How To Grind Your Own Meat With A Meat Grinder – Like A BOSS

Are you tired of searching about how to grind your own meat at home and not getting any satisfactory results? Well, let us guide you in the right way –

Back in those days before the arrival of the supermarkets, meat grinding at home was awfully a common scenario. But, at this moment in time, it seems to be a hard task for some group of people who don’t know the actual way of grinding meat at home.

You may opt for the supermarkets if you do not have any idea about how to grind your own meat. However, purchasing ground meat from the supermarkets is sort of a crapshoot, since the butcher may not meet your requirements – the cut, meat & fat ratio, and the texture of the store.

Honestly speaking, some of the food preparation tasks are suited to the professionals, yet meat grinding is not one of them. It’s really surprising how simple and easy the entire procedure is, and, the ground meat you get at the end is truly amazing. It is way better than the supermarket version of the ground meat.

Why Should You Grind Your Own Meat?

  • You get complete control while grinding your meat – no junk at all.
  • The taste is significantly better than the store-bought version.
  • The look is a lot fresher and appetizing as well.
  • You get the opportunity to adjust the meat-fat ratio.

Ready To Play The Game?

Before going into the details of how to grind your own meat at home, we must clarify some obvious points. You’ll require a handy meat grinder in order to follow the process we are going to portray here. If at this moment, you don’t have one, then you have only two options in hand: check out our comprehensive research on best meat grinder reviews – to get the right kind of meat grinder for your needs. Or, you may learn – grinding meat without using a grinding machine.


For Your Information, if it is deer meat that you want to grind, then you should get one of the top-rated deer meat grinders in the first place.

Getting The Right Meat-Fat Ratio

One of the major benefits of grinding your own meat is you get full control of picking up the ingredients. Anything is possible – pork, beef, venison, goat, chicken, and fish – literally anything you ask for. I guess you are probably feeling a bit adventurous right now, aren’t you? Well, combining meats has become quite common nowadays. So, you can opt for choosing a combination of meats.

In this case of getting the right meat-fat ration, you could recall that famous saying – Fat is your Friend. While cooking, it stops the meat from being dried out. From our point of view, the perfect meat-fat ratio should be 80:20. In some cases, you can add more depending on the recipe, but 20% would be an excellent option to go with.

Which Cuts Of Meats You Should Choose?

For commonly used meats like beef, lamb, and pork, shoulder cuts – also known as butt – would be an excellent choice. Butchers usually pick the shoulder cut because of the smooth blending of muscle and fat. In the most common scenario, the shoulder cut is ideal for an 80-20 blend.

You may also go for other cuts, for instance, the brisket and shank; but, the meat-fat ratio would be like a 75-25.

Do You Prefer Lean Ground Meat?

In the event where you like less fatty meat, at that point, a 90/10 mix is the ratio that you’ll need. Here’s a WARNING for you – never ever overcook this type of meat because the end result would be tasteless! To get a 90/10 blend, you can either select a leg cut from the rear or simply just trim the fat off from any fattier cut.

Chicken or turkey is also a great choice for grinding lean meat. But, remember – this meat has also the same tendency to be dried out quickly while cooking.

How To Grind Your Own Meat – The Easy Way

Now, it’s the right time to explain our step-by-step tutorial on how to grind your own meat at home.

Step 1 – Cut Beef Chuck Into Cubes

If you are trying to make burgers or process beef, deer, chicken, or lamb meat, you should cut the meat, using a knife, into small cubed shapes of 1.5 inches. This cutting shape will help you to process the meat more efficiently, quickly, and precisely. This meat is ideal for use in different types of sausages, stews, or filling tacos.

Step 2 – Freeze The Meat

When cutting the meat into the recommended shape, put those cube-shaped meats in your freezer for a minimum period of 30 minutes. This will help your meat to solidify partially. Being solidified, your meat will get the required shape for promoting firmness. Even if your meat is dense, the meat grinder wouldn’t get clogged.

While keeping in your freezer, spread those cube-shape meats on a sheet keep each piece away from others. When you see the edges of the meats become stiff, take those cubes out of the freezer because this is the right time for your meat to be processed.

