Rating of white hobs. TOP-9

The hob is an excellent solution for a modern kitchen. The household appliance is able to replace the classic stove and will perfectly decorate any interior. Sometimes when drawing up a kitchen design, the color of the household appliance is also taken into account. Experts have compiled a rating of the best white hobs from a different price range.

A wide assortment on store shelves can confuse any buyer. That is why the review presents only those models that have been tested by numerous users and deserve attention. When choosing a device, it is necessary to take into account not only the design, but also the functionality, as well as the type of device. Hobs can be gas, induction or electric. Which variety to choose, decide only on the basis of personal preferences.

The best white gas hobs

Gas hobs are the classic variety and are used in many homes. The device is an excellent analogue of a standard stove. Modern models have a presentable design and high security. If you are interested in a white gas hob, the following three options are the perfect solution to buy.

1. Weissgauff HGG 641 GH, white

Weissgauff HGG 641 GH, white

The multifunctional hob will be a great addition to any kitchen. You can buy a white hob at a budget cost, but the quality will be at its best. The equipment includes four burners, which have different power. One of the burners is intended for WOK dishes. Controlling the device is as simple as possible, mechanical rotary knobs are provided for this. Despite the fact that the price of the device is low, electric ignition is built into the handles, which makes it easier to use.

The hob is considered safe, as it is equipped with a gas control function. If the flame suddenly goes out, the gas supply will immediately shut off.

The white Weissgauff cooktop is made of tempered glass and has cast iron grates on top. These materials are highly resistant to high temperatures. According to reviews, this device can be used in rooms where there is no central gas pipeline. Connection to a gas cylinder is possible.


  • High build quality.
  • Stylish design.
  • Good functionality.
  • Control knobs are conveniently located.


  • Marked surface.

2. Gorenje GW642SYW, white

Gorenje GW642SYW, white

A white 4-burner hob from Gorenje is the best choice for any modern kitchen. The device has a classic design and has a low cost in the market. Equipped with automatic electric ignition and gas control function for each burner. A WOK burner with a double row of flames is provided. The panel is coated with enamel and is easy to clean from dirt.
From above, the device is covered with durable cast-iron gratings that are not afraid of high temperatures and mechanical stress. You can buy a white gas hob up to 24-25 thousand rubles. This model is one of the best inexpensive but reliable solutions for modern kitchens.


  • Simple control.
  • Laconic design.
  • Automatic electric ignition.
  • Ease of use.
  • There is a gas control function.


  • No.

3. Bosch PBH6C2B90R, white

Bosch PBH6C2B90R, white

The white Bosch hob will be a reliable assistant in cooking for every day. The classic design will fit into any interior. The panel is made of high-quality enameled steel, which does not require special care and is not afraid of exposure to high temperatures. From above, the device is covered with cast iron gratings, which has high strength and wear resistance. The rotary knobs have built-in electric ignition and are conveniently located on the side.

The Bosch white hob has a high level of safety, as it is equipped with a gas control function for each burner. If the flame goes out for any reason, the gas supply will stop immediately. For faster cooking and boiling, one double burner is provided.


  • Light electrical ignition.
  • Affordable price.
  • The surface is easy to clean.
  • Sturdy cast iron grates.
  • High security.


  • No.

Best induction white hobs

Induction cookers are distinguished by aesthetic design and high quality. They are built flush with the countertop, forming a single surface. If earlier the choice of such models was limited, now there are so many devices on the shelves that the eyes run wide. To understand which hob is better to buy, experts have compiled a list of models based on user reviews.

Induction is able to heat the ingredients in the cookware, but the surface remains safe and not hot. This is one of the main advantages of such varieties of plates.

1. Gorenje IT 640 WSC, white

Gorenje IT 640 WSC, white

The glass-ceramic induction hob is ideal for any kitchen interior. The 4-burner model has a stylish design. Can be built flush with the worktop and create an aesthetic design of the room. You can buy a white induction hob within 38 thousand rubles. The model is distinguished by convenient layout of controls, as well as marking of cooking zones.

The device is equipped with 4 burners, which have the “Power Boost” function. This allows you to increase the power for a short period of time in order to boil water as quickly as possible. Cooking time can be adjusted using the built-in timer. According to reviews, this model is reliable and easy to manage.


  • Quality build.
  • Fits flush with countertop.
  • There is a timer.
  • Lock button.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Fast heating function.


  • A little brand.

