12 best electric hobs by reviews. Rating

Electric cooktops are among the most sought after. Their popularity is due to their comfortable use, attractive design and built-in installation type. And the main advantage is the possibility of placement in a house or apartment without gas supply. Customers are especially fond of electric surfaces with induction hobs, thanks to which only the bottom of the cookware heats up during the cooking process. Thus, high safety of their operation is achieved, and the risk of getting burned in the culinary field is minimized.

Among manufacturers, judging by the reviews, users prefer well-known brands that have proven themselves well in the kitchen appliances market – Electrolux, Lux, Kuppersberg, Smeg and others. We bring to your attention a rating of the best electric hobs. When distributing positions, the following characteristics were taken into account:

  • surface material, which affects the strength and ease of cleaning from contaminants;
  • the number of burners (from 2 to 6), which determines the scope for culinary activities;
  • the possibility of having induction burners that are safe;
  • independent installation, which allows not to connect the hob with the oven and place them separately;
  • the presence of double-circuit and three-circuit burners, correcting the heating area for the greatest convenience and the possibility of choosing different dishes.

Stainless steel, glass ceramic, enamel or tempered glass?

According to the type of material, electric hobs are divided into those made of stainless steel, glass-ceramic, enamel and tempered glass. What are their advantages and unique features, and what are the main disadvantages, we learn from the detailed comparison table.

Material type pros Minuses
Stainless steel + high practicality

+ heats up quickly

+ takes a long time to cool down

– leave prints

– the need for special cleaning

glass ceramics + ease of cleaning

+ heating rate

+ residual heat identification

+ low power consumption

– possibility of scratches

– possible spillage of liquid when boiling

Enamel + relative cheapness

+ sufficient strength

– Difficulty cleaning from grease and water droplets

– risk of surface cracking

Strained glass + ease of cleaning

+ stylish design

+ high resistance to damage

+ resistance to temperature extremes

– possibility of scratches

– high price

The best electric cooktops with 2 burners

Electric hobs with 2 burners – the choice of minimalists. If your kitchen is small, this is the best option. A built-in hob, unlike a conventional stove, may not be connected to an oven. 

3 Weissgauff HV 312 B

★ Most popular panel

Country: Germany

The inexpensive black model is universal in design and will organically emphasize the minimalism of the kitchen interior. With a rated power of 3 kW, which is considered average for this type of built-in appliances, the appliance is suitable for preparing various types of dishes in dishes of both small and large diameters. This is achieved due to the fact that one of the two ceramic burners is able to change the size of the heated area, that is, it belongs to the double-circuit ones. To switch the mode, you only need to press one button, which is located on the front touch panel. The presence of such a burner is called by buyers the main advantage of cooking equipment.

Here, the manufacturer additionally provided a timer that can be set for a maximum of 99 minutes. At the same time, it works in both reminder and shutdown mode. An audible signal will notify you of the elapsed time. In addition, the technical solution allows each burner to be automatically turned off individually, strictly at the time allotted for it. The lack of technology is the complexity of installation.          


★ Convenient multi-stage heating

Country: UK

This induction type electrical product belongs to the Light series. It immediately attracts attention with a shiny glass-ceramic surface, which is resistant to scratches, temperature changes, and the effects of liquids of various origins. The case has a built-in width of 27 cm, which saves floor space when installed independently. In the front part there is a touch control panel, which is easy to master, especially since the instruction in Russian is attached to the model.

Despite its modest size, the hob is equipped with a minute timer for each of the burners, a locking system that prevents accidental resetting. The functionality provides for a protective shutdown, recognition of the presence of dishes, its diameter. The 9-stage heating mode makes it easy to control the cooking process. Among the positive engineering solutions, the owners of the equipment in the reviews also mention the indication of residual heat. 

1 LEX EVH 320 BL

★ The cheapest model. Best Independent Installation

Country: Russia (produced in Poland, China and Italy)

The LEX glass ceramic electric hob outperforms the competition due to its low cost. Moreover, the quality and functionality of the model are at a high level, according to users, which allowed it to enter the ranking of the best.

