Top 10 Braun Blenders based on real reviews. Our rating

The German brand Braun is one of the largest household appliances on the market. The main mission of the company is to create innovative, stylish and reliable devices that can simplify the life of a modern person. The design of all Braun kitchen appliances is developed in Germany, it combines the traditions of the past, the latest trends and the pursuit of ergonomics. That is why the equipment of the German company is so pleasant to use.

If you decide to choose the best blender from Braun , then you will not regret buying a kitchen helper. And our rating will help you choose the right model.

The best Braun immersion blenders

Submersible models are the most popular among consumers. In terms of convenience, they are slightly inferior to stationary ones, but they allow you to whisk products not only in compact dishes, but also in any pots and bowls that you have at home. So you can cook several liters of mashed potatoes, soup or other food. Also with Brown immersion blenders, you can prepare dough for pancakes and drinks, chop ice and nuts. If necessary, you can even grind coffee beans.

1. Braun MQ 9147X

Braun MQ 9147X

A powerful submersible blender equipped with a 1200 W motor opens the view. The volume of its measuring cup (600 ml) is enough for the preparation of mayonnaise, sauces, 3 servings of smoothies, as well as similar dishes. The 1.25 liter chopper can be loaded with harder ingredients. The unique feature of the MQ 9147X main blender is the ActiveBlade technology. Its essence lies in the movable blade. By moving up and down, it can grind 2.5 times more ingredients compared to models that are not equipped with this function. The blender also comes with a whisk, a puree attachment and a 350 ml mill. All parts are made from durable materials.


  • fast grinding of products;
  • engine developed in Germany;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • nozzle blades are razor sharp;
  • blocking after 2 s of inactivity;
  • intelligent speed selection.

2. Braun MQ 9138XI

Braun MQ 9138XI

Another high quality blender with an advanced and durable motor block with EasyClick Plus quick attachment system. Thanks to the SmartSpeed ​​​​function, during the cooking process, you can quickly and accurately adjust the speed of the Braun device. The maximum engine performance of the MQ 9138XI is similar – 1200 watts.

The blender is not supplied with a mashed potato attachment. But if you need it, then you can order this accessory separately.

The chopper of the reviewed blender is slightly smaller than that of the older model – 500 ml. It comes with 2 knives: the main one for working with soft ingredients, as well as products of medium hardness, and an additional one for crushing ice. The MQ 9138XI has three basic speeds, pulse and turbo. The length of the network cable is 1.2 m.


  • easy installation of nozzles;
  • speed up to 15,000 rpm;
  • compactness-performance ratio;
  • durable metal whisk;
  • you can crack nuts and ice.


  • small grinder.

3. Braun MQ 7035X

Braun MQ 7035X

The next place in the TOP of submersible models is occupied by the best blender in terms of price and quality according to customer reviews . Ergonomically, the MQ 7035X is a great solution. The device fits comfortably in the hand, its control button is clearly under the index finger and allows you to quickly switch speed modes. The motor here is a little weaker than the older models. But it is enough for making puree soups or baby food, kneading thin dough, chopping meat for minced meat or chopping nuts. With a whisk nozzle in a blender, you can beat egg whites and yolks, make liquid sauces. And you can load greens, vegetables, cheese into the chopper and chop them in just a few minutes.


  • branded motor Braun;
  • intuitive control;
  • additional blade;
  • does not splash;
  • permissible noise level;
  • vertical movement;
  • grinding speed.

4. Braun MQ5235WH

Braun MQ5235WH

An important difference between submersible and stationary blenders is the number of modes that the technique offers. The former clearly win in terms of the number of speeds. MQ5235, for example, offers as many as 21. They are switched by a regulator from above. He pivots with his thumb without changing his grip. And under the index and middle there are 2 buttons: to select the pulse and turbo mode, which open up even more possibilities.

If you prefer technique in dark colors, then this model is also available in black.

The blender package includes a minimum sufficient set for cooking: a pair of nozzles (a submersible leg and a whisk), a measuring cup with a volume of 600 ml, and a chopper with a capacity of 0.5 liters. The handle of the blender is rubberized, so it is comfortable to hold for long periods of use. All nozzles can be washed in the dishwasher, because they are made of premium steel. The warranty period for the Braun MQ5235 is 2 years.


  • smooth speed control;
  • high-quality whipping with a whisk;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • official guarantee for 2 years;
  • proprietary technologies of the company;
  • There is a white and black body color.


  • slightly simplified design.

5. Braun MQ5237WH

Braun MQ5237WH

Perhaps, MQ5237WH can be called the optimal model for home use. Included with the device are 3 nozzles (for mashed potatoes, a whisk, a standard leg), a measuring cup and a chopper with a volume of half a liter. This is enough to cook many dishes in small quantities. The stylish and popular model of the Brown blender did not receive unique proprietary technologies . But the build quality is perfect. This is also confirmed by the official 3-year warranty (only if purchased on the official website).


