The 7 Best Drip Refrigerators (2023). Rating

Despite the rich variety of advanced household appliances, time-tested devices do not lose their relevance. They are purchased for home or summer cottage, office or as an addition to the main one. At the same time, when choosing a refrigerator with a drip defrost system, everyone is faced with an endless list of brands, models and designs. Which one is better to buy is an ambiguous question, each user has his own priorities. However, the choice should be limited only to worthy devices, these are the ones our editors included in the review of the best drip refrigerators.

TOP 7 best drip refrigerators 2023

Refrigerators with a drip defrost system have been on the market for decades. This is a fairly easy-to-maintain technique – manual defrosting is required only for the freezer and no more than 1-2 times a year. Often in such models there are no unnecessary electronics and functions of little use, due to which the retail price is more than attractive.

When choosing between NoFrost or a drip refrigerator, it is worth considering the advantages of the latter:

  • Lower price;
  • Less noise level;
  • Reduced power consumption;
  • Slightly increased useful volume with the same external dimensions;
  • Larger selection of patterns and designs.

1. Beko RCSK 250M00 W

Beko RCSK 250M00 W

The model from Beko beats records in popularity due to the rare ratio of price and quality. This inexpensive but good 240L refrigerator in a classic layout is equipped with a bottom freezer and a static cooling system. The doors are double-sided and have an antibacterial seal that reduces the growth and spread of germs. According to customer reviews, despite the modest dimensions, there is quite a lot of space inside – two shelves in the freezer, three in the refrigerator. Therefore, it easily fits food and large kitchen utensils – frying pans, pots, ducklings. The noise level during operation is low and corresponds to the passport data “up to 40 dB”, however, for this it is necessary to correctly set it in terms of level and adjust it.


  • compact dimensions and low height;
  • separate compartment for dumplings;
  • high quality and reliable;
  • freezes well;
  • up to 16 hours of autonomy.


  • if installed incorrectly, it may emit an extraneous hum;
  • not all models are equipped with a shelf for freezing berries and dumplings.

2. ATLANT XM 4024-000

ATLANT XM 4024-000

The two-chamber refrigerator SOFT LINE + has excellent characteristics and pleased customers with an extremely affordable price. Due to the height of 195 cm, the useful volume of the device is 367 liters, which is enough for a family of 4-5 people. Inside the refrigerator compartment there is a bright LED-backlight, and the interior space is occupied by 4 shelves and 2 baskets for vegetables and fruits. The freezer holds 3 drawers. Buyers were very satisfied with the purchase, they note reliability, durability, fast and stable cooling. Shelves made of tempered glass proved to be strong and durable, even after a long time of use, they do not scratch and withstand heavy loads.


  • spacious;
  • inexpensive;
  • permissible noise level;
  • durable shelves;
  • reliability and durability.


  • Few shelves on the refrigerator door.

3. NORDFROST NRB 152 032


A large Ukrainian-made two-chamber refrigerator entered the rating of the best for its excellent performance and numerous positive reviews from customers. This model with a drip type of defrosting compares favorably with a large usable volume of 298 liters, a spacious freezer, as well as low noise and energy efficiency class A+. The model fully meets the modern requirements of users, so it is very convenient to use. The height of the shelves can be changed, the doors are reversible, there is a bright illumination of the refrigerating chamber. Separately, it is worth noting the complete absence of the smell of plastic – the refrigerator can be used immediately after purchase. As well as transparent boxes in the freezer.


  • quiet and comfortable;
  • no smell of plastic;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • bright camera light
  • large volume, complete with egg tray and ice mold.


  • slightly soiled surface.

4. Item RK-139 W

Item RK-139 W.

One of the most powerful, in the list of the best drip refrigerators, has a high freezing rate – 11 kg / day. At the same time, the model has the usual dimensions and increased internal space – the useful volume of the model is 335 liters and 130 liters of them are in the freezer. The practicality of the device is expressed not only in size, but also in the effective design of the internal space. The refrigerator compartment has 4 tempered glass shelves and a few narrow ones on the door. This will allow you to place in it all the products and ready-made food directly in the dishes. A small and neat control panel is hidden from view and is located inside. The design of the refrigerator deserves special attention – it is a modern classic, presented in several colors – dark, light, including red and pearl beige.


  • wide range of colors;
  • high power;
  • spacious;
  • freezing quality
  • shelf in the freezer;
  • works very quietly.


  • slightly increased power consumption.

5. Indesit DS 4160 W

Indesit DS 4160 W

The model from the Italian brand is an excellent compromise between size and price. The budget refrigerator is relatively compact, while it has a fairly roomy freezer, and the total volume is 269 liters. In offline mode, the device keeps the cold for 15 hours, which will allow you to save food and cooked food in case of a sudden shutdown of the temperature. Such models are often purchased for small kitchens, as a second refrigerator, for a summer residence or office. Universal classic design allows you to place it in any interior. No significant flaws were found, the equipment works properly without any complaints. However, if installed incorrectly, it makes excessive noise.


  • no smell of plastic;
  • quiet when properly installed;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • optimal ratio of dimensions and capacity;
  • classic, modern design.


  • noisy when installed incorrectly.

6. Turquoise 6033

Turquoise 6033

The Russian manufacturer can easily compete with foreign competitors in terms of the reliability of its products. Model 6033 pleased with its high-quality assembly, modern design and functionality. For example, the refrigerator is equipped with a sound indication of open doors, bright and eye-catching LED lighting. The model has a good indicator of capacity and low power consumption. The space inside is well organized – several shelves in the upper compartment, drawers of different sizes in the freezer. In addition, the refrigerator runs quietly without creating discomfort. The disadvantages include the autonomy of 12 hours, competitors usually have this figure higher.


  • Ease of use;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • excellent capacity;
  • Lots of positive reviews for quality.


  • battery life is slightly less than its peers.

7. DON R 290

DON R 290

The compact model impresses with its capacity and ease of use. With a height of 171 cm, the volume of the refrigerator is 310 liters, with 101 liters only for the freezer. I was also pleased with the competent organization of the internal space – there are 3 high shelves in the refrigerator compartment, where it is easy to place large pots, and 4 narrow shelves on the door. The freezer contains 3 drawers of different sizes – a very convenient solution. The functionality of the model is familiar – sound indication of an open door, backlight, temperature control. The doors are reversible, and, according to reviews, the process of re-hanging is quite simple. In terms of reliability, DON refrigerators are in no way inferior to more well-known brands. The refrigerator mechanism is based on the proprietary GMCC – Toshiba compressor, so the equipment practically does not make noise and lasts a long time.


  • sound indication of an open door;
  • spacious freezer;
  • reliable compressor;
  • durability;
  • country-manufacturer Russia.

Which drip refrigerator is better

A review of the best devices among those offered on the Russian market today will help you choose a good refrigerator at an affordable price. It is noteworthy that most of their presented models are in approximately the same price range. Therefore, when buying, you should pay more attention to technical characteristics – dimensions, camera sizes, functions.
The design of the model is also important. Modern devices included in the rating of refrigerators with a drip defrosting system delight the eye with a concise appearance, as well as a variety of colors. This will allow not only to buy a reliable device, but also to maintain the style of the interior of the kitchen, cottage or office.