Independent installation means that the hob has its own control panel, which, by the way, is located on the side and is not connected to the oven, if any. Rotary switches for many are more an advantage than a disadvantage, they are described as familiar and convenient. Both burners are ceramic and have Hi Light zones. Other pluses include a residual heat indication to prevent burns and a protective shutdown of the surface in case of problems. 

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The best 3 burner electric hobs

Electric hobs with 3 burners are less in demand, however, they also have their own buyer. Their distinguishing feature lies in the location of the burners. As a rule, two small burners are on the left side, and one medium-sized burner is on the right.

3 Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK

★ The best mix of ceramic and induction hobs

Country: Sweden

If you dream at the same time of a compact, powerful, versatile hob in terms of performance and design, then such a device is worthy of attention. It is optimal in size, has a power of 5.7 kW and is distinguished by moderate technical equipment. Such electrical equipment, in addition to conventional burners, has a multifunctional 3-circuit, which is equally useful when using dishes of both small and large sizes, regardless of configuration.

In the reviews, the owners of the model also point to a convenient location of the burner placed to the right with a transforming heating zone. The touch-type control unit located under it does not overheat, its work is not disturbed during the cooking process. Of the useful options, the manufacturer also offers a thermal indication to avoid burns when washing a recently turned off device. A functional minus is the lack of a timer.

2 LEX EVH 430 BL

★ Best child protection

Country: Russia (produced in China)

The modern hob is made of durable glass-ceramic, which does not crack under constant mechanical stress. The body thickness is 4 cm, so the appliance can be installed in combination with an oven with separate control. In addition, as users emphasize in the reviews, it is easy to care for it, since expensive detergents are not required for maintenance. Inexpensive device is equipped with durable Hi Light type ceramic burners. One of them has a diameter of 15 cm, the rest are 18.5 cm.

Thanks to the power of 4800 W, a high-quality heating level is maintained, the bottom of the dish receives heat evenly over the entire area. Consumers consider touch-button control to be an advantage, since the sensitivity of the sensors is good, even if they are touched with wet hands. Reliable child lock and safety shutdown eliminate the risk of fire, while the timer and thermal indicator create additional comfortable operating conditions.


★ Versatility and security

Country: UK (manufactured in Poland, France and China)

An independent electric hob has proven to be quite popular among users. In the comments about the model, they speak of it as reliable, with good functionality. If there is a residual heat sensor, you can not be afraid of burns – the indicator will let you know about the dangerous temperature conditions. A protective shutdown allows you to minimize the supervision of the glass-ceramic surface: the hostess can be in another room without fear that the boiled water will flood the burners, because in this case the panel will turn itself off.

Customers note the high heating speed, which is achieved thanks to Hi Light ceramic burners, and 9-step adjustment. The advantages also include ease of cleaning the surface, touch control and concise design.

The best electric hobs with 4 burners

Electric hobs with 4 burners are considered classics of the genre. This is the most popular product, which is preferred by the vast majority of users. The standard arrangement and different sizes of burners in a number of models are complemented by modern options for recognizing the size of dishes, etc.

3 Hansa BHCI65123030

★ Practical design

Country: Poland

The electric hob is recognized by the owners as the most stylish. The striking black glass-ceramic surface is framed by a practical silver frame. The control panel with rotary switches is located on the side; for many users, this variation seems more convenient and safe. The 4 ceramic burners are equipped with a residual heat indicator. Immediately after turning off the hob, the button that controls the degree of heating remains lit. The light signal disappears as soon as the panel cools down to a safe temperature.

In the reviews, among the advantages of the model, they indicate the function of the protective shutdown of the panel, which is triggered during prolonged downtime or overheating of the burners. Another plus is the installation independent of the oven, which means not only the possibility of purchasing an oven in the future, but also the fact that it can be placed not under the hob, but in any convenient place. Their work will not be interconnected.

2 Weissgauff HV 640 B

★ Best value for money. Most popular model

Country: Germany

Inexpensive model with original design of burners. At a low price, the Weissgauff HV 640 B is of high quality and has all the necessary options. The electric hob has 4 Hi Light ceramic burners, One Touch touch control and 9 power levels. Of the options, the model has a timer for 99 minutes, a protective auto-off, a heat indicator and a child lock. The panel is designed for dishes of different sizes, from 15 to 18.5 cm.