  • a large number of speeds;
  • sharp blades for grinding;
  • easy change of nozzles EasyClick;
  • justified price tag;
  • ease of use;
  • application of German technology.


  • no overheating protection.

6. Braun MQ5207WH

Braun MQ5207WH

This model of the blender repeats the previous one in almost everything. Here is the same rotary control on top, as well as a couple of buttons for additional modes. The device is even made in the same colors, is equipped with a similar 1 kW motor and is made from similar materials. But the scope of delivery here is a little more modest, and does not include a chopper.

The high reliability of the blender is also confirmed by a long warranty. But in case of purchase not on the official website, it will be 1 year instead of 3.

This option will suit those users who rarely use this feature. For whipping eggs, cream and other foods, making mashed potatoes or fruit, creating smoothies and other healthy drinks, this immersion blender is perfect. If during use you need other modules, they are sold separately.


  • very fast grinding;
  • quality of plastic and metal;
  • puree nozzle and whisk;
  • can easily be further expanded;
  • convenient to use;
  • high engine power.

7. Braun MQ 3025 Spaghetti

Braun MQ 3025 Spaghetti

The German manufacturer offers not only advanced devices, but also a large selection of budget household appliances. Among the interesting options, we note an inexpensive but good blender MQ 3025. This model uses a special PowerBell technology, which allows you to achieve the most efficient grinding of products. This is achieved due to the special shape of the bell and the correct arrangement of heavy-duty blades. For splash protection, PowerBell is combined with SPLASHControl technology. Therefore, even at high speed without deep immersion, food will not scatter around the kitchen.


  • dual speed control;
  • reliable fixation of the leg;
  • there is a whisk for whipping;
  • ease of assembly and disassembly;
  • quality materials;
  • attractive cost.


  • chopper bowl size.

Best Braun Stand Blenders

As the name implies, such models stand still. This is more convenient because you do not need to hold the working unit in your hands. However, the volume of ground products in this case is limited by the capacity of the complete bowl. With stationary devices, it is almost impossible to contaminate the work surface, and it is easier to clean them. But in terms of feature set, they are inferior to Braun submersible blenders . Another plus of stationary models is their compactness during storage, because they do not have additional accessories.

1. Braun JB3060BK

Brown JB3060BK

The JB3060BK blender is the ideal choice for people leading a healthy lifestyle. This machine has a 800W motor. On the front side of the case in the device there is a rotary control that allows you to set one of 5 speeds, pulse mode and turn off the device. A little higher there is a button for turbo mode.
The JB3060BK jug is made of durable tempered glass. Useful volume – 1.75 l. There are several scale options on the jug that allow you to accurately measure the required amount of ingredients. By the way, you can load them even while the blender is running, since there is a hole on the lid for this. However, when the bowl is full, it is better not to open it.


  • unique triangular shape of the jug;
  • 5 speeds, pulse and turbo mode;
  • Quiet yet powerful 800W motor
  • cover with three sealing rubber bands;
  • reliable mechanical control;
  • durable heat-resistant glass in the bowl.


  • very fast 1st gear;
  • low quality plastic in the case.

2. Brown JB 3010

Brown JB 3010

If you choose a stationary blender from reviews of real buyers , then another cool model is the JB 3010. It is equipped with a similar 800W motor. Even the management here is carried out in exactly the same way. There is a pulse and turbo mode, and the speed is smoothly regulated. The main difference lies in the jug, the volume of which has increased to 2 liters. At first glance, the change may seem small, but in fact, even small amounts of food become easier and more convenient to cook. And if you often need to make smoothies or puree soups for 3-4 people, then this jug volume is optimal.


  • increased volume of the bowl;
  • intuitive use;
  • productive motor;
  • reasoned price;
  • the cable is hidden in the case;
  • turbo mode.

3. Braun JB3060WH

Brown JB3060WH

The next line is occupied by a quality blender JB3060WH. This is the same model that opened this category, but decorated in a light color. The bottom here is also black, and the body and cap are painted cream. The rotary speed control, which is located on the front panel, has changed color from gray to green. The Braun blender has a storage compartment for the mains cable and the ability to quickly load ingredients.


  • relatively low noise level;
  • quality components inside;
  • there is a smooth change in speed;
  • special mode for crushing ice;
  • very attractive price.


  • does not grind solid products very well.

Which Braun blender is best

If you want to get the most out of it and are willing to pay for it, then the MQ 9147X or the slightly simplified model MQ 9138XI is the ideal solution. Do you rarely use the grinder, but want all other functions to work properly? MQ5207WH will cope with such tasks. If we consider the best models of Braun stationary blenders , choosing among models at a reasonable cost, then the JB3060, which the company offers in 2 colors at once, will be a reasonable solution.