5 Best Redmond Blenders. Buying Guides

Redmond blenders are popular mainly for two reasons – excellent workmanship and affordable cost. Indeed, in terms of quality and functionality, they are often not inferior to more expensive models of European brands. The devices are strong, almost each of them is characterized by high power and the presence of multifactorial motor protection. However, the rotation speed of the knives rarely exceeds 20,000 rpm, and therefore the tasks of increased complexity are not always up to the Redmond blenders.

The build quality is excellent, despite the fact that the plastic is not the most durable. It is worth noting that the chopper bowls are covered with scratches. But, these are trifles, otherwise the devices are really reliable and durable. To choose the best models among Redmond blenders , we turned to the reviews of real owners posted on independent recommendation sites: Otzovik, IRecommend, Elephant recommends. We also studied product ratings on the following trading platforms: Yandex.Market, DNS, Citilink, Ozon.

Топ-5. REDMOND RHB-2944

The best combination of price and quality

This is an inexpensive, but very productive device. The owners consider this model to be the best combination of cost and quality.

  • Power: 1300 W, 16000 rpm
  • Number of speeds: 2, turbo
  • Management: mechanical
  • Add. attachments: whisk, chopper

The budget, but not bad model of the Redmond company has gathered a lot of fans. For a very low cost, buyers receive a reliable and functional device with a power of 1300 W, which perfectly grinds and whips. If necessary, you can use the turbo mode. Additionally, the package includes a measuring cup and a whisk for whipping. The design of the model is not the most remarkable, but quite pleasant. In the reviews, users share their impressions of the inexpensive Redmond blender– very pleasant to the touch, good quality materials, ergonomic body fits comfortably in the hand, the device looks stylish and copes with any task. For everyday cooking, its power is enough – chop vegetables, make mashed potatoes, make smoothies. The device works quite quietly, does not overheat. But there is also a small flaw on the part of the manufacturer – when using a whisk for whipping, splashes fly in all directions.

Pros and cons

  • The most affordable price
  • High motor power
  • Overload and overheat protection
  • Ergonomic model
  • Low speed, no adjustment

Top 4. REDMOND RSB-M3401

Well equipped stationary blender

The RSB-M3401 model has an extended package, supplemented by two travel bottles and a grinder for solid and dry ingredients.

  • Power: 750 W, 22900 rpm
  • Number of speeds: 2
  • Management: mechanical
  • Add. attachments: coffee grinder, travel bottles

Stationary blender from Redmond has little power(only 750W) but enough RPM to handle everyday kitchen tasks with ease. There are only two speeds, but there is a pulse mode. Pleasantly pleased with the excellent equipment of the device – it includes a grinder and two travel bottles of different sizes. The design, like the rest of the Redmond models, is strict and stylish as always. In the reviews, users are surprised that for such a low cost, the manufacturer offers such a functional and well-equipped device. Similar models from other popular brands are much more expensive. The reliability of the device is also confirmed by customers – for some it has been working properly for several years without the slightest failure. Additional advantages according to users – stylish design, compact size.

Pros and cons

  • Motor overload protection
  • Extended equipment
  • Good build quality
  • Stylish modern design
  • High noise level

Group-3. REDMOND RSB-M3404

Easy to use

Blender is extremely easy to use. There is protection against incorrect assembly. Mechanical control, with an intuitive interface.

  • Power: 1200 W, 19500 rpm
  • Number of speeds: 3 programs, pulse mode, smooth adjustment
  • Management: mechanical
  • Add. nozzles: grater, shredder, multi-level chopper

The RSB-M3404 is an excellent stationary blender with advanced functionality. The device is powerful, efficient and very easy to use. It allows you to quickly grind any food, ice, prepare air puree and amazing smoothies. There is a fairly powerful motor that provides a speed of rotation of the knives up to 19500 rpm. It is reliably protected from overheating, overload and improper assembly. In the reviews, the hostesses especially appreciated the capacious glass bowl, which is easy to clean and allows you to work with hot ingredients. The owners liked the implementation of a multi-level chopper. No critical deficiencies were found. But sophisticated users point to a small range of speed control from 16,000 to 19,500 per minute.

Pros and cons

  • Large glass jug
  • Rich equipment
  • Three-factor motor protection
  • Tiered chopper
  • small rev range

Топ-2. REDMOND RHB-2913

Best motor protection

There is a well-thought-out system of fuses that turn off the device in case of overheating or the risk of overload.


  • Power: 1200 W, 15000 rpm
  • Number of speeds: 5, smooth adjustment
  • Management: mechanical
  • Add. attachments: whisk, chopper

This immersion blender has optimal power (1200W), five speeds and turbo. Comes with chopper, whisk and measuring cup. The model is quite simple, does not have any special options, but, according to user reviews, it is very convenient and reliable. The manufacturer has provided protection against overheating, so the blender can be used in intensive mode without worrying that it will burn out. The same model has a distinctive feature of all Redmond blenders – an attractive, stylish design. In the reviews, users do not skimp on good words about the blender. They consider it quite powerful, convenient, functional. The device works quietly, does its job well, and is easy to clean. However, the motor heats up quite quickly, which activates the fuse.

Pros and cons

  • Powerful 1200W motor
  • 5 speeds with smooth adjustment function
  • Moderate cost
  • Motor protection against overload and overheating
  • Motor heats up quickly
  • short wire


The most functional blender

Thanks to the large number of versatile attachments, the blender allows you to significantly expand your culinary possibilities. It almost completely replaces the food processor.

  • Power: 1500 W, 16500 rpm
  • Number of speeds: 5, smooth adjustment
  • Management: mechanical
  • Add. attachments: whisk, cutting discs, kneader, chopper, grater

REDMOND RHB-CB2988 is a relatively new manufacturer’s model. The submersible blender belongs to the category combined . Due to the large number of nozzles, the device allows you to replace a large number of devices. It’s almost like a food processor. The model is equipped with a powerful 1500 W motor, the engine allows the knives to rotate at speeds up to 16500 rpm. Such characteristics allow you to quickly process products of any complexity and significantly expand the culinary capabilities of the hostess. Judging by the reviews, RHB-CB2988 is the best purchase for any kitchen. The only thing that is noted as a drawback is the lack of an organizer for storage.

Pros and cons

  • The widest functionality
  • 5 speeds, smooth adjustment
  • High motor power
  • Overload and overheat protection
  • No storage organizer