How To Grind Meat Without A Grinder – The Easy Ways

How to grind meat without a grinder – sounds like a piece of topic that may possibly give answers to loads of questions to our readers.

Q: Is that really possible without a grinder?

A: Yes, of course, dear.

Q: No way….. You aren’t serious, are you?

A: Ohh Yes, We are damn serious.

Q: Wait, why would you even grind meat without a grinder?

A: Let us explain the reasons.

First of all, consider this article as a ticket to grind meat without a grinder. Some of you may think it’s not possible. However, it is certainly doable and you won’t face any difficulty at all.

An important note (if you already own a meat grinder) – you can take a look at one of our highly praised articles on Grinding Meat With A Meat Grinder.

Ground meat is an exceptionally versatile ingredient that you can use to prepare a wide range of delicious dishes. Let me ask you – what’s your most favorite meal? Is that something like hamburgers, sausages, lasagna, or meat?

Well, let me tell you the fact – you can create amazing and delicious dishes only when you can manage fresh ground meat.

At this moment, you may be thinking – “Why would I go for grinding meat when there’s the easiest way to buy ground meat from the supermarkets?”

Well, there’re a couple of secrets you don’t know. The ground meat you would buy from the supermarket will not provide the appropriate launch-pad which you need for creating a delicious meal for your family. However, using the fresh ground meat can help you get 10 out of 10 on your dish. Sounds perfect, right?

Main Reasons to Grind Your Own Meat

So, at the very beginning, let me tell you the reasons to grind your own meat at home.

Taste Comes First

No matter you believe this or not, let me tell you the fact – doing the meat grinding job using your own hands tastes way better than using a meat grinding device.

Most of us prefer ground meat which is already packed and available in the supermarkets. We must agree that getting ground meat in this way is too very easy. But, the time you go for processing your own ground meat, I can bet, you’ll see the real difference – the improved flavor and texture.

Honestly speaking, you’ll find hand-chopped meat a lot fresher with great texture and flavor.

So, you gotta decide…..

Think About Your Health

Although its’ sad but true – ground meats available in the market is somewhat appealing to the masses. But, most people don’t have any idea about what actually goes into such packages. More significantly, how clean the kitchen is or those machines used in implementing those grinding procedures.

One more thing you’ll notice at the time of purchasing ground meat from the supermarkets; there is possibly a higher fat-meat ratio in those cheaper products.

Meat Looks Better

You must agree to this point – meat that is readily available at the store-shelf gives a lifeless and dull look. At some point, you may find the meat to be grey in color which is far away from ideal. Probably, it won’t bring any harm; but, it won’t give you any fresh vibe as well which you can definitely get from fresh ground meat.

But, wait, what would I do, if I don’t own a meat grinder?

Is that really possible to get the grinding job done without a piece of such a grinding machine? I’m more than happy to let you inform you that YES, that’s possible.

In fact, there are a whole lot of people who do prefer to grind meat without a grinder.

How To Grind Meat Without A Grinder – 3 Easy Ways

Are you completely ready to achieve a higher level of expertise in your cooking skills? Well, processing ground meat without a meat grinder will involve a new kind of cooking technique.

But, the good news is the technique is not at all difficult to learn. Even if you’re at the beginner-level, you won’t face any problem.

And, the best news we have: you will have complete control over the texture of the meat.

It does sound satisfactory, doesn’t it? You decide….

Here, we’ll explain how to grind meat without a grinder following 3 of the easiest ways/options. You can select any of these options depending on your needs and preferences.

Option 1 – Chop Meat With A Sharp Knife

For this particular meat grinding method, you just need a chopping board and a sharp knife.

Chopping Board And A Sharp Knife

Step – 1

Using a sharp knife, slice the piece of meat maintaining an angle of 45-degree. Be careful while cutting the meat – don’t drive your knife all the way down. We recommend cutting 75% all the way through. And, also, make sure the size of the slice should be ¼-inch thick.

