12 of the best 2-burner hobs. List 2023

What technique do you think of first when it comes to the kitchen? Refrigerator, microwave, oven, blender, mixer and other devices – all this has long been a familiar part of our everyday life. But the main appliance that any person must encounter in the kitchen is the stove. Cooking borscht, boiling dumplings, and sometimes boiling water for brewing tea are not complete without such a technique. And it’s good if you have enough space to accommodate full-sized devices. What to do in a small apartment? This is where compact hobs come into play. They have only 2, less often one burner, which is enough for most people to prepare a full dinner. Such devices take up little space and are easy to care for.

Best 2-burner gas hobs (2023)

Gas stoves were the first to appear in the kitchen. Technologies improved and allowed to create new devices. But neither manufacturers nor consumers have abandoned gas surfaces yet. The advantages of such equipment are many:

  • No special requirements for the utensils used.
  • The ability to quickly adjust the intensity of heating.
  • High performance and attractive price.

Among the controversial issues is the release of combustion products in the process of gas combustion. This can not only harm health, but also affects the interior of the kitchen. Therefore, without a good exhaust hood, the best 2-burner gas hobs will not be the ideal choice.

1. Weissgauff HG 320 XB

Weissgauff HG 320 XB

2022 update for the popular 2-burner range of hobs from Weissgauff. The laconic design of stainless steel goes well with modern and classic kitchen interiors. The grille of the HG 320 XB is made of metal and covered with a layer of black enamel for protection. This is a fairly durable, but inexpensive solution, which made it possible to keep the cost of the hob within 7 thousand rubles. The Hi-Tech handles harmoniously complement the stylish design of the Weissgauff panel. A well-thought-out design and competent selection of materials protect the regulators from heating even with prolonged use of the budget hob HG 320 XB.


  • automatic electric ignition;
  • handles do not heat up during operation;
  • materials, quality assembly;
  • high power burner;
  • simple installation;
  • one of the most affordable.


  • no gas control;

2. GEFEST PVG 2002


Tempered glass looks very stylish, blends well with other materials and is durable. Today you can buy a hob with such a coating not only with electric, but also with gas burners. An excellent choice in this category is PVG 2002. This is a magnificent gas hob from the Belarusian company GEFEST, equipped with two identical burners with a declared power of 1.75 kW.

The reviewed series of panels also includes models PVG 2001 and PVG 2003. The first one offers only one burner. But PVG 2003 is equipped with two burners of different power and a white glass surface.

Both handles of the compact hob now have an automatic ignition function. Among the protective systems, a gas control is provided, which shuts off the gas supply after the burner is attenuated. The power of the fire is easily adjusted with rotary switches with a fixed position for a small flame. The grille of the PVG 2002 model is made of cast iron. It is durable and can be easily removed for cleaning the surface after cooking.


  • powerful burners;
  • ease of management;
  • verified design;
  • gas control of burners;
  • durable cast iron grate;
  • position for small fire.

3. Beko HDCG 32220 FX

Beko HDCG 32220 FX

Quality model for two burners small and large with a total power of 3.9 kW. The front zone has a capacity equivalent to 1000 W, and all the remaining productivity is allocated to the far burner. The Beko small kitchen hob has an automatic gas cut-off function. It is triggered in the event of gas attenuation, which can occur due to a strong air flow and liquid escaping from the pan. The grate on the Beko hob is cast iron with a classic design. It is of high quality, but has a rustic appearance for its price. The service life of the panel, according to the company, is from 5 years with regular use.


  • ease of use;
  • reasonable cost;
  • high build quality;
  • powerful, large burner;
  • simple care;
  • compatible with cylinders.


  • very rough surface.



The next line in the list of the best two-burner hobs was taken by the model of the popular brand MAUNFELD. It is offered in two colors: black, as in our review, and white. The design is indicated by the letter before the slash — B (black) or W (white), respectively. The gas panel control knobs are made of heat-resistant plastic. It is very convenient that after turning the knobs, both burners ignite automatically.

