8 best autoclaves (2023). Rating

If you love preserves and twists, then a home canning autoclave is one of the most useful home appliances you can buy. It allows you to easily and quickly preserve all kinds of products. This method allows you to save a maximum of useful substances and vitamins. With an autoclave, there is no need for a long, no need to carefully sterilize the dishes. Accordingly, the same volume of blanks with this device can be made many times faster. If you close several hundred canned goods for the winter, then the benefits of acquiring a good autoclave will be obvious right away. But which model should you choose? Our review of the best autoclaves will tell you.

TOP 8 best autoclaves 2023

Another important advantage of this type of device is the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. In conventional preservation, if the correct technology is not followed, they can be preserved, and then spoil the product and even lead to diseases if a person uses a seam of inadequate quality.

The principle of operation of the autoclave is as simple as possible:

  • washed jars must be filled with the product;
  • roll up containers with lids (non-sterile, like the jars themselves);
  • put the containers in the tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • close the cover and securely fix it with clamping bolts;
  • pressurize (only for models with pre-injection);
  • put the device on fire or connect to the mains if the model is electric.

During cooking, the pressure inside the autoclave increases, the boiling point shifts upwards. This allows you to destroy all known bacteria in chicken, fish, meat and other products. At the same time, jars and lids are sterilized. After the set time has elapsed, turn off the heating and wait for it to cool completely.

1. Schnapser autoclave

Autoclave Schnapser

The ideal autoclave for home use, which can operate in water or steam mode. The body of the appliance is made of stainless steel AISI 430 approved in the food industry. It does not affect the taste of the products, does not crack and is protected from corrosion. The lid of the Schnapser autoclave is fixed with hinged clamps that guarantee perfect tightness and are covered with heat-resistant nozzles. The safety valve of the autoclave releases excess air when heated and is locked for cooking.

Schnapser (Schnapser) is offered in modifications of 26 and 35 liters. The key difference of the larger model is the presence of a drain tap and a tie-in for the heating element.

The basic equipment of the device contains everything you need to get started. Immediately after unpacking, you can cook canned mushrooms, lecho, jams, salads, stew, cereals and other preparations with the Schnapser autoclave. And the presence of a two-inch clamp assembly on the lid allows you to connect any column to the device, turning the autoclave into a full-fledged moonshine still. The lid of the Schnapser autoclave has a dome shape for more convenient loading of conservation and increasing the usable volume of the device.


  • non-return valve with vaporizer;
  • two modifications in terms of capacity;
  • durable steel case 2 mm thick;
  • installation of a heating element (in a model with a volume of 35 l);
  • the ability to work on water and steam;
  • reliable fixation of the dome cover;
  • automatic “breathing valve”.

2. Autoclave Home standard

Autoclave Home standard

A durable and affordable autoclave with a 22 liter tank. It is designed for the simultaneous loading of 12 glass jars or iron cans of 0.5 liters. The body of the device is made of high quality stainless steel. The lid is fixed with standard stops and clamping clips. The fixation is reliable, but it is not very convenient. To monitor temperature and pressure, the Home Standard autoclave is equipped with a thermometer and pressure gauge. Excessive pressure is relieved by means of the main and reserve safety valves. The weight of the device is 8.7 kg, which makes it easier for housewives to install the autoclave and further work with the device.


  • compactness and lightness;
  • good tightness;
  • 3-tier pressure cassette;
  • heat-resistant plastic handles;
  • durable stainless steel body.


  • inconvenient lid clamping system.

3. Autoclave Bulat

Autoclave Bulat

One of the best autoclaves according to reviews, having a small volume of 18 liters, which is enough for the simultaneous preservation of 14 cans of 0.5 liters. Cooking canned food for a couple with Bulat takes no more than 1.5 hours. The device is completed with 7 clips for SKO covers. The volume of water required in steam mode is only 1-3 liters. Bulat heats up to a temperature of 120 degrees in just 20 minutes, and it takes 1 hour to cool the device. In water mode, the autoclave must be filled above the level of the lids. Cooling in this case is slower. If desired, the buyer can turn Bulat into a moonshine by connecting any one and a half inch distiller.


  • ferromagnetic reinforced bottom;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel body;
  • easy fixation of the cover with 6 screws;
  • durable silicone gasket 10 mm;
  • work in water and steam modes.


  • it is impossible to install a heating element;
  • small capacity.

4. Autoclave Dobry Zhar

Autoclave Dobry Zhar

A sterilizer with a classic design that guarantees the desired result. A popular autoclave provides for the connection of additional equipment. It can be used to make berry jam, squash caviar, salads, lecho, chicken pate, stew, pickled tomatoes, pickles, etc.

