7 best multicookers with 3D heating

3D heating technology in multicookers is not new; for many years, users have been choosing such models for their efficiency. A feature of the device is the presence of several heating elements that ensure uniform distribution of heat inside the bowl. In addition, the technology better preserves the useful properties of products.

Our editors decided to help users in choosing the best multicooker with 3D heating and made their own review. It includes reliable and modern devices, with a large number of cooking modes, good functionality and solid design. And user reviews helped to reveal their hidden shortcomings and main advantages.

TOP 7 best multicookers with 3D heating

The 3D heating function in a multicooker is not a marketing ploy, but a competent technical solution. Its effectiveness has been proven not only in ideal developers’ offices, but also by numerous users: such multicookers heat up faster and cook meals faster.

When choosing multicookers for review, our editors carefully studied the reviews, as well as the characteristics of popular devices. All rating models are united by several criteria:

  • A large number of pre-installed programs.
  • Availability of all basic functions.
  • Quality build and reliability.
  • The design is classic and modern.
  • Affordable price.

However, each model has its drawbacks. For the most part, these are minor flaws, but you should know about them before buying.

1. REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S

REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S

A multifunctional multi-kitchen from a series of smart devices from Redmond will impress even an experienced cook with its capabilities. The peculiarity of the device is the MasterFry technology, it is a lifting heating element, on which you can install a kettle, cezve, frying pan or stewpan. The top functionality of the multicooker is implemented by 20 auto programs, and the Multicook and MasterchefLight options allow you to change the time and temperature settings. Plus, the device is equipped with a timer, auto-heating. Combined control of the multicooker – you can set the settings on the panel or through a smartphone, in a special application. The luxury design of Chrome & Bronze deserves special attention, which distinguishes the multicooker from its analogues. Buyers highly appreciated the device, not finding any serious disadvantages in it.


  • extended functionality due to lifting heating element;
  • ceramic bowl with handles;
  • ease of use;
  • well-designed design;
  • frying pan included;
  • developed security;
  • function of switching off sound signals.


  • no power off button.

2. Tefal CY621D32

Tefal CY621D32

The reliable Tefal multi-cooker-pressure cooker is equipped with modern features, so it can cook both in traditional ways and in vacuum bags. Built-in 32 programs will allow you to cook any dish: from porridge and vegetables to yogurt and dough. The spherical shape of the bowl and 3D heating ensure even distribution of heat, achieving the effect. In pressure cooker mode, the multicooker cooks under pressure, saving time. For example, a traditional jelly will take only 1.5 hours, beef will be cooked in 20 minutes. And 9 protection systems are responsible for the complete safety of operation. Judging by the reviews, the multicooker does not have significant disadvantages, some design complexity can be distinguished from minor flaws – it is recommended to read the instructions before disassembling the lid.


  • good volume and many different cooking modes;
  • reliable assembly;
  • 9 protection systems when working under pressure;
  • logically arranged menus and settings;
  • high-quality and durable coating of the bowl;
  • detailed and informative instructions.


  • non-obvious algorithm for disassembling the cover, users are advised to read the instructions.



The most popular multicooker Redmond tops many ratings, the model was also included in the review from our editors. It is equipped with 17 cooking modes, including “Express” and “Multi-cook”, as well as Souse-Vide. According to experts, the slow cooker perfectly copes with the main tasks – cooking, simmering, stewing, and will compete well with the usual frying pan or oven. The interface is convenient and clear, but not without drawbacks. So, the device does not display the exact current temperature of standard modes, while this will not affect the quality and ease of cooking. Software electronics correctly calculates the settings for each specific recipe. Not only experts speak in favor of the multicooker, but also more than 2,000 positive reviews on various marketplaces.


  • intuitive control;
  • good equipment includes a steam stand and deep fryer;
  • there are all the necessary functions and cooking modes;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • low price;
  • excellent cooking speed;
  • carrying handle.


  • limited information about the current temperature.

4. Polaris PMC 0517AD

Polaris PMC 0517AD

Practical and convenient multicooker really liked the buyers for the quality. This model is one of the few in which condensate does not spill onto the table or into the bowl, and there are no foreign odors during the first cooking. According to reviews, even after 10 years, the multicooker works stably, and the bowl retains a non-stick coating. In addition, the device cooks well in all preset modes, without annoying failures. And it provides for as many as 16 auto programs and the option “My recipe plus”, which expands the standard features. The multicooker is equipped with a high-quality ceramic bowl with a total volume of 5 liters, as well as a measuring container, a steamer container and cooking appliances.


  • no foreign smells of chemicals or plastic;
  • durable ceramic coating bowl Anato (Korea) with antibacterial effect;
  • replacement bowls are commercially available;
  • bright display;
  • condensate does not fall into the dish or on the table;
  • long service life and reliability.


  • branded glossy body.

5. CENTEK CT-1495


Featuring an unconventional design, the Centek multicooker features 42 cooking modes and boasts a durable non-stick coating. The model is equipped with a capacious 5-liter bowl and has all the required functions in its arsenal – delayed start for 24 hours, time adjustment, heating. In the reviews, users note the consistency of the menu, ease of management and competent programs, so that all dishes are cooked evenly, do not burn or overcook. Objectively, in the combination of price and quality, the model surpasses most competitors: an inexpensive multicooker is very reliable and functional.


  • a lot of cooking programs;
  • full functionality;
  • large usable volume of 4.5 liters;
  • decent equipment;
  • low cost.


  • There are few recipes in the book.

6. Philips HD3136/03 Viva Collection

Philips HD3136/03 Viva Collection

The multicooker from the Viva Collection series has combined only modern technologies under the body: 3D heating and VitaPlus for even heat distribution, KeramPRO – a durable ceramic bowl coating that allows you to wash it in the dishwasher. As well as technically flawless electronics responsible for the quality of cooking. In the reviews, users positively note high power, fast heating, affordable cost and high-quality assembly. Of the minuses, only minor flaws were revealed – a non-removable cover and a small compartment for collecting condensate.


  • many auto modes for cooking various dishes;
  • the bowl can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • simple and clear control;
  • high-quality assembly and durability;
  • long warranty (2 years);
  • does not take up much space;
  • stylish design in bright colors.


  • removable cover;
  • small condensate compartment.

7. DELTA DL-6516


A powerful, roomy and functional multicooker, which can be bought at a low price, has seriously competed with analogues. The main features of the model are a large set of modes for cooking first and second courses, pastries and desserts. As well as ease of use – a bright display, clear operation of buttons, useful functions – the multicooker has combined all the existing advantages. The metal case provided not only external aesthetics, but also practicality: the device is durable and less prone to mechanical damage than others. Despite the budget, no complaints about the quality and correctness of the work were found, which indicates reliability. The disadvantages of buyers include the lack of branded interchangeable bowls, however, accessories from other companies are excellent for the device.


  • low price;
  • convenient menu and logical control;
  • metal case;
  • solid assembly;
  • Compatible with bowls from other brands.


  • it is difficult to find a replacement bowl of this brand on sale.

Which multicooker with 3D heating to choose

Choosing the right model is based on your own preferences and experience gained from using other home appliances. For example, in the review there is a model from the Smart Technology series, it is controlled via a smartphone. The review also includes a multi-cooker-pressure cooker – an excellent solution when you need to save space and purchase a multifunctional device at a reasonable cost.

With a minimum budget, you can also take a high-quality and reliable multicooker, while not denying yourself a large number of cooking modes. A vivid example of this is CENTEK and DELTA, included in the rating of multicookers with 3D heating from our editors.