8 Best Redmond Blenders. Full Buyers Guide

It is almost impossible to imagine your life without kitchen appliances. All users can allocate their own set of essentials. And almost everyone in the top three will definitely have blenders. The demand for blenders is so high that almost any manufacturer on the kitchen equipment market produces them. And consumers get much more choice due to domestic brands.

Of course, the most famous can be called Redmond. In terms of cost, the equipment of the domestic brand competes with the largest firms. Having compiled a rating of the best REDMOND blenders , we have selected only reliable products with good equipment and positive reviews.

The best stationary blenders Redmond

Such models are larger and, as a rule, more powerful. They have a base on which a jug is attached to load products. When using a stand blender, you don’t need to make any extra effort: just fill the bowl, close it and press the button or turn the knob. The amount of food that the device can grind depends on the size of the jug. Sometimes it has a size of only 500-800 ml, and sometimes it exceeds 1.5 liters.



The manufacturer positions the RSB-M3422 as a 5 in 1 model. In addition to the function of a blender, it can perform the tasks of a mixer, blender and coffee grinder. But the fifth company REDMOND highlights the road glass. It can be installed on a good stationary blender instead of a bowl. In this way, you can prepare a vegetable smoothie, protein shake or other drink without staining additional dishes. Then you just need to put a lid on the glass with a spout designed for easy drinking on a run or on the road.

The travel bottle is made of tritan, a durable and environmentally friendly plastic that does not absorb flavors and aromas. Its useful volume is 600 ml, which is only 200 ml less than the capacity of the bowl. The latter is made of impact-resistant glass and comes with a lid with a hole for adding ingredients. In addition, the best stationary blender offers a chopper attachment. It can work as a coffee grinder or grind nuts, frozen berries, ice and other hard foods.


  • overheat protection;
  • rich equipment;
  • speed up to 22 900 rpm;
  • lack of heating during long-term operation;
  • reliable design;
  • impulse mode.


  • difficult to disassemble for washing;
  • small bowl.



Multifunctional model offering 3 automatic programs for crushing ice, making smoothies, whipping food. The stationary blender for home use is part of the Chrome & Bronze range and has a great design. Its appearance is dominated by black colors with bronze accents. The body of the equipment is made of metal resistant to chips, scratches and other damage.

In addition to the Smoothie, Pulse and Ice Crush programs, the device provides smooth speed control (from 15,500 to 20,000 rpm) using a knob on the body.

The RSB-CBM3400 is the most powerful blender in our review. Its 2 kW motor can handle not only cocktails and creamy soups, but also very hard foods. Included with the device is only a 1.8 liter heat-resistant glass bowl. This is enough to make a full breakfast for 4-5 people. The jug will withstand even hot foods. But in large quantities it is better not to beat them (the lid will fly out).


  • automatic programs;
  • build quality and design;
  • heat-resistant glass bowl;
  • excellent power reserve;
  • smooth speed control.


  • noisy at work.


model REDMOND RSB-M3401

The next place was taken by one of the best Redmond brand blenders for people leading a healthy lifestyle. The RSB-M3401 offers only two speeds (21,800 and 22,900 rpm) as well as a pulse mode. Built-in safety systems will automatically turn off the blender if the user exceeds the allowed continuous operation time. Due to this, overheating of the engine is excluded and the service life is extended.

In reviews, the blender receives a lot of positive ratings, and this is not least due to its packaging. In addition to the 800 ml jug, the box contains two travel bottles with a capacity of 300 and 600 ml and a grinder for coffee beans, ice and various hard products. A special knife attachment system allows you to sequentially perform several tasks: make a cocktail, puree soup, chop spices for salad, etc.


  • multifunctionality;
  • Ease of controls;
  • two travel glasses;
  • excellent equipment;
  • attractive price;
  • two speed modes.

Best Redmond Immersion Blenders

Despite the common name, this is a completely different class of devices. Firstly, submersible models can be used with any container, not just a complete one. If necessary, you can kill even a large pot of cream soup with a volume of 4 or more liters. As well as stationary solutions, immersion blenders allow you to whip products. And for this task they usually have a separate nozzle. By the way, there can be a lot of them, including graters, mashing nozzles, choppers, mills.


model REDMOND RHB-2972

A good blender at an affordable price, which is designed for chopping, cutting, as well as whipping and mixing various products. It will help to make dessert and salad, cocktail and soup, preparations and other dishes. Management at RHB-2972 is the most convenient.

Metal leg with knife and holes can grind and mix ingredients at the same time. It is great for soft foods. The nozzle will allow you to cook pate, baby food, sauce. Their consistency is homogeneous, and the taste is delicate.

Also included is a whisk attachment that allows you to easily turn the blender into a mixer. Whipping cream and eggs, mixing frosting and fondant, making pancake batter and casseroles are just some of the things this attachment can do. And if you want to make minced meat or berry puree, breadcrumbs or nut sprinkles, then use a chopper.


  • chopper with a volume of 500 ml;
  • chic functionality of the mixer;
  • speed up to 16,000 rpm;
  • cost-performance ratio;
  • comfortable metal leg;
  • only two control buttons.


