10 best three-burner hobs (2023)

By choosing a three-burner hob, you won’t save as much space as you would with Domino design surfaces. But sometimes even 5-10 cm on each side play a very big role in compact kitchens. In this case, from a functional point of view, the user will not lose anything at all. In home kitchens, 4 burners are rarely used at the same time. And if you want to place 3 pots or pans on the surface, then sometimes they can interfere with each other. The best 3-burner hobs are free from this disadvantage due to the well-placed heating zones. Therefore, even 3 large containers can easily fit on such equipment.

The best three burner gas hobs 2023

Such devices operate on main or bottled fuel. In the second case, it will be necessary to replace the jets, usually included in the kit. With gas, you can use any cookware designed to work with high temperatures. Heating at such surfaces occurs instantly, their power is regulated just as quickly. Among the disadvantages of gas panels, only the danger of an open flame and combustion products stand out, for the removal of which high-quality ventilation is required. If you do not have it, then this will negatively affect not only the walls and furniture, but also health.

1. GEFEST PVC 2100-01 K33

panel GEFEST PVG 2100-01 K33

A high-quality 3-burner hob from a Belarusian manufacturer with a power equivalent of 5.95 kW. The working surface of PVG 2100-01 is made of tempered glass. This is a stylish and practical material that is easy to care for. The burners are controlled by three rotary switches with a fixed position for low flame. In addition to two standard burners of different capacities, this good gas hob is equipped with a double crown. It contains 2 rows of flame at once, providing great performance. The double crown is the best cooking zone in the WOK, because it allows you to quickly fry and stew foods, give them a crust, etc.


  • thoughtful management;
  • individual grids;
  • burner double crown;
  • automatic ignition;
  • excellent build quality;
  • simple installation;
  • “small flame” position.


  • not very comfortable cast-iron grates.

2. Weissgauff HGG 451 WFH

Weissgauff HGG 451 WFH

Independent gas hob with premium tempered glass. Handles in HGG 451 are made in Hi-Tech style. And their proper location and heat-resistant materials prevent overheating and deformation even during prolonged cooking. One of the best hobs according to reviews is equipped with a special wok burner with a power of 3.4 kW. Medium and small have a capacity of 1800 and 1000 watts, respectively.

The HGG 451 is available in two versions: WFH/BFH and WGH/BGH. In the second case, each burner has an individual cast-iron grate. The FH modification uses two large panels covering the entire area. The letters W and B indicate white and black colors, respectively.

The maximum gas consumption of a Weissgauff hob is 0.589 m3/h when connected to the mains or 450 g/h when using a bottle. All HGG 451 burners have an automatic electric ignition function, as well as a gas control that shuts off the gas supply in the event of a flame failure. Cast iron, from which burner grates are made, is of high quality, durability and ease of maintenance.


  • beautiful and compact;
  • comfortable Hi-Tech handles;
  • two types of solid cast iron gratings;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • elaborate security system;
  • durable tempered glass;
  • very powerful wok burner.


  • unsuccessful hose connection (to connect the hose, you need to separately buy a corner).

3. Krona FIERO 45 BL

Krona FIERO 45 BL

Speaking about which gas hob is better in terms of power, Krona products cannot be ignored. The FIERO 45 BL model has 3 burners. Each contains its own cast iron grate, so you can clean any cooking zone without interrupting cooking on other burners. A triple crown burner is available on the hob, delivering a huge output of 3.8 kW. The far left burner has a power of 1.75 kW, and the heating zone closest to the user is rated at 1000 watts. In terms of reliability, the Krona hob is not inferior to more expensive competitors. The presence of electric ignition in the device eliminates the need to bring your hand close to the fire, which is fraught with burns. And it also allows you to forget about buying matches and lighters.


  • long warranty;
  • high performance;
  • the presence of an adapter for dishes with a spherical bottom;
  • individual grids;
  • thick tempered glass;
  • electric burner ignition.


  • The glass gets very hot during cooking.

4. Zigmund & Shtain G 14.4

Zigmund & Shtain G 14.4

The next line was occupied by a hob with a steel body and an enamel coating. Such a work surface stands out for its attractive design and easy maintenance. But to clean the 3-burner hob from Zigmund & Shtain, you should not use scrapers, hard sponges, abrasive cleaners. Surface control is carried out using three rotary knobs, made in a modern style. Each of the handles has an electric ignition function that instantly ignites the flame on any of the burners.

The grate in G 14.4 consists of two halves: for the small and medium burners (900 and 1750 W) located on the left, as well as for the WOK burner with a capacity of 3.8 kW. Moreover, the grate is thought out in such a way that you can easily install both ordinary pots or pans, as well as goose casseroles or other non-standard dishes on the surface. If you decide to buy a Zigmund & Shtain hob, then do not forget to register it on the official website. Thus, you will receive an additional guarantee for the equipment.


  • convenient to use;
  • powerful, large burner;
  • protection against gas leakage;
  • the ability to switch to the cylinder;
  • small dimensions;
  • additional guarantee;
  • reliable fixation of gratings.


  • weak little burner.



With a recessed width of 41 cm, the compact hob from MAUNFELD is suitable for installation even in the smallest kitchen. The device is made of stainless steel, which is additionally protected by enamel. The surface is available in several colors: black, which we reviewed, as well as white and silver (uncoated).

Stainless steel looks stylish, she is not afraid of chips. But it is only available in one color and is even more demanding for proper care.

