Top 10 dishwasher brands. Rating

Dishwashers are widely represented in the domestic market. Allocate narrow, full-size and compact devices. Both free-standing and built-in dishwashers are in demand. The latter, by the way, are somewhat more expensive.

As for manufacturers, there are a great many of them. Conventionally, all brands can be divided into budget, mid-price segment and premium. According to statistics, among the most popular are Bosch , Electrolux , Hotpoint-Ariston , Beko , Gorenje , Korting , Kuppersbusch, Indesit, Candy

In general, users prefer models whose manufacturer, as they say, is well-known. Less famous brands are honored with the love of buyers, having previously proven their quality in practice – excellent assembly, relevant functionality, stylish design and affordable price. When distributing positions in the TOP, the following aspects were taken into account: user reviews; expert advice; brand recognition; the ratio of functionality and cost.

Best Inexpensive Dishwasher Companies

Budget dishwashers have the most modest functionality, they have 5-8 working programs. Often they do not have a display, additional protection against leaks, light indication. But this category is preferred by people who do not want to overpay for a brand and who need only 1-2 modes, and the noise level of equipment does not matter.

3 Candy

★ Best environmental performance

Country: Italy


The company occupies a leading position in the European market. High demand for products dictates the constant expansion of a large network of customer support – today there are already more than 2000 service centers. Production facilities are located in 9 countries of the world. Like most top companies, the manufacturer focuses on the environmental friendliness of products – every element of the product or packaging is recyclable.

Recent developments are aimed at finding a compromise between maximum manufacturability and ease of operation. This is how the innovative Simply-Fi line was born. All machines in it, including dishwashers, are remotely controlled using Wi-Fi. And for connoisseurs of multifunctional and ergonomic things, the employees of the research and development center have created the Candy Trio. This is a 3 in 1 model: a hob, an oven and a compact dishwasher for 6 sets of dishes.

2 Burning

★ Low water consumption. capacity

Country: Slovenia (produced in Italy and China)


Burning brand dishwashers boast low water consumption. The Slovenian brand of small and large household appliances was founded in 1950. The production of built-in and freestanding dishwashers is carried out in Italy and China, and from there it gets to domestic stores. The company is widely known in the market. Users confirm that these dishwashing and drying machines do not require high water consumption.

Another feature, according to buyers, characteristic of the brand is spaciousness. Even a compact machine will allow you to load 9 sets of dishes. Many share positive opinions regarding the control of the device – intuitive and accessible.

1 Backhoe

★ Most popular brand

Country: Turkey


The Turkish company Beko has been known to all consumers since the late 1990s and during this time has won the title of a reliable manufacturer of decent equipment. Dishwashers of the company are presented in a wide price segment, but the primacy is still given to affordable technology. For 2022, it is the most popular manufacturer of budget equipment. Moreover, dishwashers are produced mainly in Turkey.

All machines are equipped with modern washing technologies, as in more expensive European counterparts. Of course, unique functionality such as intensive drying or an inverter motor are installed mainly in expensive models. But the classic condenser dryer at Beko is one of the best in the category. And among the main disadvantages, there are mainly the presence of backlashes, irregularities and other small assembly defects.

The best dishwasher companies in the middle price segment

Manufacturers of dishwashers in the middle price segment are focused on producing models with a more advanced functional range than their budget counterparts. This is the golden mean that meets the requirements of most users. Buyers are interested in good build quality, spaciousness, versatility – and all this can be offered by the following companies.

4 Electrolux

★ Patented solutions and best door ergonomics

Country: Country: Sweden (produced in China, Poland)


Dishwashers from Electrolux are the benchmark for a balance of functionality and ease of use. Most models are presented in the middle price segment, but there are also expensive solutions. For more than 100 years, the company has been creating appliances for comfortable living and adheres to the principles of using first-class materials to improve the quality of assembly. In addition to the standard 45-60 cm machines, the manufacturer’s assortment includes compact horizontal solutions for small kitchens.

Ergonomics for Electrolux – in the first place. This is perhaps the best company that has managed to achieve a combination of convenient pull-out of drawers with automatic opening of the door after drying. The new machines use a patented watering can that sprays water at different angles from below. However, the company no longer falls into the top two due to the too high price for standard options and functions. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of an energy-efficient motor in some expensive models, as well as noisy operation.

3 Hotpoint-Ariston

★ Increased security. Popular firm

Country: USA (manufactured in Poland and China)


The American brand of large and small household appliances, which appeared under the name Hotpoint-Ariston, has been officially referred to as Hotpoint exclusively since 2015. The firm was founded in 1905. Dishwashers of this brand fall on the domestic counter from factories in Poland and China. According to user surveys, Hotpoint-Ariston is a fairly popular brand, the popularity of which is explained by affordable cost, good build quality and functionality.

