12 best desktop hotplates (2023)

If you live in a small apartment, dorm, or are looking for a garden appliance that is not suitable for installing full-sized appliances, then it is better to buy an electric stove for desktop use. The smallest models can also be used on hikes by connecting them to an autonomous power source. But dimensions are only one of the criteria. It will not help to understand which stove is better to choose for purchase. Technology needs to be assessed comprehensively. And our TOP of the best desktop electric stoves will help you in this matter, where we have collected 12 models from leading manufacturers in the world.

The best electric stoves with 1 burner 2023

Before buying, first of all, pay attention to the type of heating element. The following options can be used in compact electric stoves:

  • open type burners (TEN);
  • cast iron burners (metal pancakes over tubular heaters);
  • glass-ceramic induction hobs.

The first options are cheaper and work with any metal utensils. Only pots and pans with ferrimagnetic properties work with an induction electric stove. The advantage of induction is a much faster heating rate. Also, models of this class are distinguished by a higher efficiency, exceeding 90%.

1. ENDEVER Skyline IP-20

ENDEVER Skyline IP-20

A budget model of an electric stove equipped with an induction burner with a power of 2 kW. The heating zone can automatically adjust to the diameter of the dishes. Therefore, when using the Skyline IP-20, the energy consumption is less than that of competitors with traditional heating elements. The recommended diameter of the bottom of the cookware is from 12 to 25 cm.
The ENDEVER stove is controlled by a panel with a block of touch buttons and a character display. The user can independently set the temperature, power, cooking time or rely on standard programs. In total, 7 modes are available in the tile for frying and grilling, cooking cereals and soups, heating milk and boiling water.


  • determines the size of the dishes;
  • good choice of operating modes;
  • automatic programs;
  • convenient control panel;
  • high performance;
  • attractive cost.


  • Ad sticker is hard to remove.



The Russian company REDMOND produces one of the best induction cookers on the market – RIC-4601. This model quickly heats up the dishes and is able to maintain the set temperature. To simplify the preparation of dishes in the REDMOND tabletop stove, 6 automatic modes are available: frying, deep-frying, boiling, frying, stewing and boiling.

The RIC-4601 is compact, making it ideal for small kitchens, cottages, and as an accessory to a full-size gas stove. High-quality assembly and durable glass-ceramic covering the hob guarantee a long service life. And the auto-shutoff function when removing the dishes saves energy.


  • fast cooking modes;
  • choice of 8 power levels;
  • switch off when removing dishes;
  • combination price-quality;
  • compactness and lightness (2 kg);
  • end of cooking by timer.


  • noisy cooling fan.

3. Kitfort КТ-108

Kitfort КТ-108

Practical and economic model of an induction cooker. The KT-108 control is very convenient, because it is represented by a rotary knob-button, which allows you to quickly set the timer and set one of 10 heating levels. There are only 4 automatic programs, but for most users this is enough for cooking according to their favorite recipes.
The KT-108 timer can count down the time not only before turning off, but also before the activation of the burner (start delay up to 24 hours).
The rated power of a good electric stove with one burner is 2000 watts. With this performance, you can quickly boil even a large pot of water. When using the appliance, please note that the maximum weight of the dish with contents cannot exceed 10 kg, and the recommended bottom diameter for efficient operation is from 12 to 26 cm.


  • nice appearance;
  • very convenient management;
  • scratch-resistant surface;
  • many power modes;
  • heats up almost instantly;
  • small and reliable.


  • At first, there is a smell of plastic.



A cheap desktop electric stove from the popular MAUNFELD brand is equipped with a heating element with a maximum power consumption of 1 kW. The control of the device is mechanical, and on the front panel of SEHE.231W there is a light indicator that displays the state of the equipment – heating (active) or cooling (the lamp is off). The burner with a diameter of 150 mm is made in the form of a cast-iron pancake with a stainless steel frame. The MAUNFELD tile power regulator has 5 positions and is made of heat-resistant material. The SEHE.231W is equipped with rubber feet for better stability on the worktop.


  • fast and uniform heating;
  • sufficient length of the network cable;
  • 5 burner temperature levels;
  • designed for continuous loading.


  • The cast iron burner is difficult to clean.

5. Dream 111H BK

Dream 111H BK

The next line is occupied by one of the most reliable devices on the market. It is produced by a Russian company with the beautiful name Mechta. The appearance of the technique itself is also pretty, but it does not stand out with anything special. The working surface has a reliable glass-enamel coating that is resistant to abrasion. The body can be painted black (BK) or white (BW). The supporting legs of the tile have anti-slip inserts.


  • plate activity indicator;
  • very simple control;
  • ISO conformity certificate;
  • quality and reliability;
  • the surface is easy to clean;
  • anti-slip feet.

6. Energy EN-902R

Energy EN-902R

The most affordable among the inexpensive single-burner tabletop tiles in our review is Energy brand products. Here, a conventional spiral heater is used, which is not covered by a cast-iron pancake. Because of this, you will have to tinker a little with cleaning it, and therefore it is better not to allow the burner to be contaminated with milk, broths or other products.

The last letter in the name indicates the color of the device. In our case, the case is red. Also available in black (EN-902B) and white (EN-902). The price is the same.

The EN-902R simple tabletop tile has similar performance to the competition. Due to the absence of an external casing, the burner heats up faster. After turning it off, it cools down just as quickly, which reduces the likelihood of burns that can occur when using the stove with a cast-iron pancake on the burner inaccurately.


  • one of the cheapest on the market;
  • several color options;
  • quickly heats up and cools down;
  • service life of at least 3 years.


  • cable not long enough.