  • The power cord is only 1m long.


model REDMOND RHB-2964

Without a doubt, the best immersion blender from Redmond is the RHB-2964. This is the most expensive model in our review, and its average price tag of 11 thousand is quite justified. First of all, we note that the power of the device is 1500 watts. Its speed can reach an impressive 16,500 rpm in turbo mode. By default, the engine produces 13,500, which is enough for most tasks. More power is required for smoothies, sauces, mousses.

Since the motor can quickly overheat due to prolonged operation and high load, the blender will automatically turn off to prevent damage. Once the engine has cooled down, the blender can be turned back on and cooking can continue.

The high cost of equipment is explained by a large set of nozzles, which turns it into almost a full-fledged food processor. In the box you will find a mill with a volume of 500 ml, as well as a large chopper with 2 liters. In the latter, you can install a knife and a grater, nozzles for slicing and dicing. The blender has special attachments for smoothies, mashing without lumps, frothing milk, chopping and mixing.


  • speed in turbo mode;
  • rich equipment;
  • high build quality;
  • a large set of functions;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • productive motor.


model REDMOND RHB-2943

What is the best blender to choose for whipping, chopping, mixing? Model RHB-2943 will cope with all these tasks. It is equipped with a powerful 1300W motor with overheating protection and turbo mode. The maximum rotation speed is 16,000 rpm, which is enough for any recipe. One of the best blenders in the review comes with a chopper and a measuring cup with a volume of 0.5 and 0.6 liters, respectively. The nozzles include a standard leg and whisk. Network cable length 130 cm.


  • optimal power;
  • convenient grinder;
  • long power cord;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • quality assembly.


model REDMOND RHB-2913

Another inexpensive blender that combines three functions at once. In blender mode, you can make smoothies, soup, berry puree. The whisk will allow you to drive in the dough (liquid and medium density). The S-blade chopper is great for chopping nuts, cheeses, herbs and vegetables.

The device has two buttons. One is responsible for turbo mode, and the second is for speed. It depends on the pressing force. A total of 5 performance options are available.

As can be understood from customer reviews, the blender cuts products perfectly and immediately mixes them to obtain a homogeneous consistency. This is achieved by a special shape of the leg with a 4-blade knife. RHB-2913 nozzles are easy to change and securely fixed.


  • five speed modes;
  • very simple control;
  • sharp chopper knife;
  • easy to disassemble and wash;
  • performing three functions.


  • short cable length.


model REDMOND RHB-2944

And the cheapest blender closes the review. But the low price does not mean poor quality or modest functionality. The device is perfectly assembled and equipped with a powerful 1300 W motor. The maximum speed reaches 16,000 rpm, which allows you to quickly whip proteins and cream, knead batter.

For the last task, complete with the best blender in terms of price and quality from Redmond, a whisk is supplied, representing woven drop-shaped loops. It is made of durable wire, can withstand high loads. Also included is a chopper with an S-shaped blade. Due to it, there are no blind spots in the bowl.


  • the motor is protected from overheating;
  • locking mechanism of nozzles;
  • turbo mode at 16,000 rpm;
  • adequate cost;
  • deep glass for mixing;
  • handy whisk and grinder.

How to choose a blender

  • Type of. Immersion blenders are more compact, allowing you to process very small and bulky portions of products equally conveniently. Often equipped with different nozzles. Stationary models are more powerful, almost do not require the participation of the owner, but they take up more storage space and, as a rule, are less functional.
  • Speed. The average cook doesn’t need a lot of speed. Usually 2-3 is enough to effectively chop, beat, knead the products. The maximum that you can pay attention to is 5-7 modes. More will only interfere.
  • Material. It is desirable that the body of the device is made of metal. The same goes for nozzles. Plastic does not do well with hot foods, sometimes it can even add an unpleasant aftertaste to them. The bowl of a stationary blender must be made of impact-resistant glass. If it is planned to grind hot products, then its walls must withstand elevated temperatures.
  • Power. Some users are mistaken in believing that the speed of rotation of the engine depends on its performance. In fact, 1kw, 1.5kw and 2kw motors can deliver the same top speed. Power also determines the hardness of the products that the device can handle without overheating.
  • Equipment. It can be different for both stationary and submersible models. Puree soups, smoothies, pâtés and similar dishes require only a bowl and a metal leg, respectively. For other tasks, more nozzles are needed. It is up to the buyer to decide which set is needed individually.

Which blender from Redmond is better

The company produces many excellent devices. For crushing ice, frozen berries and fruits, nuts and other hard foods, it is best to buy the RSB-CBM3400. This model is capable of any task that less powerful devices can’t handle. For a sports lifestyle, in turn, the RSB-M3401 is suitable. In the TOP of the best Redmond submersible blenders, the RHB-2964 is the undisputed winner. This model is enough not only for cocktails, sauces, soups, but also for preparing full-fledged dishes. And among the budget models, it is worth highlighting the RHB-2944 and the 5-speed RHB-2913.