamps with more economical ones.


  • high-quality metal case;
  • bright lighting of the cooking zone;
  • quiet at low load;
  • simple slider control;
  • easy to remove and clean the filter.


  • volume at high speed;
  • buttons get hot during cooking.

9. Oasis KB-60S

Oasis KB-60S

The best hood model in terms of price and quality is offered by Oasis. Its making oasis everywhere line offers a durable metal housing, a powerful 120W motor that consumes up to 200W of power, and two modes of operation: circulation and retraction. In the first case, the air is driven through the hood, cleaned of grease and odor, and then returned to the kitchen. In the second – it is displayed immediately in the mine. For both options, complete grease filters will be required, and carbon filters for recirculation, like those of competitors, are purchased separately if necessary. The performance of the KB-60S model reaches as much as 700 m3 / h, which is enough even for a large kitchen. At the same time, the noise level is kept within 44 dB. And the official guarantee for the hood from Oasis is 2 years.


  • perfectly eliminates odors;
  • recirculation mode;
  • combination price-quality;
  • high power of work;
  • two-year warranty;
  • practically silent.

10. GEFEST BB-2 K17


Reliable and cheap hood that can be used for summer cottages, a country house with a small kitchen and a hostel. The performance of the device is limited to 180 m3 / h. The 65 W motor offers only two speeds, which are selected on the front panel with the corresponding buttons. There is also another key that activates the backlight from a pair of incandescent lamps of 25 W each. The Belarusian range hood at an affordable price has a high noise level, reaching almost 60 dB. Therefore, it is definitely not suitable for buyers who love silence. With the cleaning quality of the BB-2 K17, everything is acceptable, although the efficiency is somewhat lower than that of more expensive competitors.


  • high-quality enameled case;
  • simple choice of one of 2 speeds;
  • one of the most affordable on the market;
  • easy installation, long service life.


  • work only in the mode of removal of air;
  • too noisy even in 1st gear.

Which dome hood is better to buy

The highest performance is offered by devices from the Kuppersberg and Oasis brands. The first is characterized by premium quality, low power consumption, but high price. The KB-60S model combines high suction power with affordable price. With Korting and LEX equipment, you can save a little by getting a top-end device. The power of these devices, of course, is slightly lower. Also in the TOP of the best fireplace hoods is a budget model from GEFEST, which is suitable for undemanding customers.