11 best Pasta Cutters according to customer reviews. Ranking

Store-bought products are not always of good quality, and improper transportation, storage and other factors can negatively affect even expensive goods. Therefore, more and more people prefer to cook on their own. This also applies to noodles, spaghetti and other pasta. And now it is quite simple to achieve a good result, because it is enough just to knead the dough, for which a planetary mixer is suitable. To make noodles, in turn, will help a special device. But how to pick it up? Our today’s rating of the best pasta cutters will help you cope with this task .

Which noodle cutter to choose

Such devices do not differ in complex design, so there are not as many difficulties as with other kitchen appliances. You only need to decide on the execution:

  • Manual . The cutting process must be controlled independently.
  • Electrical . Everything is done automatically and much faster.

If money is not enough, then take the first option. Don’t like to mess around? Then the second. Of course, depending on the price, the quality and durability of the device will be different. Learn it.

The best manual noodle cutters

Before buying, be sure to pay attention to the materials. The priority is models made of high quality stainless steel. Also, chromium (for a more durable coating) and polymer resins are often used in the design. For handles in mechanical solutions, wood, metal and/or plastic are used. Of course, to reduce the cost or improve performance, materials can be combined.

1. Kelli KL-4110

Kelli KL-4110

High-quality manual noodle cutter for the home , made on a clamp. For the production of this model, metal with corrosion protection is used, which ensures a long service life. The KL-4110 has no problems with build quality, but buyers sometimes complain that an inexpensive noodle cutter contains defects. The phenomenon is not frequent, but we advise you to check everything before buying. Kelli has a standard design: two mechanisms for rolling and cutting dough into strips. If you use only the first one, then you can get layers for pizza and dumplings, dumplings. And the noodle cutter can cut several types at once.


  • choice of 9 thickness options;
  • convenient to use;
  • fast rolling dough;
  • suitable for pizza, dumplings;
  • safe, easy control.


  • there are defective models.

2. Fun RK-4000

Fun RK-4000

A good noodle cutter for home from the brand . In terms of quality, the device is close to premium Italian competitors, so the RK-4000 can also be found in kitchens in cafes, small restaurants, and small production workshops. As is clear from the reviews, the noodle cutter allows you to provide a fairly high performance (up to 200 g / min), dough rolling is possible within 9 values ​​​​in the range from 0.5 to 3 mm. The width of the sheet that fits in Zabava is 14 cm. This inexpensive and good pasta cutter can be attached to the countertop with a clamp. And without it, the legs protect the legs from slipping.


  • high-strength rollers;
  • easy thickness adjustment;
  • solid assembly;
  • compactness and lightness;
  • table top stability.

3. MAYER & BOCH 25994

MAYER & BOCH 25994

One of the most interesting pasta cutters according to customer reviews . The device is equipped with an additional unit that allows you to cook ravioli. The handle is made from a combination of metal and plastic. The case is all-metal, protected from corrosion. If you like to experiment with dishes, then a household manual noodle cutter can make two types of noodles, and its thickness can vary from 2 to 6.6 mm. All parts from MAYER & BOCH can be washed after use using household chemicals. Not only manual, but also automatic cleaning in the dishwasher is allowed.


  • durable hydrocarbon steel;
  • simplicity and ease of preparation;
  • convenient collapsible design;
  • secure fastening to the table;
  • takes up little storage space.


  • sometimes can wedge in work.

4. Gemlux GL-PMZ-180

Gemlux GL-PMZ-180

Solid stainless steel model with tabletop installation. The frame is made of metal, well polished, protected from corrosion. Equally high ratings from the reviews of the Gemlux noodle cutter relate to the rigidity of the structure.

The manufacturer’s assortment includes models GL-PMZ-180 and GL-PMF-180. Both names and characteristics are similar. Only the design and dimensions are slightly different.

The width of the sheet that can be loaded into the reviewed model is as much as 18 cm. Having decided to buy a Gemlux manual noodle cutter, you can roll out the dough with a thickness of 0.5-3 mm (7 options in total). There are two types of noodles, like those of competitors: wide or thin.


  • warranty service;
  • universal nozzle;
  • ease of use;
  • reliable construction.


  • average build quality.

5. Zeidan Z-1195 5в1

Zeidan Z-1195 5в1

Advanced noodle cutter with a nozzle for dumplings and dumplings. This is a convenient solution that allows you to easily prepare dinner for the whole family. The nozzle allows you to instantly get two rows of dumplings and dumplings of various shapes at once. They are firmly fastened thanks to the toothed rollers, so the products do not fall apart during the cooking process. The price of such a Zeidan noodle cutter is higher than that of competitors, but justified given the possibilities. The Z-1195 is equipped with a 9-step dough thickness adjustment system. The cutting block of the device allows you to get 4 types of noodles, choosing a width of 2, 4 or 6.6 mm. Additional blocks in the pasta cutter with nozzles for ravioli, dumplings, dumplings are removable, so you can use them as needed. Zeidan also allows you to make sheets for lasagna.