The total power of the burners in the EGHE.43.3STS-EB reaches 5300 W. The panel is controlled by rotary knobs made of heat-resistant plastic and complemented by chrome trims. When the knob is turned, electric ignition is immediately activated, saving time and consumables on ignition of the burners.


  • nice appearance;
  • attractive price;
  • high build quality;
  • good power;
  • there are jets for cylinders.


  • no gas control.

The best three-burner electric hobs

Gas pipelines are not found everywhere today. And this applies to both old and new houses. But electricity is always available, so the corresponding panels are suitable for installation in all apartments and in private housing. They come in several types, but the most popular are induction hobs and Hi-Light elements. The second option, like gas, is undemanding to dishes. But they need a little more time to warm up and change power. Induction is the best solution in terms of efficiency. And such panels can compete with gas in terms of heating rate. But they only work with special utensils, and if you don’t have it, you will have to spend money on replacing pans.

1. Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK

Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK

Which cooking surface to choose so that it fully meets the needs of a modern person? We recommend the EHF 6232 IOK model from the Swedish company Electrolux. It is assembled at company factories in Romania, where quality control is organized at the level of top brands. All burners of the device are of the Hi-Light type. The diameter of the front and far left is 180 and 145 mm, respectively, and their power is 1800 and 1200 watts. The right heating zone in the tempered glass hob offers variable sizes: 145, 210 and 270 mm. Performance also varies depending on the selected diameter – 1050, 1950 and 2700 W when choosing the 9th level.


  • ease of management;
  • reliably protected from scratches;
  • heating speed;
  • sensitive sensor;
  • protective shutdown;
  • burner with 3 zones;
  • modern design.


  • no timer function.



Budget hob electric type, which has a sensitive control, which combines touch buttons and a slider for selecting power. In total, 9 heating levels are available, which allows you to cook dishes at high and low temperatures. For more convenience, in addition to the small and medium burners with a capacity of 1200 and 1800 W, the EVCE.453.D-BK has a third one with an extension zone. You can adjust the power to the diameter of the pan: a 1 kW circle is suitable for a small saucepan, a large 2 kW circle is suitable for a large saucepan. In the reviews, the hob is praised for the fast boiling option: initially, the power is turned on to maximum, and then reduced to a predetermined level. The surface is covered with glass ceramics from Vitro Ceramic Glass, which is one of the market leaders in tempered glass for stoves and hobs.


  • metal base;
  • premium glass ceramics;
  • burner with two zones;
  • ease of operation;
  • service life of 10 years;
  • fast heating mode.

3. Weissgauff HV 431 B

Weissgauff HV 431 B

Inexpensive hob with adjustable timer up to 99 minutes. The maximum power of the device is 5.4 kW. The diameter of the working zones is 18.5 and 15 cm, as well as 13 + 18.5 cm for a double-circuit burner. The HV 431 B control panel allows you to quickly select the required power level, as well as turn off the burners.

Weissgauff also offers this surface in the HVF version. It is similar in size, design and power to the burners, but has a different control panel. The power there is controlled not by a slider, but by buttons, and individually for each heating zone.

A high-quality hob at an affordable price has received advanced protective systems. In the event of overheating or unstable electricity, the Weissgauff panel will simply shut down to prevent damage. The HV 431 B also has a residual heat indicator that will protect against burns if you want to clean the hob immediately after cooking.


  • touch control One Touch;
  • stylish design of burners Glide Zone;
  • elaborate security system;
  • resizable heating zone;
  • reliable and practical;
  • vitro ceramic glass;
  • blocking of burners from children.


  • fingerprints are easily left on the glass.

4. LG CBEZ2413B


The next place in the list of the best three-burner hobs is occupied by a professional-level model from the South Korean company LG. It allows you to select a sleep timer, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the dish during the final stages. Also available in the technique is a control panel lock to protect against accidental changes to settings by children or pets. The sensor itself is sensitive and allows you to independently control different burners. And to ensure that the surface lasts as long as possible, it is protected by SCHOTT branded heavy-duty glass.


  • hot burner indicator;
  • dual zone for 1000 and 2200 W;
  • premium glass ceramics;
  • thoughtful arrangement of burners;
  • convenient touch control;
  • sleep timer 1-99 minutes.


  • not the most affordable price.

5. Haier HHY-C53NVB

Haier HHY-C53NVB

Premium hob for a small kitchen with a rated power of 5.5 kW. In its appliances, Haier uses induction heating elements that quickly heat up the dishes, but do not heat up themselves. All burners HHY-C54NVB have the same size of 18 cm and are made in the shape of a square. They automatically recognize the dishes, adjusting the heat only to the area where the bottom is located. This saves energy without compromising productivity. The latter, by the way, is very high. The standard power for the rear left and right burners is 1500W, and for the front left is 2000W. But in Boost mode, the electric 3-burner hob increases the performance of these heating zones to 2 and 2.6 kW, respectively. Of the useful functions in the device, a timer is available. Also, if necessary, you can lock the control panel.


  • protective shutdown function;
  • rated power and Boost;
  • very durable protective glass;
  • excellent heating rate;
  • convenient control and timer.


  • noisy, like any induction.

Which 3 burner hob is better

Among gas surfaces, the most economical option is the model from MAUNFELD. The same brand produces affordable electrical devices. Krona is the leader in terms of capacity in the gas segment. And it has a democratic value. And among electrical solutions, Haier demonstrates the highest performance. In terms of price and quality, the rating of hobs for 3 burners is headed by Electrolux. And at Weissgauff, you can choose the surface according to your preferred type of touch control.