12 best cooktop companies. Rating

Every year the popularity of electric hobs and their sales are growing. Free-standing appliances are not as convenient as built-in ones. Therefore, classic plates, despite the presence of demand, are less common in modern houses and apartments. Manufacturers are also seeing this trend, paying more and more attention to hobs for the kitchen. However, this technique is quite diverse. To choose the right model, you need to understand its characteristics and even brands. And today we decided to answer the question “which company’s hob is better.” We do not review specific models, but give a general assessment of manufacturers’ equipment.

Rating of the best cooktop companies

Of course, when buying equipment, you can pay attention only to the characteristics. But this will not allow you to take into account all kinds of pitfalls that may arise during the operation of the equipment. Yes, many manufacturers use the same base for their equipment. But this does not mean that all brands are identical in terms of reliability and quality. Improper testing, skimping on protective systems, or using decorative panels made from inexpensive materials all reduce the life of the hob. Therefore, it is always better to give preference to trusted firms. Plus, sometimes you don’t even have to pay more for better quality.


DARINA panel

Large Russian company founded in 2016. The DARINA brand belongs to a holding company within OAO Gazprom. This indicates a professional approach to the creation and maintenance of equipment. Initially, the DARINA trademark entrusted the development of the design of the plates to the French bureau Brandt, one of the largest in Europe. Then the company brought up its own specialists, who today continue to create high-end kitchen appliances, as well as budget, but reliable and functional solutions.

In the development process, engineers take into account the requirements for the safety of equipment, current trends in industrial design and the needs of an ordinary buyer.

In addition to hobs, DARINA also produces air purifiers and ovens, so the buyer can assemble all the necessary appliances from a domestic brand. Equipment production is divided between Russian and two Chinese factories. The range of the company includes not only gas, but also modern electric hobs. All DARINA products undergo multi-stage quality control, and the main components are purchased from foreign suppliers.


GEFEST panel

The history of the Brest company GEFEST began in 1951 as a joint Belarusian-Russian enterprise. The organization was engaged in mechanical repair tasks, but after 7 years it began to independently develop gas stoves. Gradually, the company developed, becoming one of the largest not only in Belarus, but throughout the post-Soviet space. At the end of 2000, the company was awarded the government award for achievements in the field of quality, and GEFEST retains this high status to this day. The price of Belarusian equipment, however, is lower than that of comparable competitors.

In 2014, the manufacturer upgraded production lines, which made it possible to launch the production of equipment with more diverse technical characteristics and design. Over the past decade, the company has expanded its product range, and now GEFEST offers over 200 models of full-sized stoves, about 60 oven modifications and more than fifty built-in panels. The product range of the Belarusian brand includes gas, induction and electric hobs. GEFEST has both simple 1-burner models and professional 6-burner solutions.

10. Indesit

Indesit panel

Indesit began its journey with the production of scales back in the 30s of the last century. The brand was actively developing, occupying new niches. Now the legendary Italian brand is part of the large corporation Whirlpool Group, so the achievements of the parent company are used in new products and developments of Indesit.

The Italian company appeared in Russia in 1993. In the mid-90s, the company opened an official office in Moscow. In 2000, Indesit acquires the domestic Stinol plant, modernizes it and launches local production of its own equipment. After another 4 years, the Italian manufacturer opens a second factory on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The company produces good hobs at an attractive price. Most surfaces have 4 burners. There are also unique models, like IS 11Q60 NE with three induction heating zones and DP 2E with a pair of electric burners, which are also available in Russian retail. Indesit pays a lot of attention to gas hobs.

9. Hansa

Hansa panel

Now induction hobs under the Hansa brand occupy one of the leading positions in the Russian market. For a quarter of a century, the company has been pleasing customers in the Russian Federation with low prices, high quality, and excellent service. But the history of the company in the domestic market began even earlier: with cookers of the Wromet brand, which were sold in the Soviet Union, being in great demand among housewives.

Hansa is part of the Amica group; the largest manufacturer of hobs and kitchen appliances, whose products are represented in more than 50 countries around the world.

Hansa gas surfaces are equipped with auto-ignition and a gas control system. Grids for burners are made from high quality and durable cast iron. Electric hobs use electronic control systems, there is a child lock mode. The induction offers a Plug&Play function to save energy. If you need warranty or post-warranty maintenance of equipment, one of the 250 service centers that operate in Russia and the CIS countries will help.

8. Burning

Gorenje panel

Immediately after the start of operations in 1950, Gorenje began to produce goods for the home. The first device that came off the conveyors of a well-known brand was precisely the stoves. Every year the manufacturer’s product range expanded, and in the mid-80s, Gorenje introduced reliable hobs of its own design.
Gradually, the manufacturer improved the quality, used more modern components, sought to reduce the cost in order to make his equipment more mass-produced. In the new products, Gorenje focuses on the practicality of design and ease of use, so that in the course of daily operation the owner enjoys the brand’s devices.
In reviews, Gorenje electric hobs are praised for their convenient operation. In different models, it can be mechanical or touch. Additional features include a residual heat indicator, automatic heating mode, a safety shutdown function and others. Gorenje appliances are innovations at a reasonable cost.