The best 2 burner tabletop electric hotplates

How often do you plan to cook? Will the desktop stove be used as the main one or will it become an auxiliary one? Do you like complex and multi-ingredient dishes? From the answers to these questions, it will become clear whether you need a two-burner electric stove model or you can get by with a single-burner solution. When choosing a larger device, pay attention to power. For burners, it can be equal and different. The same applies to the diameter of the heating zone, which, as a rule, depends on its performance. Some two-burner table tiles are combined with an oven. With this device, you can cook more recipes. But it also takes up more space.

1. Kitfort КТ-104

Kitfort КТ-104

A premium induction hob model that allows you to manually adjust the cooking parameters or use automatic programs in the amount of 7 pieces. The coating in the KT-104 model is very durable, withstands high loads, and resists scratches very well. Each half of the tile is designed for a maximum weight of 10 kg.
When manually setting the power, the technique allows you to choose between levels from 120 W to 2 kW. Both burners have the same maximum power and diameter. Please note that for the operation of the device you need to use dishes with a bottom of at least 12 cm. A convenient function in the KT-104 is the delay start timer, which allows you to delay cooking up to 24 hours.


  • dish heating speed;
  • the surface is easy to clean;
  • easy to use;
  • convenient to use;
  • delayed cooking;
  • design and build quality.


  • makes a lot of noise when working.

2. ENDEVER Skyline IP-44

ENDEVER Skyline IP-44

Powerful desktop electric stove with two burners of 2200 watts. They use independent control panels, each with its own screen for setting the timer and temperature. The user can choose from several heating modes: 80, 100, 130, 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240 degrees. One of the best electric hotplates according to owner reviews allows you to lock the control panel, which is very handy if there are small children nearby. To prolong the life cycle of the device, a protective system is installed in it, which prevents damage due to power surges and overheating.


  • economical energy consumption;
  • simple and clear control;
  • elegant design;
  • glass-ceramic surface;
  • high burner power.

3. Tesler PI-23

Tesler PI-23

The popular 2-burner induction hob makes cooking easy and enjoyable. Unlike competitors, PI-23 is equipped with burners with different power levels: the left one with a capacity of up to 2 kW, and the right one with up to 1500 W. Their minimum heating level is identical and is 200 watts.

The temperature of the heating zones depends on the power: modes from 60 to 240 degrees.

Like other induction models in the TOP electric stoves, Tesler is able to determine the diameter of the bottom, acting only on the contact zone and not wasting electricity. Heating is carried out more evenly than on a classic stove, so the dish on the PI-23 is cooked more correctly, and the high intensity of work speeds up the process.


  • diameter of both burners 170 mm;
  • customizable timer up to a day;
  • convenient touch control;
  • different maximum power;
  • protection against inclusion without ware.


  • when carelessly handled, chips appear on the edges of the glass.

4. Lysva EPB 22

Lysva EPB 22

In terms of quality and reliability, electric stoves with glass-ceramic surfaces are better, but models with enamel coatings are cheaper and offer more diverse colors. For example, the EPB 22 model from Lysva is available in 5 design options at once: black hazel grouse, white, cream hazel grouse, yellow and cherry.

In addition to the stylish appearance, the device offers two burners with a total heating power of 2200 watts. The electric stove is made in the form factor “domino”. Closer to the user are rotary controls for power control. A little further is a small burner with a size of 14.5 cm, and behind it is a large one with a diameter of 18 cm.


  • thoughtful design;
  • high total power;
  • two burners of different sizes;
  • a large assortment of colors;
  • location of regulators.



MAUNFELD brand products combine reliable components, strict design, reasonable cost, optimal performance. This also applies to the SEHE.232B model, which is an enlarged version of the modification discussed above, equipped with one burner. This electric stove is a great option for giving. If you do not need an oven, then SEHE.232B will cover all your needs. Burners with a diameter of 130 and 165 mm are designed for dishes of different sizes. And in order to protect the heating element from liquid and products getting on it, it is covered with a cast-iron disk. It cools down slowly, so you can cook with residual heat.


  • handles made of heat-resistant plastic;
  • white and black body colors;
  • independent performance indicators;
  • quality assembly;
  • durable easy-to-clean enamel;
  • total power up to 1950 watts.


  • poorly distinguishable markings on the regulators.

6. Energy EN-904В

Energy EN-904В

Compact electric stove at an affordable price, equipped with two burners with a diameter of 14 cm and a power of 1 kW (total 2 kW). Due to the fact that the device occupies a minimum of space, it is suitable for studio-type apartments, small cottages and camping conditions. In the reviews, the tiles are praised for the heating rate, which is provided by the heating element without the use of a cast-iron casing. But EN-904B also cools down quite quickly. Energy has indicator lights that show the status of each burner. And to prevent damage, an auto-shutoff function is provided in case of overheating.


  • heating power and speed;
  • build quality and coverage;
  • compact dimensions, lightness;
  • enamel with reinforced protection;
  • very attractive price.


  • too short power cord.

Which desktop electric stove is better to choose

Among induction devices, Kitfort models are the ideal solution in terms of price, quality and characteristics. They are produced in Russia, which allows you to organize premium quality control, provide attractive prices and guarantee impeccable after-sales service. Among single-burner induction cookers, REDMOND is also an interesting solution. Among the models with conventional heating (TEN), the MAUNFELD brand technique is in the lead. It is the best among solutions for one burner, and among two-burner appliances. And the lowest price in the ranking of desktop electric stoves is offered by the Energy brand, whose products are equipped with open-type burners, which reduces heating time, but complicates the cleaning of the surface.