Built-in dishwashers have features that most buyers are interested in – various washing modes, condensation drying, low water consumption. The manufacturer pays great attention to protection against leaks. Even the most budget models are equipped with partial protection against possible leaks of the unit through blocking water supply systems. Dishwashers with a higher price tag also offer child protection, which consists of locking the control panel to prevent accidental start.

2 Indesit

★ The most affordable repair parts

Country: Italy (produced in Poland and China)


Dishwashers from Indesit are the most popular, one might say “folk”, having no problems with details and functionality. The Italian company, founded in 1975, has been part of Whirlpool Corporation (USA) since 2014. Currently, Indesit is one of the leading European suppliers of household appliances. Built-in and free-standing dishwashers of this brand entering the domestic market are manufactured in Poland and China.

Users in the reviews note that the company has managed to establish itself on the positive side. Products meet all the requirements of customers – from build quality and a set of options to the appearance of dishwashers. In addition, the company offers a wide range of models with rich functionality – automatic washing and drying programs, half load mode, etc. Perhaps this is the best manufacturer in its price category.

1 Bosch

★ Best build quality. Bestseller

Country: Germany (manufactured in Spain and Poland)


A real bestseller, according to observations, are Bosch dishwashers. A brand of various household appliances for the home and kitchen was founded in 1886. Built-in and freestanding dishwashers on the market are manufactured in Germany, Spain and Poland. The very word “Bosch” has long become a household name for the domestic buyer, closely associated with the best build quality.

Improved characteristics allowed Bosch models of dishwashers to take the top line of the rating: advanced functionality, modern appearance, intuitive operation, capacity, low power and water consumption. The manufacturer boasts positive expert reviews for its products and enthusiastic customer reviews.

The best brands of premium dishwashers

Luxury companies offering built-in and freestanding dishwashers especially value their reputation. As surveys show, many users are willing to overpay not so much for a greater range of functions, but for a quality guarantee. Manufacturers from the premium category have earned the love of users with a minimum percentage of defects and breakdowns, the best build quality compared to competitors, and the introduction of innovations.


★ Fine-tuning wash programs

Country: Country: Germany (produced in Italy)


The oldest European brand, which owns the development of a three-phase motor, as well as many other discoveries in the field of technology. AEG dishwashers inherit the best traditions, giving customers comfort, reliability and safety of operation. In terms of functionality, they reflect the trends of the German approach: simple, accessible, beneficial to humans. If you look inside, you can find perfectly spaced baskets, with pliable extension mechanisms. As well as rocker arms with rotating watering cans that perfectly wash dirt. Equipment is produced both in Germany and in Asian countries. Gradually, all factories are transferred to China and other regions.

AEG dishwashers are the quietest and highest quality in terms of assembly. There are built-in and stand-alone solutions, but the latter are much smaller. Among the functionality, the option to set the temperature, the time of the intensity of the washing and drying cycle is especially attractive. The products have a patented technology of active drying with air currents, which does not leave drops and marks on the dishes. Cons on equipment are rare, as the brand is not in great demand.

2 Smeg

★ Bright solutions for kitchens in retro style

Country: Italy


The manufacturer’s dishwashers are perfect for owners of premises with non-standard layouts and design. Developers create a series of atypical dishwashers that are rarely found among competitors. Horizontal – the best option for hanging and built-in kitchens. The Maxi Height range is the perfect complement to the highest worktops. There are machines with automated opening for handleless kitchens, or colorful 50s-style options for retro lovers.

The owners of any of the company’s dishwashers note the optimal water consumption, which saves on utility bills. This is possible due to the presence of absolutely unique washing systems in all series: orbital and shuttle.

1 Kuppersbusch

★ The most thoughtful design

Country: Germany


The company creates luxury household appliances for customers who respect style. This is confirmed by more than 60 design awards from the best international awards, including Plus X Award and Red Dot. And no wonder: for 40 years, the company has collaborated with designer Klaus Keichel. He owns the best functional and at the same time concise design solutions for fully integrated dishwashers. Today, his successor Markus Keichel is responsible for the design ideas.

Among the functional differences of the company’s dishwashers is the flexible use of internal space. In the reviews, users especially praise the convenience of the Multiflex-Premium drawers. With them, you do not need to put small appliances and dishes in boxes, which means that space is freed up for large pots, baking sheets and pans. The choice of Kuppersbusch equipment is not wide, but each model is unique and thought out to the smallest nuances, so prices start from 66 thousand rubles.

Attention! The above information is not a buying guide. For any advice, you should contact the experts!