Top 10 Bosch blenders by reviews. Price-quality

Today, Bosch kitchen appliances are famous for their excellent quality, reliability and the introduction of advanced developments. German brand blenders are represented by a rich assortment – different layout options, functionality and equipment will please even sophisticated users. However, due to the variety, it is sometimes difficult to decide on a purchase. In our independent review of the best Bosch blenders , our editors included the two most popular types of devices: stationary and submersible. The rating will help you better understand how the models differ from each other, what features they have and how to choose a good option among them.

The best Bosch immersion blenders

Immersion blenders have gained popularity for their functionality and portability. With this device, it is easy to mix or grind any products – make sauces, smoothies, purees, beat the base for baking or cream. And the compact design will allow you to do it in any convenient container.

For blenders of this type, not only quality is important, but also convenience – an ergonomic body and buttons, minimal vibration, low noise. The German brand fully complies with all these requirements – buyers praise the equipment for reliability and comfort. The Bosch brand offers a rich selection of submersible models, from the low-cost CleverMixx range to the high-powered MaxoMixx series.

1. Bosch ErgoMixx MS 6CM6166

Bosch ErgoMixx MS 6CM6166

A high-quality blender with a powerful 1 kW motor received the highest user ratings. In its arsenal there are nozzles for chopping products, including the ability to choose the required cut size. Puree accessories, 2-piece bowl with 12+1 speeds. In addition, this model is one of the few that can handle solid ingredients. The body and immersion part are made of metal, and the special design of the knife with four blades prevents splashing. According to customer reviews, the Bosch blender easily copes with any task and is distinguished by proprietary reliability.


  • suitable for solid products;
  • accessories can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • excellent equipment;
  • power reserve;
  • branded quality.

2. Bosch MSM2650B

Bosch MSM2650B

The immersion blender for everyday tasks is easy to use and comes with all the necessary accessories. The balance of mass and power allows you to use the device for a long time without getting tired, which is especially important when you have to cook in large volumes, for example, on holidays. You can use it to puree, chop vegetables and even chop nuts. The blender knife is made using Quattro Blade technology – four blades. A feature of the model was the lack of a choice of speed, but as follows from the feedback from the owners, this is not a drawback, because the speed is optimally selected.


  • good power;
  • convenient button;
  • metal leg;
  • functionality;
  • low noise level.


  • plastic accessories require careful handling.

3. Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6190

Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6190

A powerful blender with many additional accessories, this is far from a simple home chopper, but an almost universal food processor. The functions of shredding, slicing, slices and shavings have been added to the standard features here. Also, the popular kitchen model from Bosch is compatible with a vacuum cleaner, is able to cook dough and even crack ice. But the functionality is not the only strong point of this blender. The non-sucking Quattro Blade Pro, the ribbed bell that guides products to the cutting edges and the wide range of speeds have greatly increased its performance.


  • nozzle “Food processor”;
  • power-performance ratio;
  • well-designed ergonomics;
  • reliability and long service life;
  • compatibility with all new brand accessories;
  • 12 speeds + turbo mode.


  • increased mass.

4. Bosch ErgoMixx MS6CM4150

Bosch ErgoMixx MS6CM4150

The Bosch ErgoMixx immersion blender is close to the brand’s top models in terms of characteristics. It features the same 12-mode shifter and Turbo function. The body and immersion part are made of metal, and the motor is inferior to only 200 watts of power, which does not prevent the blender from grinding solid ingredients. In addition to the main nozzle, the device is equipped with a whisk and a grinder. The relatively modest equipment made the blender less functional, but the cost also decreased. The model was highly appreciated by users and marked as “Customers’ Choice”.


  • metal case;
  • turbo mode;
  • thoughtful ergonomics;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • AntiSplash function – splash protection;
  • handles hard ingredients.


  • the time of continuous operation of the grinder is limited.

5. Bosch MS 62M6110

Bosch MS 62M6110

Another powerful blender from a German manufacturer that has earned a lot of positive feedback. The device is made in a recognizable brand design from modern materials. The stainless steel of the body and legs is thick enough and is not afraid of damage when grinding solid ingredients. The plastic at the joints is also of high quality, so it will not crack or break over time, which ensures a long service life. Users also note the ease of use of the blender – despite the large weight, it fits comfortably in the hand, and the control buttons are optimally located.


  • reliability;
  • large power reserve;
  • convenient quick assembly system;
  • convenient management;
  • durable knife.

6. Bosch MSM 66130

Bosch MSM 66130

The popular kitchen model from Bosch is designed for practical users who prefer no-frills appliances. The blender comes with a whisk and a measuring cup, so if you need only basic functions from the device, this model will be the best choice. At the same time, the power of 600 W allows you to grind almost any food, including puree vegetables and make pate from boiled meat. The white plastic case looks very stylish and does not turn yellow over time. The small mass of the blender does not tire when used for a long time, so this model is often used even for preparing blanks and other voluminous work.


  • excellent combination of price and quality;
  • durability;
  • excellent build;
  • light weight;
  • does not heat up during long use;
  • moderate price.