Due to the good price-quality ratio, the model is very popular in the Russian market. Despite the fact that the specifications indicate that the Weissgauff HV 640 B has an independent type of installation, the model is also built-in. In any case, the kit has a special sizing that allows you to install it in the countertop. According to users, the stove performs all the stated tasks perfectly. But, like many other inexpensive analogues, it is very easily soiled and requires constant cleaning.

1 Schaub Lorenz SLK CY 61 H1

★ Increased heating zone. Emergency turn-off. Sturdy Italian glass

Country: Germany

High quality 4 burner hob. The model is inexpensive, but it has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is made of durable and wear-resistant Italian glass. Secondly, the panel has 9 power levels and an enlarged heating zone. It also has child protection and an emergency shutdown. Plus, the model has a stylish minimalist design that will fit into the kitchen with any interior.

Buyers were very satisfied with the value for money Schaub Lorenz SLK CY 61 H1. The reviews often note such advantages of the panel as an attractive design, quick warm-up, and a high-quality sensor. The model is easy to connect according to the instructions, has a simple clear control. Also, users were pleased with the quality of the glass. It really lives up to its claims. Of the minuses, buyers noted that the coating was too easily soiled, which is why the panel often has to be washed.

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The best electric hobs with 5 or more burners

Electric hobs with 5 burners or more are designed for advanced cooks and large families. As a rule, they also occupy a slightly increased area, so it is customary to install them in kitchens where there is enough space for a device. Such surfaces are equipped with modern options, without which, according to users, they can no longer imagine the cooking process, it becomes so comfortable.

3 Bosch PVW851FB5E

★ One heating zone with several burners. Recognition of the presence of dishes

Country: Germany

Bosch has long been a symbol of reliability and quality. Therefore, the rating of the best hobs is difficult to imagine without a model from this manufacturer. Bosch PVW851FB5E is an electric stove with 5 burners and independent installation type. The model is made of glass ceramics, differs in durability and durability. It has 5 induction burners and an oval heating zone. Of the options there is a timer with sound off, recognition of the presence of dishes, blocking, auto-off, residual heat indicator.

Despite the popularity of the brand, this model can rarely be found on sale. Plus, its price is an order of magnitude higher than that of analogues with the same functionality. But still, buyers liked it. The electric panel is easy to use, fits into any interior and has fast heating. Customers liked the fact that several burners can be easily combined into one heating area. And the presence of all the necessary options makes cooking more convenient.

2 Kuppersberg EMS 901

★ Stylish design. Warranty 2 years

Country: Germany

Kuppersberg EMS 901 is designed specifically for a large family. The hob has 5 ceramic burners. The surface of the model is equipped with an oval heating zone, which allows you to conveniently place large dishes. A separate plus is automatic boiling, which allows you to significantly speed up the heating process. The panel is controlled using slider touch switches, which are characterized by quick response and no glitches.

Despite the decent price tag of the model, buyers appreciated its work. She scored the highest rating in all respects. The design is stylish, the control and location of the burners is convenient. The large size of the electric panel is compensated by the fact that the model is also built-in. The surface is durable and easy to clean. Special attention deserves the functionality, including a timer, an oval zone, auto power off and a panel lock. Well, the 2-year warranty is a pleasant surprise for buyers.

1 Discount HK 93551 B

★ Oval heating zone. Residual heat indicator

Country: Germany

High quality glass ceramic hob. It is designed for 5 burners with a diameter of 12 to 21 cm. The model has an oval heating zone, and there are also special Hi Light burners, which are considered the most modern elements for the rapid heating of an electric stove. The panel has a slider touch control, a timer, a safety shutdown, a lock button, and a residual heat indicator. Dimensions are standard, suitable even for a small kitchen.

The reviews often mention that the Korting HK 93551 B is a reliable, high-quality and easy-to-use panel. Most of all, users liked the presence of 5 different burners: 2 standard ceramic, 2 Hi Light and 1 oval heating zone. This allows you to significantly diversify the range of dishes. Also, buyers note the impeccable design and reliable surface quality. There were no serious cons other than the high price.

Attention! The above information is not a buying guide. For any advice, you should contact the experts!