MAUNFELD pays special attention to the quality and design of its products. The company purchases burners for the surface from the Italian company SABAF. Jets for EGHE.32.3EB \ G are supplied by the world leader in the production of components for gas stoves – the French corporation SOURDILLON. ZENIYA Matte Enamel Design Grids add more style to a good hob. Burner caps have a similar coating.


  • high-quality and durable components;
  • bottled gas jets included;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • convenient electric ignition system;
  • gas control to protect against gas leakage;
  • lids and grille with a matte finish.



You can argue for a long time about which is the best hob with gas burners. But if we start from the rating of consumers, then ZUGEL brand products are out of competition. The device attracts with a stylish appearance made of polished steel and a removable cast-iron grate. The design is such that it will be possible to place both large dishes and pots or pans with a small bottom diameter on the panel.

ZGH291X is equipped with medium and high power burners. The total productivity of the device exceeds 4 kW, which allows you to quickly boil liquids and cook various dishes.

The handles of one of the best hobs, according to the owners, have electric ignition. Thanks to this, you can save on additional accessories like matches or lighters. The modern design of the device is complemented by Hi-Tech style handles. They are made of high-temperature-resistant material, so they do not heat up even with long cooking and high flame intensity on the middle burner.


  • good lattice structure;
  • heat-resistant Hi-Tech handles;
  • reliable protection against gas leakage;
  • automatic ignition;
  • gratings made of durable cast iron.

6. DARINA 1T2 C523 B


A simple tempered glass hob with a solid cast iron grate. It has classic dimensions of 29×51 cm and built-in dimensions of 48×27 cm. The appliance has a small and express burner designed for quick heating. The burners are spaced far enough apart to comfortably cook 2 dishes at the same time. The 1T2 C523 B hob is designed to work with mains gas. But the kit also includes a kit for switching to a gas cylinder.


  • 2 connection options are available;
  • tempered glass surface;
  • combination price-quality;
  • high-quality stand made of cast iron;
  • quick electric ignition of burners.


  • there is no gas control function.

The best 2-burner electric hobs

If a decade and a half ago gas stoves and surfaces were an order of magnitude superior to all analogues, today electric models are no worse, and sometimes even more interesting. Obviously, if you do not burn your food, then nothing harmful will be released into the air during the cooking process with such equipment. Also, gas leakage is completely excluded here, and the probability of getting burned is lower than when cooking on an open fire. Electric cleaning is easier, because their surface is perfectly flat. Also here you can more precisely control the heating. But it is impossible to instantly change the power here. In addition, owning electric hobs is more expensive due to higher utility costs.

1. Hansa Hi-Light BHC36106

Hansa Hi-Light BHC36106

Which hob to choose for a small kitchen if you love cooking and want to simplify the cooking process? We recommend taking a closer look at the BHC36106. This is a very stylish and compact surface with quick-heating burners. The device received touch control, making the design monolithic, and an auto-off timer.

In reviews, the Hansa panel is praised for its high-quality glass-ceramic, which easily copes with everyday stress. For the BHC36106, it is supplied by the German manufacturer Schott Ceran, one of the leaders in its category. Among other useful functions of technology, we note the automatic boiling, which lowers the temperature after the required time.


  • quick heating of burners;
  • protective shutdown function;
  • German tempered glass;
  • boiling control program;
  • responsive touch controls;
  • residual heat indication.


  • heating zones too close.

2. Kuppersberg ECO 301

Kuppersberg ECO 301

A stylish and high-quality 2-burner hob at a low price is offered to the buyer by the Kuppersberg brand. The device has the most discreet design, which is perfect for a kitchen space in a modern and minimalist style. Both burners are of the Hi-Light type, and their diameter is 14 and 18 cm.

In addition to being instantly heated, the burners can cool down just as quickly to keep food from burning when the user needs to be distracted. There is a separate button on the panel for the pause function. With its help, you can return to the original mode.