2. Korting HI 32003 BW, white

Korting HI 32003 BW, white

A white 2-burner hob is suitable for a small kitchen. Burners are suitable for both small pots and large frying pans. The diameter of the burners is 145 and 210 mm. The device is equipped with 9 power levels, which will allow you to effectively cook different dishes. With a residual heat level indicator, the user will always know how cool the surface is.

With the “Booster” function, you can briefly turn on high power to quickly heat a pan or boil water.

The white induction hob is made of glass ceramic. This material is not afraid of high temperatures and looks elegant in the interior. There is a protective shutdown of the burners and protection against children, which ensures high safety.


  • Heats up quickly.
  • There is a child lock.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Convenient touch control.


  • Contaminants accumulate quickly.

3. Electrolux IPE 6440 WI, white

Electrolux IPE 6440 WI, white

The white Electrolux hob will complement the design of the kitchen and provide comfortable cooking of any dishes. The instant response allows you to lower the temperature without waiting time, giving you total control.

The white built-in hob Electrolux IPE 6440 WI heats up if there are appropriate dishes on the hob. In any other case, the device will not turn on. That is why, you will need to purchase dishes with a special bottom. It also has a button lock feature to prevent accidental activation by young children. For more convenient cooking, there is a timer with sound that can be set to any time.


  • Provides fast cooking.
  • Looks beautiful in the interior.
  • Does not yellow over time.
  • Pots do not burn like open flames.


  • No.

The best electric white hobs

Built-in electrically controlled appliances are gaining popularity from year to year. In stores you can find a huge number of different models. But before you buy, you should study the reviews and characteristics. It is also important to consider the type of control and power of the household appliance. Next, we will consider the TOP electrical models.

1. GEFEST SVN 3210, white

GEFEST SVN 3210, white

An inexpensive electric hob with a classic design. There are 4 burners of different diameters, which will allow you to cook in dishes of any size. You can buy a white electric hob up to 10 thousand rubles. The household appliance is made of enamelled steel. The control is carried out using mechanical rotary switches.

According to reviews, such a stove is very convenient to use and does not require any special care. Any contamination is removed from the enamel without problems. There is a power indicator on the surface, which will not allow you to leave the device turned on unattended. The Gefest white hob is equipped with high quality burners, as they are made of high-strength cast iron.


  • Nice classic design.
  • Different diameter burners.
  • Power indicator.
  • High build quality.


  • When you first turn it on, it smells bad.

2. Gorenje ECT 322 ORAW, white

Gorenje ECT 322 ORAW, white

The electric white hob Gorenje ECT 322 ORAW is suitable for a compact kitchen, as it is equipped with two burners. It is made of glass ceramics, so it looks perfect in a modern kitchen interior.

Also, this material is easily cleaned of contaminants without the use of detergents.

Touch control is quite simple, and will not cause difficulties in mastering. The functionality allows you to save the specified parameters. There is also a power-on lock, which is extremely important for families with small children. The burners have a high power of 2.9 kW, which will allow you to cook quickly.

The functionality of the hob includes “Stay Warm”, which allows you to maintain the temperature of cooked food within 70 degrees. This functionality is especially important when preparing for a feast. By the arrival of guests, you do not have to reheat dishes several times. The device is equipped with a built-in timer, which can be set for each burner separately. At the end of cooking, the stove will notify you with a sound signal.


  • Presentable appearance.
  • Powerful functionality.
  • Quick response touch buttons.
  • Silent operation.
  • Excellent power.


  • Not found.

3. Korting HK 42031 BW, white

Korting HK 42031 BW, white

The white 3-burner hob has an independent installation. It can be installed flush with the countertop, which will look perfect in a high-tech interior. The manufacturer provides a heat indicator that will let you know how cool the surface is after cooking. This will prevent burns. In addition, there is a lock button that will prevent accidental activation by a child.

The burners are equipped with HiLight technology, thanks to which you can instantly heat the dishes and cook food quickly. The hob has a long service life due to the high quality of components and workmanship. For each burner, you can adjust the power, there are 9 levels in total. The touch model is comfortable, has a fast response and is located in front. To care for the household appliance, the use of cleaning products is not required. The hob can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. To avoid leaving stains on the surface, after the napkin you can rub the surface with a lint-free cloth.


  • The burners heat up quickly.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Wide functionality.


  • No.

Which white hob to buy

A white hob is not as easy to choose as it seems. The device must be of high quality in order to last a long time. It is important that additional functionality is provided. If a gas model is required, a device with a gas control function should be selected. Induction or electric hobs should be selected with a child lock and surface heating indicator. The rating of the best white hobs includes devices that have been tested by time and users. Having studied all the characteristics, everyone will be able to make the right choice and not regret the perfect purchase.