The 8 Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filters 2023

Poor chemistry and poor overall quality of tap water is a problem that is familiar to apartment dwellers and homeowners. If a person regularly uses such water for cooking, tea, coffee, and even more raw drinking, then over time it will cause health problems. The best way to prevent this situation is reverse osmosis systems. The way they work guarantees the removal of up to 99% of mineral salts and other impurities from the water. Today’s review of the best reverse osmosis water filters will help you choose the right system.

Osmotic system of which company to choose

  • Aquaphor. A Russian trademark that develops some of the best filters not only in the native, but also in the world market. The company’s products range from budget solutions to premium products with high quality cleaning.
  • Barrier. An enterprise that owns complex patented technologies. They allow the firm to create advanced solutions at an attractive cost. Barrier’s product range includes over 75 types of products.
  • Aquabright. This brand creates mainly inexpensive household filters. Despite the low price, Aquabright products please with reliability, and top-level safe materials are used for its production.
  • Prio. A company headquartered in Germany. In the Russian market and in the CIS countries, it sells products under the Novaya Voda brand. Since 2006, Prio has been a member of the international water quality organization WQA.
  • Geyser. A dynamically developing organization that owns its own laboratory, its own design bureau and the largest production lines in the Russian Federation, equipped according to European quality standards.

TOP 8 Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filters (2023)

Instead of full-fledged systems, users often choose compact jugs on the table. They have a low price, inexpensive consumables. Therefore, such a purchase may seem much more profitable. But what is the best filter in terms of cleaning quality? With a system under the sink, of course, the result will be an order of magnitude better. If the water in your tap is very bad, then the cartridges in the jug will have to be changed often. As a result, the cost of maintenance of the system may even be cheaper. Water from it is 100% suitable even for baby food. But saving on reverse osmosis filters is not worth it. Low-quality models can wear out faster, and their cartridges, as a rule, have a shorter working life. We have collected the TOP of the best reverse osmosis systems for water, which are recommended by experts and highly rated by real buyers.

1. Aquabright ABF-OSMO-5

Aquabright ABF-OSMO-5

A system that allows you to achieve deep purification of drinking water. In reviews, the Aquabright filter is praised for the high quality of components and assembly. Connecting ABF-OSMO-5 is simple, so even an inexperienced user can handle it. The system traps particles down to 0.0001 µm. The nominal working pressure of this model is in the range of 2–6 atmospheres, the temperature is from 2 to 35 °C. In an hour, the Aquabright reverse osmosis filter can purify up to 8 liters of water.

The manufacturer’s assortment also includes the ABF-OSMO-6 model, which offers not 5, but 6 degrees of filtration. At the last stage, the older modification saturates the water with useful microelements.


  • affordable cost;
  • quality assembly;
  • transparent flasks allow you to control the level of contamination;
  • good filtration;
  • ease of installation.


  • small inlet hose.

2. Geyser Prestige P

Geyser Prestige P

Good filter for water with reverse osmosis and good pre-treatment. It uses 3 cartridges at once: polypropylene for solid elements, as well as 2 from coconut activated carbon, which purify water from organic impurities and chlorine. In a more advanced model of the reverse osmosis filter system Prestige 2, a special sorption pre-cassette is installed. The main water purification in Prestige P is performed by a semi-permeable membrane with pores 750 times smaller in diameter than the thickness of a human hair. It retains at least 99% of radionuclides, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Membrane resource 1–3 years (depending on water quality).


  • durable cartridges;
  • storage tank 12 l;
  • service life 7 years;
  • quality of water treatment;
  • low noise in work;
  • available consumables.


  • not the most affordable price tag.

3. Atoll A-550p STD

Atoll A-550p STD

Advanced system from Atoll, equipped with a pump. This design allows you to get purified water even at low main pressure. The system can be installed both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In the second case, this will improve the condition of the hair and skin. The best reverse osmosis type water filter gets rid of viruses and bacteria, which will protect you from E. coli, hepatitis A and other diseases. The A-550p STD also has a softening filter, making Atoll water suitable for children to drink.


  • capacious tank for 18 l;
  • excellent service;
  • pump for pressure set;
  • the presence of a softening function;
  • good equipment;
  • cleans even bad water.


  • must be connected to the mains.

4. Geyser Allegro

Geyser Allegro

A good filter for a private house, which is able to qualitatively purify even very hard water from the main pipeline. The robust housing and double sealing in the flasks allow the Allegro system to withstand pressures up to 25 atmospheres and over 100K water hammer cycles. In case of excess pressure in the accumulator, a relief valve is provided. In all modifications of the reverse osmosis system under the sink of the Allegro series, a porous membrane is used that retains trace elements with a size of only 0.0001 microns. When cleaning up to 200 liters of water per day, one cartridge will last up to 3 years of use. The Geyser also has a post-filter, consisting of coconut-based activated carbon, which removes residual unpleasant odors and tastes from water.