After cooking, take care of your safety. With the residual heat indicator, you can see if the hotplate is still too hot to touch. As soon as the notification disappears, the surface can be washed. Kuppersberg also achieves high quality products, so it gives up to 3 years warranty on its panels.


  • heating burners in just 5 seconds;
  • long-term official guarantee;
  • easy-to-clean glass-ceramic;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • there is a residual heat indicator;
  • timer for automatic cooking.


  • poor sensor sensitivity.

3. Gorenje ECT 321 BCSC

Gorenje ECT 321 BCSC

Which company is better to choose a hob for a small apartment? Both users and experts agree that the equipment of the Slovenian brand Gorenje is the ideal solution for the home. Model ECT 321 BCSC is produced on European lines with high quality control. It is equipped with durable glass ceramics, touch controls and a timer. The Stop&Go function allows you to put the reliable 2-burner hob on pause for a short period of time to be distracted by other things. And the BoilControl mode allows you to quickly heat up the burner due to the initial increase in temperature, followed by a return to the set level.


  • durable construction;
  • year of warranty + year of service;
  • edging of the front edge;
  • burners of two diameters;
  • cooking automation;
  • StayWarm heating mode.


  • There is no plug cable included.

4. Weissgauff HV 32 B

Weissgauff HV 32 B

Inexpensive hob with high-quality Vitro Ceramic Glass. The device uses One Touch touch control, which instantly responds to touch. The panel reads even cold and wet fingers without delay, which even more expensive models sometimes do poorly. And to prevent accidental change of settings (including by a child), the HV 32 B offers a button lock function.

Both burners are of the Hi-Light type, so they heat up very quickly. For convenience, in technology, zones of two sizes are used – 14 and 18 cm with a total productivity of 3 kW. The residual heat function is intended to help avoid burns after cooking, indicating that the burners are still hot and should not be touched. Also, the hob provides a protective shutdown in case of any emergency.


  • designer burners Glide Zone;
  • simple care;
  • premium brand glass ceramics;
  • sleep timer up to 99 minutes;
  • residual heat warning;
  • sensitive touch buttons.


  • short power cable;
  • There is no quick shutdown of the burners.



A classic induction hob with one unique feature – 2 boosters at once for each of the burners. Thanks to this, the standard power of 1200 for a small and 1500 W for a large heating zone can be increased to 1.5 and 2 kW, respectively. To control the modes in the electric hob for 2 burners, a slider is used.

To set the desired power, you need to slide your finger across the panel. The selected mode will be shown on the character display.

The convenience of cooking on the reviewed model increases the adjustable timer from 1 to 99 minutes. Moreover, you can specify the automatic shutdown time on the induction for each burner separately. And in order to protect you and your household, MAUNFELD has protection systems that turn off the device in case of overheating and water ingress.


  • vitro ceramic glass;
  • powerful fan for cooling;
  • service life of at least 10 years;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • advanced security systems;
  • timer and thoughtful controls.


  • noise characteristic of induction.



The TOP electric hobs are completed by a model from the DARINA brand. It uses induction heating elements with a total power of 3.5 kW, of which 1500 W is in the front burner and 2000 W is in the back burner. The control lock function will help protect the panel from small children. Like its competitors, DARINA offers 9 power levels. The modes are set using a slider.


  • attractive price;
  • rated power;
  • convenient management;
  • heating rate;
  • sensor blocking;
  • reliable construction.


  • too dirty glass.

Which 2-burner hob is better

Maximum efficiency and extremely fast heating can be provided by induction panels from DARINA and MAUNFELD. But they require special utensils. High performance is also characteristic of gas surfaces. The GEFEST brand stands out for its excellent design in this segment. Weissgauff and ZUGEL also have good kitchen appliances. If in the review of the best two-burner hob you are only interested in electric models, then among devices with Hi-Light burners, we especially recommend Kuppersberg and Gorenje.