  • additional nozzles;
  • price-opportunity ratio;
  • several sizes of noodles;
  • ease of use;
  • quality of materials and assembly.

The best electric pasta cutters

Electric models use more plastic. But this is due to the need to make the device safe. All the main components of electric pasta cutters are also made of high quality metal . The complete set of devices depends on the cost, as well as the segment in which they are presented. Thus, some models offer a minimum of accessories and basic functionality in the kit. Others may have several curly knives that allow you to cook a variety of pasta.

1. Imperia (La Monferrina) Electric 650

Imperia (La Monferrina) Electric 650

If you need to buy an electric pasta cutter for industrial use, then choose Electric 650. The structure of the device is made of chrome steel, the hardened steel gears are used in the electric drive unit, which ensures a very long service life. As a home noodle cutter, the Imperia is a good choice, but it is primarily worth taking for businesses. The device comes with only the standard Duplex 217 nozzle, but separately you can purchase components for making cappellini, ravioli, cavatelli, tagliatelle and other products.


  • productive motor;
  • additional nozzles;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • convenient adjustment of dough thickness;
  • build quality and design;
  • chrome steel.


  • price of noodle cutter and nozzles.



Another cool electric noodle cutter that can be used for making noodles, spaghetti, and just for rolling out dough. The device is not the most modest in size, so it is primarily suitable for enterprises. The DJJ-200C can produce dough sheets up to 20 cm wide. This is enough even for pizza and other dishes. Although the price of the XINXIN noodle machine is quite high, it allows you to get a uniform and high-quality dough without any extra time. If you do not need whole sheets, then they can be cut into strips of 2 and 4 mm for boiling noodles.


  • productivity up to 12.5 kg/h;
  • rolls out the dough evenly
  • copes well with viscous dough;
  • functionality;
  • thickness adjustment from 1 to 4 mm;
  • long rollers for rolling.


  • inconvenient thickness adjustment.

3. Foodatlas DSS-200C

Foodatlas DSS-200C

Unfortunately, Foodatlas does not produce noodle cutters with dumplings. However, with noodles of different thicknesses, spaghetti, lasagna dough and other similar tasks, the DSS-200C will cope without problems. Even without the relevant experience, you can roll out the dough like a real chef. Having decided to buy a noodle cutter for your home from Foodatlas, you will not need to buy store-bought products. With the help of DSS-200C you can make both ordinary yeast, and steep or puff pastry. This will allow you to cook pies and pizza, dumplings and ravioli, manti and khinkali, pasties and a lot of other delicious dishes. As users note in reviews of the noodle cutter, it works quickly and very efficiently.


  • emergency stop button;
  • reliability and protective covers;
  • ease of use;
  • high quality materials;
  • suitable for all types of dough;
  • thickness adjustment.



The G3FERRARI assortment includes several pasta cutters with dumpling attachments, but we decided to focus on the SFOGLIA PROF model. It allows you to easily roll out the dough into 7 thicknesses, immediately cutting it into spaghetti, wide or thin noodles. The speed of the pasta machine is very high. The technique allows you to choose the thickness of the dough from 0.2 to 2.5 mm, and the rolling width is 18 cm. SFOGLIA PROF can work continuously for one and a half hours. The power of the device is 70 watts.


  • suitable for 3 kinds of pasta;
  • makes sheets for lasagna;
  • easy thickness adjustment
  • long continuous work.


  • very high cost.

5. Foodatlas RSS-200C

Foodatlas RSS-200C

Another noodle cutter from Foodatlas. The design of the RSS-200C is slightly different from the modification described above, but their functionality, dimensions, and weight are practically the same. Two knobs are used to adjust the dough. If you want to get noodles, then you just need to install complete knives in the device. As can be judged by the reviews, the pasta cutter helps a lot both in the professional kitchen and at home.


  • quality assembly;
  • simple control;
  • uniform rolling;
  • low cost;
  • relatively compact.


  • sometimes there is a marriage.

Which noodle cutter is better to buy

Among handmade solutions, excellent products are produced by the Kelli brand. There are many functions in the model from Zeidan. And if you want to support a domestic manufacturer, purchase Zabava products. Is it necessary to choose the best electric pasta cutter ? Here the G3FERRARI has the best performance. But it is also the most expensive model. If you want to spend less money and get a good device, then look at the Foodatlas brand. And for a very modest budget, we recommend equipment from Imperia.