Rating of the best three-chamber refrigerators (2023)

People have been looking for a good refrigerator for a long time, because household life depends on it, among other things. This technique should be roomy and conveniently organized inside. Given these characteristics, you should definitely pay attention to three-chamber models. Refrigerators with three doors are larger than classic ones. They make sorting and storing food easier by providing additional isolated space. In addition, such models can be safely installed not only in the kitchens of cafes and restaurants, but also in homes with a spacious kitchen. Our experts have compiled a rating of the best three-chamber refrigerators, taking into account their features and technical characteristics.

The best three-chamber refrigerators 2023

Cooling technology with three doors, one might say, thought out to the smallest detail. Owners call such installations multifunctional, and not in vain. We will talk about this further, having considered the TOP-7 three-chamber refrigerators of our time. Rating models are arranged in ascending order of price, from budget to more expensive.

1. Hisense RQ-515N4AD1

Hisense RQ-515N4AD1

The first place in the rating, judging by customer reviews, must certainly take a roomy refrigerator with a special design. There is no central jumper, so that the usable space increases.

A three-chamber refrigerator with No Frost is designed for 394 liters. It is ideal for families of 3-5 people. In addition, among the features it is important to note the multi-threaded cooling system that provides high quality food storage.
Among other things, a three-chamber refrigerator with a freshness zone is able to extend the shelf life of even perishable products. But this model is not without its shortcomings. High volume noise is annoying, especially at night. Because of this, it cannot be called the best choice for the studio. The average price of the model reaches 58 thousand rubles.


  • convenient organization of internal space;
  • freshness zone;
  • unusual design;
  • electronic control;
  • multiflow cooling system;
  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • several operating modes;
  • antibacterial coating of the inner walls.


  • works noisily.

2. Hyundai CM4505FV

Hyundai CM4505FV

The three-chamber refrigerator with a large freezer for 5 drawers has four doors. The design weighs 87 kg, which is why it is recommended to use the help of movers after purchase.

A very inexpensive three-chamber refrigerator is decorated in a modern style. The doors and body are made of stainless steel. This coating is resistant to mechanical damage, and also fits perfectly into the interior. It is possible to configure the operation of equipment through the control panel. All information is displayed on the display. And to save the settings, you will need to lock the control panel, for which a special key is provided.
It will be possible to buy a three-chamber refrigerator for 65 thousand rubles.


  • inverter motor;
  • sound signal if the door is not fully closed;
  • super-cooling mode;
  • quiet work;
  • quality assembly.


  • stamped body.



Customers tend to choose a three-chamber refrigerator from WILLMARK, as it is a reliable and durable assistant in the kitchen. A capacious unit with an inverter compressor makes it possible to extend the shelf life of food products, including perishable ones.

The refrigerator with 3 chambers is equipped with a very useful feature – a sound indication of an open door. It ensures timely and tight closing of the door, avoiding damage to equipment. Among other things, it is important to note that the model in question does not need manual defrosting. Here, the developers have provided the “Total No Frost” system, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the device. The model will cost buyers 88 thousand rubles.


  • freshness zone;
  • useful sound indication;
  • clear and informative display;
  • ten year warranty;
  • sufficient number of boxes for sorting products.


  • cannot be controlled from a smartphone.

4. Hisense RQ-563N4GB1

Hisense RQ-563N4GB1

A very interesting model with the most concise design receives no less positive feedback from users. The refrigerator is made in black, due to which it fits perfectly into a stylish kitchen. This option will definitely be preferred by those who appreciate the aesthetic appearance of the device.

The 3-door refrigerator fully meets the high standards in terms of functional characteristics. It has a Total No Frost defrost system.

Additionally, there are operating modes – “vacation”, supercooling and superfreezing. It will not be difficult to deal with the programs, since each of them is described in detail in the instructions.

The capacity of the model reaches 432 liters. 290 of them are allocated exclusively for the refrigeration compartment, the rest – for the freezer. At the same time, the standard freezing capacity is 12 kg per day, and autonomous cold maintenance lasts 15 hours. A Hisense three-chamber refrigerator costs about 70-72 thousand rubles.


  • attractive design;
  • electronic control panel;
  • modern defrosting system;
  • three work programs;
  • completed with additional forms.

5. Haier HTF-456DM6RU

Haier HTF-456DM6RU

One of the most capacious refrigerators is also worthy of attention. Judging by customer reviews, the Total No Frost system works here at the highest level. There is no ice on top of the products and in the compartments at all. Manual defrosting is not required, which greatly simplifies the task for the owners.

Additionally, this model has HCS membrane technology. It improves the storage conditions for fruits and vegetables. This option maintains 90% humidity in each drawer.

Also noteworthy is the “MultiFlow” technology. It takes care of the supply of cool air to the food stored in the refrigerator. The freezer is located at the very bottom. And such a design feature has found recognition among buyers. It is very easy to adapt to it, and therefore the operation of the device does not cause discomfort. It is possible to buy a Hayer three-chamber refrigerator for 90 thousand rubles.


  • temperature indication;
  • capacity;
  • moderate noise level during operation;
  • attractive design;
  • not easily soiled case;
  • long operational period.

6. Stinol 104 EACH

Stinol 104 EACH

The Stinol three-chamber refrigerator is primarily distinguished by the location of the freezer – on top. This option is not very common, so some consumers find it surprising. The three-chamber refrigerator, optimal in size, has a freshness zone and spacious compartments. It is sold only in white, but it looks aesthetically pleasing.

The characteristics of the model under consideration are very interesting: the volume of the freshness zone is 70 liters, the volume of the freezer is 80 liters, the volume of the refrigerator is 165 liters. We also note the freezing capacity – 4.5 kg per day. Refrigerator Stinol can be purchased for about 70 thousand rubles.


  • special compartment for meat and fish;
  • long period of use;
  • reliable assembly;
  • quiet work;
  • corresponding cost;
  • does not need defrosting;
  • Pair of ice cube trays included.


  • over time, the body begins to turn yellow.

As a result of long-term operation, the body elements acquire a yellowish color, which spoils the aesthetic appearance. It is best to place the refrigerator away from the window and sunlight.



The Haier three-chamber refrigerator does an excellent job of preserving food. In no case will frost or frost form on food – special functions are provided to prevent such consequences. The capacity of this model reaches as much as 508 liters. As an add-on, the creator has provided containers here with sensory humidity control. They store products that require different conditions.

No less surprising are smart sensors. They control the cooling of each shelf, reducing or increasing the air intensity, focusing on temperature and fullness indicators. You can buy a good three-chamber refrigerator from Hayer for 112 thousand rubles.


  • preserving the taste and aroma of products;
  • metal parts;
  • the largest volume in the ranking;
  • super freeze;
  • keeping cold autonomously for 12 hours.


  • not light weight.

Which three-chamber refrigerator is better to buy

A review of the best three-chamber refrigerators allows you to consider the most important design features. And all of them, to the surprise of many users, are very good. In this regard, buyers have a question, which model to give preference to. Our editors recommend that when choosing, pay attention to the cost and capacity of the models. So, the Hyundai CM4505FV and Stinol 104 ELK models are among the budget ones, and the WILLMARK MDC-642NFIX and Haier HB18FGSAAARU are distinguished by the largest volume.