  • mineralizer (only in Allegro PM);
  • pump (in Allegro P and PM models);
  • high quality water filtration;
  • withstands pressure up to 25 atm;
  • copes well with hard water;
  • special water release valve.


  • hose length could be longer.

5. Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion

Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion

If you have little space to install an osmotic filtration system of standard sizes under the sink, then the model from Aquaphor will be an excellent alternative. It is twice as compact and can operate even at low pipeline pressure.

Taking into account the price of DWM-101S Morion and the cost of consumables, a liter of filtered water will cost the owner of the Aquaphor system only 1 ruble 70 kopecks per liter in the first year of use and less than 70 kopecks in the next. It is much more profitable than buying bottles.

As can be understood from the reviews, the Morion DWM-101S filter does an excellent job of purifying water from salts, heavy metals and other impurities. The taste of food and drinks after the Aquaphor system becomes brighter, and there is no scale and white coating in the kettle.


  • normalization of mineral balance;
  • does not pass viruses and bacteria;
  • low cost of filtering a liter of water;
  • compact size and availability;
  • replacement of cartridges without tools.


  • requires alternate filter changes;
  • high price for replacement modules.

6. Prio New Water Expert Osmos MO530nf

Prio New Water Expert Osmos MO530nf

Looking for a reliable filtration system with a large tank? Then the premium version of the Expert Osmos MO530nf is the perfect choice. The device can be purchased with or without a faucet, with a standard 15-liter 4.0G tank and an enlarged Plasteel 5.0G tank with a volume of 18.9 liters. There are 4 branded cartridges installed in the Prio system out of the box. Highly selective high-capacity Japanese-made membrane effectively removes pathogenic bacteria and viruses. And with the help of a mineralizer, the system improves the organoleptic characteristics of water.


  • complete mineralizer;
  • quick filling of the tank;
  • minimal drain into the sewer;
  • ease of replacing cartridges;
  • official guarantee for 3 years;
  • self-locking fittings;
  • improved Japanese membrane.


  • high cost of replacement cartridges.

7. Barrier Profi Osmo 100

Barrier Profi Osmo 100

The TOP of osmotic filters continues with an inexpensive solution from the Barrier trademark. This system consists of a mechanical filter that retains impurities of 5 microns, a Sorption cartridge that removes chlorine, a final filtration module, and two membranes to eliminate residual impurities, tastes and odors. The total resource of Profi Osmo 100 can reach 12 months, membranes – 2 years. By the way, after use, you can hand over the modules from an excellent osmotic system for recycling at branded collection points. The official warranty for Barrier filters is 1 year. But when registering a purchase on the manufacturer’s website, it can be doubled.


  • excellent filtration quality;
  • affordable price of the system and modules;
  • additional 1 year warranty;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • the possibility of modernization;
  • relatively compact size.


  • some details are pretty flimsy.

8. Start Osmos OU590

Start Osmos OU590

Can’t decide which company to buy a filtration system for your home? A good choice would be the Start Osmos OU590. This is a model with a classic layout, 5 cleaning steps, as well as softening, descaling and iron removal functions.

The reviewed model uses standard Slim Line 10” filters and a 1812 membrane. Therefore, you can buy not only branded consumables for replacement, but also any compatible analogues.

In terms of filtration quality, the OU590 reverse osmosis system belongs to the premium segment. Additionally, it has a mineralizer K855, which enriches the water with magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, sulfates and other microelements.


  • pressure pump;
  • purification from free chlorine;
  • module resource up to 36,000 liters;
  • official warranty 2 years;
  • optional 15 liter tank;
  • simplified mounting system.

How to choose a reverse osmosis system

  • Cleaning steps . From 5 in simpler models to 7 in the most advanced ones.
  • Mineralizer. Acts as an additional 6th step. It is used to saturate water with useful microelements and maintain normal pH.
  • Structurer. Special cartridge made of bioceramics (7th stage), which leads to the formation of a crystal lattice, like that of spring water.
  • Tank volume . Provides a supply of water in case of a power outage. It also allows you to compensate for low performance. Accordingly, a large storage tank is good, but it requires a lot of free space.
  • Performance. Entry-level solutions are designed to cleanse 120 l / day, which is enough for 1-2 people. Models for 310 l / day are needed for an office, a cafe, as well as providing clean water not only for the kitchen, but also for the bathroom.
  • Operating pressure. If you cannot regulate it, then choose a system that matches the parameters of your pipeline. If the pressure is too low, buy filters equipped with a special pump.

What is the best reverse osmosis water filter

Among inexpensive solutions, Barrier brand products are ideal. If you need even cheaper, then choose Aquabright systems. In terms of price-quality ratio, Geyser filters will be the best option. One of the best reverse osmosis systems for water in the review is represented by a model from Aquaphor. The most expensive, but the best in quality, are sink filters from the German manufacturer Prio.