7. Backhoe

Beko panel

The world-famous Turkish company, which is deservedly represented in the TOP of manufacturers of hobs. At

Beko has several advantages at once:

  • Affordable price. The equipment of the Turkish manufacturer is cheaper than competitors.
  • High quality. Assembly and components from Beko at the highest level.
  • A wide range of. The manufacturer has compact models and surfaces with 5 burners, gas and induction, glass-ceramic and metal.
  • Low marriage rate. Beko supplies cooktop fillings to companies in the middle and top segments, so the quality control of the Turks is impeccable.
  • Russian factories. In order to offer the domestic consumer an extensive range and favorable prices, the company manufactures equipment in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Impeccable service. Beko has dozens of service centers in Russia and the CIS, so any issues with the repair and replacement of equipment are resolved promptly.

Cheap Beko hobs are perfect for cottages and dorms. Premium we can recommend for modern apartments in Hi-Tech style and cafeterias.

6. Weissgauff

Weissgauff panel

Weissgauff definitely has a place among the best in quality and reliability of hobs. This brand originated in Germany, but after its purchase in 2009 by Megalex, the development of the brand continued in the Russian Federation. The new owners retained the German design bureau in the structure of the organization, but moved production to China. This allowed us to maintain high quality, but reduce the final price of products.

Weissgauff does not pursue a huge assortment, developing several main product lines. For electric models, there are only 3 of them. Also in the manufacturer’s catalogs there are gas and induction models. As for the form factors, they are classic: from two-burner “dominoes” to full-sized panels for 4 heating zones.

5. Hotpoint-Ariston

Hotpoint-Ariston panel

Hobs of the popular Hotpoint-Ariston company have gained immense popularity among consumers around the world. The roots of the manufacturer go back to the history of Indesit. It is she who is today responsible for the production of equipment under the Hotpoint-Ariston brand within the Whirlpool Corporation. However, the hobs of this brand are not made according to an identical pattern, but have original features. Both the design and the design of the devices please with sophistication. The company offers a choice of panels from 2 to 5 burners. In terms of power and additional functionality, devices also differ depending on positioning and cost. The product range includes all current types of cooking surfaces, excluding combined panels (gas + electric).



MAUNFELD is one of the youngest brands on the Russian home appliances market. However, he has already managed to enter the top sales of household appliances. The company has several trumps at once:

  • wear-resistant coating of hobs;
  • own laboratories with top specialists in the UK;
  • a wide range with models from 1 to 5 burners of different capacities;
  • minimalist design and robust construction.

Partially, the components for MAUNFELD brand hobs are purchased from other manufacturers of built-in surfaces. However, the company carefully approaches both the choice of components and the quality control of finished equipment.

The company’s production facilities are located in China, Italy, Poland, Turkey, France. For convenience, they distributed the release of different product lines.

MAUNFELD offers panels in black, white, beige, gray and silver, so you can easily find the perfect solution for your kitchen.

3. Kuppersberg

Kuppersberg panel

If you are interested in inexpensive hobs, then it is better to turn to other brands for them. At Kuppersberg, the main product lines are presented in the middle and premium segments. This is explained by the fact that from the very beginning the company’s activities were based on the creation of high-quality design equipment.

The brand name consists of two German words – “kuppe” and “berg”, which means “mountain top”. The company strives to be at its best not only in name, but also in actions. The brand’s products are manufactured at 10+ of the world’s largest factories with the highest level of quality control. The design of Kuppersberg equipment is unique, and its equipment is much more reliable than alternative models on the Russian market.

In total, the German manufacturer has over 250 models of household appliances with different designs and functionality. This also applies to hobs presented in the segment of electric, induction and gas appliances.

2. Electrolux

Electrolux panel

Electrolux hobs are modern and reliable appliances that can last 10 or more years even with active use. The manufacturer makes sure that the use of its equipment is as safe as possible. The most advanced type is induction, because it is impossible to get burned with it, and the efficiency of the device reaches 90% or higher. For competing solutions, the indicator is much more modest (50–70%).

The modern materials used in Electrolux surfaces are durable, which is necessary to maintain an attractive appearance of equipment for many years. In the cleaning process, it is enough to use ordinary household chemicals and a soft sponge. After such care, the appearance of the panel will be indistinguishable from the unpacked device.

Among other advantages of devices, we highlight:

  • simple and precise control;
  • economical use of resources;
  • advanced defense systems;
  • an extensive range.

Electrolux offers stylish design and modern technology at an affordable price!

1. Bosch

Bosch PUE611FB1E, black

The Bosch brand is well known even to those users who are poorly versed in consumer technology. This brand has become a symbol of quality, reliability, long service life. The manufacturer’s hobs were no exception. Bosch appliances are carefully tested to eliminate defects and early breakdowns.

Innovative solutions allow the Germans to remain market leaders. The brand places particular emphasis on induction. In such Bosch hobs, the manufacturer installs impact-resistant glass ceramics and a precise touch control panel.

The German giant offers a wide range of panels. The brand produces both simple models in the “domino” form factor (1-2 burners of electric or gas type), and more advanced solutions that offer high performance.
Bosch is actively developing products. The brand has its own design offices, and in total the company has over 500 subsidiaries in fifty countries around the world. The corporation also owns the popular brands AEG, Zanussi, Zanker, etc.

Which brand cooktop is better

Among gas-powered models, the German brands Bosch and Kuppersberg are the most reliable. Beko, Gorenje and Hansa electric hobs offer good value for money. If the task is to save money, then in stores look at the Russian brand DARINA or the Belarusian GEFEST. And the best cooktop companies according to customer reviews are the Swedish company Electrolux, the British corporation MAUNFELD and the domestic brand Weissgauff.