Dobry Zhar is produced in two modifications: with and without a heating element. The first option adds mobility to the device and will come in handy when there is no access to the stove.

For one load, the autoclave allows you to cook up to 6 kg of products: 12 half-liter cans, 8 cans of 0.7 liters or 6 cans of 1 liter. Yes, a little less than the competition, so for the preparation of a large number of products will have to tinker a bit. But Dobry Zhar has thick walls and a strong lid, which guarantees the reliability of the device.


  • withstands pressure of 6 atmospheres;
  • built-in digital thermometer;
  • the possibility of installing a distiller;
  • one of the best in tightness.


  • not very large capacity.

5. Autoclave Belarusian

Autoclave Belarusian

With a limited budget, it can be difficult to decide which autoclave is better to choose for use at home or in the country. We have found for you a great model with which you can cook a lot of blanks at a time. The Belarusian model is offered in several versions with a volume of 24, 33 and as much as 39 liters! Moreover, even the latter is very cheap – only 10 thousand rubles. It can hold up to 32 half-liter jars. For seaming, you can use both ordinary and screw caps. The device is made not from corrosion-resistant, but from more affordable carbon steel, which provides such a low price. But its thickness is decent: the walls are 4, the neck is 5, and the lid is 10 mm.


  • the volume of the older modification;
  • very thick body metal;
  • one of the cheapest models;
  • withstands pressure up to 8 atm;
  • quality control in production.


  • not the best quality materials.

6. Home autoclave “Kid GazNerzh”

Home autoclave "Kid GazNerzh"

Malysh GazNerzh is one of the best autoclaves in terms of reliability. The device is made of thick stainless steel, and its weight is 12.6 kg. The maximum temperature for which the device is designed is 120 °C. The autoclave holds up to 14 liter jars or 7 0.75 liter jars. But it’s not very convenient to work with liter and even more so three-liter cans here, since they only fit 4 and 1 piece, respectively. Sealing in Malysh GazNerzh is achieved through bolted connections. The device is suitable for gas and electric stoves. Of the unpleasant moments, we highlight the too high price.


  • suitable for any containers;
  • safety and reliability;
  • versatility of the device;
  • unpretentious in use.


  • work with banks 1 and 3 l;
  • overpriced.

7. Wein autoclave

Autoclave Wein

If you value quality, economy and speed, you can buy a Wein autoclave. This device belongs to steam models, which reduces energy consumption by five times. The tank of the device has a capacity of 23 liters. The tank has a diameter of 25 cm. Wein uses a check valve to equalize the pressure during the cooling process.

The design of the autoclave is dominated by high-strength stainless steel. Only handles have an additional coating of heat-resistant plastic. Silicone seals in Wein are of high quality and durability. The device can be used on all types of stoves: gas, electric, induction. The possibility of installing a heating element is available.


  • steam and liquid modes of operation;
  • holds up to 15 jars of 500 ml;
  • can be converted into moonshine;
  • speed of preparation of preservation;
  • large tank capacity of 23 liters.


  • only suitable for screw caps;
  • inconvenient installation of an additional bottom.

8. Of course


Opens the TOP autoclave model with variable pressure cassettes. Thanks to this, you can install jars from 200 ml to 1 liter into the device. Fansel can hold up to 15 half-liter containers at a time. The autoclave has a length of 3 mm, which allows it to be installed on a classic stove. Inside the tank there are stiffening ribs that prevent the tank from deforming when heated. The Fansel case is made according to the requirements of GOST from stainless steel. As can be understood from the reviews, the autoclave is reliable, and the manufacturer himself says at least 12 years of service. The only thing that can scare away from buying a device is an outdated design. Otherwise, for its price, Fansel is an excellent solution for home and summer cottages.


  • adjustment of clamping cassettes;
  • quality of materials and welding;
  • long service life;
  • ease of operation;
  • reinforced bottom of the autoclave.


  • outdated design.

Which autoclave to choose

If you make few blanks, then Bulat and Dobry Zhar autoclaves will be a good purchase. For summer residents who are actively engaged in conservation, we recommend Belarusian for 39 liters. If we talk about the best autoclaves for home or summer cottages, then the old but still reliable Fansel is a good solution. The Home Standard model is another worthy solution with minor drawbacks. But the Schnapser is the ideal choice, especially in the 35 liter model. It is reliable, versatile, durable and safe, has a reinforced bottom and the ability to turn the autoclave into a moonshine still.