Chop Meat With A Sharp Knife

Step – 2

Now, flip your piece of meat over and perform Step 1 again. This time, maintaining the same angle (45-degree), cut the meat in the opposite direction.

Step – 3

In this step, cut the meat at a 90-degree angle after tossing the meat over. Just like Step 1, you have to cut your meat again 75& of the way through. Make sure there is a thickness of ¼-inch in between those slices.

Step – 4

Again, flip the meat over, and then, repeat Step 3.

Step – 5

Well, this is the last step. First, pile up your meat. Then, chop your meat (several times) swiftly using the cleaver closed to the handle. Here, maintain the chopping direction from left to right. How to Grind Meat Without A Grinder At Home.

Depending on the kind of texture you want, repeat Step 5 continuously until you achieve the desired texture for the dish you’re going to prepare3.

Option 2 – Grind Meat With A Food Processor

Do you have any Food Processor in your kitchen? Yes! Wow, that’s Excellent! You have got your own meat grinding machine.

What More You Will Need…

  • Raw meat
  • Baking tinfoil

Step – 1

Using a sharp knife, cut your piece of meat into smaller chunks.

Step – 2

Place your meat on the tinfoil. Wrap it over gently and put the whole wrapped up thing in your freezer for around 30 minutes. This allows your meat to be firm which helps to get the finest kind of ground meat.

Step – 3

Now, put your meat into the food processor and start blending by switching on the grinding machine. When you’re happy enough with the blending consistency, place it in a bowl.

Step – 4

You must repeat Step No 3 until the blending fulfills your expectation.

Too easy, right? You can try this out and let us know. We’ll love to hear from you.

For your convenience, I have recommended the best-performing food processors that you can select for your meat grinding operations later in this discussion. I would suggest you to check that list out so that you can easily get the perfect food processor for your kitchen.

Option 3 – Visit The Local Butcher

Visiting your local butcher, to a great extent, could be the easiest option for you, though we don’t recommend this.

Anyway, you can go with this option, if…..

  • You don’t have time to chop your own meat.
  • You don’t have any food processor in your kitchen.

Your Local Butcher Can Grind Your Meat. Your local butcher will really feel happy to perform meat grinding for you. And, the best part of taking service from a butcher is they have proper knowledge about your meat. You may hope this would be true for every butcher, yet having a chat with them could be the most appropriate thing to do.

Just tell them – what you’re going to do with the ground meat (describe your meat grinding recipes in short) and there you go. Actually, this helps the butcher understands the type of texture you’re expecting. And, then, they can apply the proper meat grinding method.

So, from our experience, these are the 3 easy ways of How to grind meat without a grinder.

Grind Your Own Meat – Best Option?

To be very frank, we would recommend using a meat grinder to grind your own meat. Since a meat grinder comes with the sole purpose of grinding meat, so you should perform this meat grinding task with a grinding device.

To get a detailed idea, you can read our illustrated tutorial on How You Can Grind Meat With A Meat Grinder.

However, we do understand that everybody has different types of needs.

If you’re too busy or don’t have any food processor, visiting your local butcher does make sense. It’s really very easy, quick and there’s no option of getting a cut on your finger with a knife.

If you’re a kitchen lover and love to play with new dishes, then nothing can beat the knife method. Surprisingly, this was the only method used back in those days. And, the best part of this particular meat grinding method is you have the whole control over the texture and the size of the chunks.

Therefore, it’s the perfect answer to your query – How to grind meat without a grinder.

But, do make sure you use a sharp knife. And, that is because a blunt knife may bring injuries and it will waste too much of your time to chop the meat.

Lastly, grinding meat with a food processor can also be a good option to go for. The processors are super fast and you can still get excellent ground meat for your dish.

We’ve already given our recommendation with explanations about how to grind meat without a meat grinder.

Which option would you like to go with? Lets us know. We’d love to hear your opinion.

