7 best flat hoods. Rating (2023)

In terms of importance, the kitchen hood occupies one of the main places among kitchen appliances. This technique is needed in order to remove combustion products and various aromas that arise during the cooking process outside the premises. If this is not done, then grease and third-party odors will impregnate furniture and wallpaper, settle on the ceiling, walls and other surfaces, making them unattractive.

Hoods are divided into categories according to characteristics and type. The first include performance, power, dimensions and other parameters. The type refers to the form factor of the technology. In this review, we will look at the best flat hoods from well-known brands.

TOP 7 best flat hoods for the kitchen (2023)

The type of ventilation equipment under review is widely used in private and apartment buildings. In terms of demand, it competes only with domed and built-in models. Among the advantages of flat hoods are:

  • the possibility of passive air exchange due to natural ventilation;
  • compact dimensions and ease of installation of the device with your own hands;
  • a wide range of products in terms of characteristics and design;
  • more affordable average cost than domed and built-in.

However, in the reviews, flat hoods are not only praised, but also criticized. The main problem is the noise level, which usually exceeds 55-60 dB. It is also worth considering that such hoods are not suitable for kitchens larger than 14 m2. And they need to be serviced more often than competing solutions, since the equipment needs regular filter replacement.

1. Electrolux LFU9215X

Electrolux LFU9215X

Premium model from the 300 LEDlights line. The main advantage of this device is its illumination. It is comparable to the level of professional kitchens, so cooking with a quality Electrolux flat hood is a pleasure. At the same time, being many times brighter than conventional lighting, the LED lamps in the LFU9215X consume less electricity.
The convenience of the best flat hood TOP adds mechanical control. Reliable and intuitive controls allow you to quickly turn the backlight on and off, and set the desired performance level. In total, 3 speeds are available in the LFU9215X model, and the maximum productivity of the device is 208 m3 per hour of operation.


  • bright LED backlight;
  • stainless steel body;
  • Italian build quality;
  • low noise;
  • good performance.


  • expensive consumables.

2.HOMSAIR Horizontal 50

HOMSAIR Horizontal 50

Stylish device at an attractive price. The aluminum filter in the Horizontal 50 is located behind a decorative grille, which gives the hood a stylish and finished look. The power of the motor built into the equipment is 77 watts. The maximum performance of the motor reaches an impressive 420 m3 / h.

The same model is available in 60 cm width. Both versions have the same features and design. However, the cost of a large one is about 10% higher.

The best flat hood in terms of price and quality can function in 2 modes: air exhaust into the vent and recirculation. In the second case, a carbon filter CF152 is required, which is not included in the delivery. The lighting in the device is provided by a bright LED lamp with a useful power of 2 watts.


  • ease of connection;
  • two modes of operation;
  • stylish appearance;
  • reasonable cost;
  • optimum power.


  • increased noise level.



MAUNFELD has taken care of all users. Whatever your kitchen design, you can choose the MPA 60 to match your color palette. This model is available in 5 colors: black, white, beige, brown and stainless steel. The hood is designed for kitchens with an area of ​​up to 12 m2, it has 3 speeds, which are changed by a slider mechanical regulator. MAUNFELD is one of the quietest in the ranking of the best flat hoods. According to passport data, the noise level of the MPA 60 does not exceed 49 dB. For lighting, a 28W halogen lamp is used.


  • several colors;
  • daylight lamp;
  • simple installation;
  • low noise level;
  • productivity 420 m3/h.

4. ELIKOR Davoline 60

ELIKOR Davoline 60

A good flat hood for a small kitchen no larger than 10 square meters. The device is developed in Italy, so its design is ideal, designed for long service without failures and breakdowns. If you have a problem, then a 5-year warranty from an authorized dealer will cover its repair or replacement of the device with a new one.

The power consumed by the ELIKOR hood is 160 W, which is quite a lot. At the same time, its productivity is not very high and is only 290 cubic meters per hour of operation. The noise level is moderate and is within 52 dB. But in practice, the Davoline 60 is a little louder when choosing the first speed, albeit not critically.


  • grease and carbon filters;
  • official 5 year warranty;
  • easy maintenance;
  • convenient slider control;
  • effective air purification.


  • poor equipment (lack of mounting bolts).

5. Krona Jessica slim PB 500

Krona Jessica slim PB 500

If you need an inexpensive flat hood, but without sacrificing quality, then we recommend buying Jessica slim PB 500 from Krona. She received a high-quality case, which is protected from corrosion and deformation. The standard width of the device is 50 cm. The depth is 49.7 cm, and the height is 8 cm. The power of the built-in motor is 100 watts.

The hood is mounted on the wall. Fitting into a cabinet is possible, but not required.

The Krona hood has 3 speed settings. The noise level at the minimum is only 36 dB and is almost imperceptible during normal dialogue. If you select the maximum performance, the volume will rise to only 42 dB. The capacity at top speed is optimal 350 m3 per hour.


  • thoughtful fastening;
  • ideal for a small kitchen;
  • filters are easily removed;
  • elegant design;
  • low noise level.


  • network cable length.

6. LEX Simple 2M 600

LEX Simple 2M 600

A modern hood with a minimalist design and high performance. For a free exit, the efficiency varies from 680 to 800 m3/h, for the ventilation mode, the productivity is 560–680 cubic meters per hour. The lowest productivity is in the recirculation mode (from 440 to 560 m3 per hour of operation). The noise level of a good hood of 60 cm when choosing the minimum speed is 44 dB, and the maximum is 52 dB. For illumination, LEX has equipped the device with two 40 W incandescent lamps, which, to save money, we recommend immediately replacing them with more modern analogues with better brightness.


  • cool design in the style of minimalism;
  • several operating modes of the hood;
  • low noise at minimum speed;
  • thoughtful management;
  • carbon filter as an option;
  • very high performance due to the presence of two engines at once.


  • lighting in the form of incandescent lamps;
  • noisy at top speed.

7. Korting KHT 6334 X

Korting KHT 6334 X

Canopy hood with wall mounting, made of high quality stainless steel. The maximum productivity of the device is 350 cubic meters per hour. The noise level does not exceed 54 dB. Yes, the result is not the lowest, but according to customer reviews, this hood does not bother with too loud operation. The control in KHT 6334 X is mechanical. The device can operate in the flow ventilation mode, and if there is no possibility to take the pipe into the mine, then the recirculation mode is available. The second option will require the purchase of an additional carbon filter and its regular replacement.


  • quality assembly;
  • reliable design;
  • 3 rotation speeds;
  • convenient management;
  • bright backlight;
  • low noise.

Which flat hood to choose

If the budget allows, we recommend taking Electrolux equipment. These are stylish, very high quality and efficient devices that will work for many years. The highest performance in the ranking will be provided by LEX products. Compact dimensions are offered by a model from Krona. Also in the ranking of the best flat-type kitchen hoods are models of the German brands Korting and MAUNFELD – reliable and quiet.