  • scatters ingredients through large holes in the bell.

The best stationary blenders from Bosch

Stationary Bosch blenders are just as functional as immersion blenders. With their help, you can grind hard and soft foods, mix until smooth and beat, with the difference that the device stands on its own on the surface of the table, freeing your hands.

The main advantages of the devices include:

  • increased power;
  • wide area of ​​use;
  • great functionality;
  • processing products on a large scale.

The weaknesses of blenders are considered to be an increased noise level, therefore, among the assortment from Bosch, our editors carefully chose models with only a low indicator.

1. Bosch MMB 66G7M

Bosch MMB 66G7M

This is one of the best models for the home in terms of price and quality. It’s not for nothing that the device costs a little more than a similar “classmate” MMB6141B, because it is supplemented with useful functions – the blender has an increased bowl volume of up to 2.3 liters, a built-in grinder, a HighSpeed ​​high-speed program and three automatic, additional modes: grinding, ice crushing, filter sieve ( for making smoothies or juice without skins and seeds, for grinding hard foods). The knife of the model is removable, due to this it is easier to wash and easy to replace, without contacting a service center. According to Bosch, it is also the quietest blender . The list of pluses of the model is supplemented by an application from the manufacturer VitaBar with many delicious and healthy recipes.


  • heat-resistant bowl suitable for grinding hot foods;
  • many modes, additional functionality;
  • capacious bowl for 2.3 l;
  • reliable management;
  • low noise level.


  • bulky.

2. Bosch MMBV 625M VitaMaxx

Bosch MMBV 625M VitaMaxx

The Bosch Vacuum Stationary Blender is the ideal solution for those who prefer only healthy food. When mixing products in a vacuum, they do not oxidize and retain their natural natural color. The device creates serious competition for professional equipment – smoothies and puree soups are very tender, with a homogeneous consistency, and drinks stay fresh longer. The manufacturer promises that the mixing technology allows you to save 5 times more vitamin C during the day. The model is made in a modern, premium design and is equipped with 4 auto modes – ice crushing, blender cleaning, vacuuming and mixing. Buyers were very pleased with the purchase, noting the excellent build quality and reliability of the engine.


  • special utensils included;
  • vacuum function;
  • chic functionality;
  • durable construction;
  • convenient management.


  • high price.

3. Bosch VitaPower MMB6384M

Bosch VitaPower MMB6384M

A solid design combined with worthy characteristics ensured a consistently high interest of buyers in this model. In terms of reliability, the blender is fully consistent with the famous Bosch quality – first-class assembly, good materials, easy operation and precise matching of all elements. I was also pleased with the equipment – along with the blender comes a small set of useful accessories , for example, a small ToGo container in which you can mix a portion of a smoothie or puree for a child. Its only drawback is that it is a bit noisy at peak power, but for a 1.2 kW device this is justified.


  • high-strength and durable ThermoSafe bowl;
  • self-cleaning mode;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • high quality materials;
  • all elements, including EasyKlick blades, can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • many positive reviews.


  • a bit noisy at peak speed.

4. Bosch MMB6141B

Bosch MMB6141B

This simple and affordable model of a stationary blender is popular for its reliability. The combination of its characteristics clearly indicates a priority work with soft ingredients, so the device does an excellent job with cream soups and purees, sauces and smoothies. According to reviews, an inexpensive but good blender can even quickly chop frozen vegetables, fruits and berries. Management is as simple as possible: 2 speeds and “Pulse” mode, the bowl is easily removed and washed. The stationary blender copes with its main tasks without any complaints, however, the noise level is slightly, but exceeds the minimum values. At the same time, buyers did not note this factor as a significant drawback.


  • affordable price;
  • beats products with high quality;
  • reliability, good quality;
  • a good margin of performance;
  • convenient to use and wash;
  • elegant design.


  • the manufacturer does not recommend grinding nuts and meat;
  • a little noisy at top speed.

Which Bosch blender is better to choose

Immersion and stationary blenders perform similar tasks, but they have significant differences. The main ones are shown in the table. Experts also note that stationary models allow for better mixing and grinding that is not available with submersible versions. Therefore, if you need a blender for professional use and making perfect sauces and airy cream soups, it is better to choose a stationary version from the upper price category – MMBV 625M VitaMaxx. When the quality requirements are not too high, and the user rarely cooks, you can pay attention to more budget models – MMB6141B or MMB 66G7M.

Immersion blenders from Bosch are good where the work is mainly related to the grinding of soft products . Any model from the rating can easily cope with homemade cream soup, simple sauce, cocktail or smoothie. If the area of ​​​​use is limited to the listed dishes and drinks, it does not make sense to choose a stationary model, a simple MSM26500 or a more expensive 62M6110 will do. Devices of a higher price category, for example, 6CM6166 are better suited for frequent use, and the MS8CM6190 has many accessories and it will perform well as a kitchen machine .

An overview of the best immersion and stand blenders from Bosch will help you quickly choose the best appliance option for home or work. Our experts have already done a great job of determining which models have good performance and no serious hidden flaws.