The Best Food Processors For Grinding Meat

So, here, I will provide you with a list of the best food processors that you can pick for your meat grinding job.

  • Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System.
  • Cuisinart Elemental 8-Cup Food Processor.
  • Breville Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor.
  • Ninja Foodi SS351 Food Processor System.
  • Vitamix Explorian Professional-Grade Blender.

All of these 5 Food Processors are capable for grinding meat in the most efficient way. Therefore, i would suggest you to select the one that fulfills your needs and requirements regarding the grinding operations.

Grinding Recipes You Can Try

Sichuan Dry Fried Green Beans

Gan Bian Si Ji Dou or Sichuan Dry Fried Greed Beans is one of the most popular dishes in China. You can easily cook this delicious dish using Sichuan peppercorns with the addition of ground pork and chili peppers.

A must-try dish – Highly Recommended!

Home-style Stir-Fried Pork with Garlic Chives

Xiao Chao Rou or Stir-Fried Pork with Garlic Chives literally translates to “Flies Heads” – in Chinese.

It’s a superb stir-fried dish to enjoy with rice!

Pork Larb

This highly appetizing dish – Pork Larb – is the national dish of Laos. It requires a few minutes to prepare and is excellent in taste.

Spicy Asian Meatballs

Don’t mix these with the ordinary meatballs. They come with a unique taste. It will surely redefine your meatball experiences!

San Xian Wontons

San Xian Wontons are not just those average wontons. The trio of pork, chicken, and shrimp filling is incredibly appetizing, and not very hard to prepare at home!

Ground Pork with Pickled Long Beans

Ground Pork with Pickled Long beans is another mouth-watering dish you can make at your home. Trust me, you will just fall in love with this excellent stir-fried dish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grind Meat Without Grinder

1. How to avoid meat grinding injuries?

Answer: Meat grinding injuries seem to be a common scenario nowadays. To avoid such injuries, we recommend you to give proper concentration on your work while grinding your own meat.

Also, make sure to keep your hands dry while chopping meat with a knife. Since the knife is very sharp, so handle it carefully.

2. While grinding meat with a meat grinder, which one would be a better choice – Manual or Electric meat grinder?

Answer: Well, you can choose either of the two – Electric or Manual.

An electric meat grinder will save your time by grinding your meat quickly. On the other hand, using a manual meat grinder may take more time to do the same grinding job.

3. How to grind meat with a meat grinder?

Answer: If you already own a meat grinder, then you can follow this detailed tutorial on Using A Meat Grinder To Grind Meat At Home. For the meat grinding task, I would recommend you to get the best-performing meat grinders in the first place.

In case, it is deer meat that you are trying to grind, you should look for one of the best-rated deer meat grinders for having the best grinding experience.

4. How to get the perfect texture of the ground meat?

Answer: Very good question. The good news is – We have a few tips for you:

If you’re grinding meat with a grinder, make sure to continue the grinding operations till you get your desired texture. Besides, while putting meat in the hopper, make sure you don’t fill the whole space. Stop putting meat when you see it has covered half of the hopper’s space.

Conversely, if you’re going with the knife chopping method, then carefully apply all steps we’ve already described in this tutorial.

5. What are some of the best grinder attachments for KitchenAid?

Answer: At present, the renowned brands in the meat-grinding industry are offering some of the best-rated meat grinder attachments.

For a detailed idea, you should make a thorough research of the Top Rated KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachments.

Final Words

Grinding meat without a meat grinder is simple and easy and delivers a fantastic end-product (ground meat). Using any of the above methods, you can prepare your own ground meat. Now, it’s time for you to grind your meat and use that in your desired recipe.

If you have any questions regarding how to grind meat without a grinder, then contact us at any time. We will love to reply back.

Lastly, one more thing, do you have any other meat grinding method in your mind?

Let us know. We’d like to hear your method as well.

Also, you can get the latest updates regarding the meat grinding tips and guides by clicking here.

Happy Grinding!