Step 3 – Freeze Grinding Plates & Other Parts

You must put the rotating grind-worm, grinder plate, and blade in your freezer at the time of freezing the meat. And, when the meat is ready for processing, take those grinder parts out of the freezer and assemble your meat grinder.

Freeze Grinding Plates And Other Parts

A Quick Tip: if you have a lot of space in your freezer and you wish to perform lots of grinding, then you can keep those grinding parts all the time in the freezer.

Step 4 – Put Meat With Other Ingredients In Hopper

If you have planned to grind a large quantity of meat – like 2-3 pounds or more – you must make sure to keep your meat on the ice for preventing bacteria growth. In this case, you can take a larger bowl filled with ice, and, put the smaller bowl in the middle of the ice for keeping the ground meat chilled.

Step 5 – Put The Right Amount Of Meat

It is very important to choose the right of meat to put in the hopper if you want the required type of ground meat. When you see the meat has covered half of the hopper, don’t add any more there. This will help you get an idea about the amount of meat you should grind at a time.

Now, put the cube-shaped meats in the hopper and you are good to go for grinding your meat. You just need to turn your grinder on and here you go.

Note that if you are using your meat grinding machine for the first time, then make sure you have read the catalog book. This will guide you to use your machine in the most appropriate way – without causing any damage or unnecessary event.

Step 6 – Temperature For Ground Meat While Cooking

Once your ground meat is ready, it is the best time to cook this fresh meat. But, you can still freeze it and use it whenever you want to. For the frozen meat, you should carefully set the temperature to 165°F at the time of cooking. Yet the temperature may differ because it best depends on the recipe you will follow.

Useful Tips For Meat Grinding

  • Always chill the chopped meat before you grind.
  • Clean your meat grinder thoroughly.
  • Use hand-gloves for working smoothly.
  • Follow the safety measures carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Grind Your Own Meat

1. What is the ideal temperature for cooking ground meat?

Answer: Well, the ideal temperature for cooking ground meat may vary – depending on your recipe.

But, we recommend setting the temperature to 165°F as the ideal option.

2. How would I grind meat, if I don’t have a meat grinder?

Answer: Very Important question, indeed. If you don’t have a meat grinder, that’s not a problem at all.

There are few other options available for you to grind your own meat. To know details, you can read one of our highly-appraised articles about how you can grind meat without using any grinder.

We’ve explained almost all the easiest ways to grind meat without a grinder in that piece of article.

3. How can I avoid meat grinding injuries?

Answer: Meat grinding injuries can occur at any time. So we recommend being as careful as possible while performing your meat grinding job. A simple careless attitude can bring serious injury to you.

So, never do the meat grinding task hurriedly. Instead, take your time, arrange all the needed elements, and follow all the steps we’ve discussed above appropriately.

Always Safety First!

4. Is it possible to grind chicken bones in a food processor?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to grind chicken bones in a food processor.

But, you can’t grind all types of bones in a food processor. For example, thicker bones won’t be an ideal choice to grind using a food processor.

I think it will be better for you to make a thorough study of grinding chicken bones in a food processor. This may give you a complete understanding of the topic along with the dos and don’ts.

For better bone grinding results, you should get one of the Best Rated Meat Grinders For Bones.

Final Words

How To Grind Your Own Meat With Your Meat Grinder – the easiest answer existing on this planet is clearly explained above.

Grinding your own meat is easy and delicious as well. I can bet – you will never forget the taste of the first burger using your own ground meat.

Well, safety is another significant part of meat grinding at home. Anyone can experience serious meat grinding injury for being careless at any time. And, trust me, those injuries aren’t pretty. However, luckily, the latest meat grinders come with all types of safety measures. You can find a whole lot of safety measures, yet the safest machines can cause damages if you are not concentrating enough.

Now, it is time for you to go grinding your own meat. Be a little bit creative, and have fun in your kitchen!

On a serious note, always make thorough research on Meat Grinder Reviews before you purchase one. And, this is because a meat grinder will add value to your kitchen – the most adorable place for a kitchen-lover.

Lastly, you can check out this website to get updated news on the latest meat grinding tips and tricks.