10 best professional blenders by reviews. Rating

There are much more requirements for such devices, because they must withstand a serious load, differ in performance and wear resistance. Among the models in this segment, mainly stationary solutions are presented, however, submersible ones are also found, but much less frequently.

When choosing a professional blender, you should pay attention to the power, speed of rotation of the grinders, operating modes, the presence of engine overheat protection, the type and number of knives. Such devices must be designed for frequent, and sometimes continuous use, hence the special requirement for the engine cooling system.

When choosing the participants in the rating and calculating their scores, we studied customer reviews on such trading and recommendation sites. We also studied the recommendations of professionals on specialized Internet forums such as Restaurateur’s World, Restus and others.

Top 10. GASTRORAG SB-400

  • Country: China
  • Power: 500 W, 10000 rpm
  • Modes: 2 speeds
  • Management: mechanical

GASTRORAG SB-400 is a submersible model designed specifically for the large-scale tasks of the restaurant business. A professional blender has all the necessary characteristics for this. First of all, it is a unique system of ventilation and cooling of the motor. Thanks to the design, the device can be used continuously without fear of overheating or overloading. The long nozzle allows you to work in containers with a large volume. There is also an ergonomic handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip and minimizes discomfort during prolonged use. Users in the reviews note the performance and reliability of this model. GASTRORAG SB-400 will greatly simplify and optimize the cooking process in a professional kitchen.

Pros and cons

  • Efficient engine cooling system
  • High build quality
  • Unique knife with five cutting edges
  • Long nozzle for high volume work
  • Few sold

Top 9. JAU IM 160 VV

  • Country: China
  • Power: 220 W, 16000 rpm
  • Modes: 4 speeds, self-adjusting
  • Management: mechanical

JAU IM 160 VV is designed exclusively for professional use; at home, such a blender is unlikely to be useful. The first thing that users pay attention to is the ventilated motor part, which ensures continuous operation without overheating. When buying, the equipment is the most minimal, however, the manufacturer supplemented the product with nozzles, which will have to be purchased separately. Another notable feature of this device is that the blender independently regulates the speed of rotation of the knives depending on the consistency of the product. Range from 4000 to 16000 rpm, there is a slow start function. JAU IM 160 VV will be an excellent acquisition for working in a professional kitchen.

Pros and cons

  • Unique ventilation and motor cooling system
  • High strength housing
  • Nozzle for working in deep dishes
  • Slow start, independent speed control
  • Additional attachments sold separately


Unique beater disc

The Aeromix Whipping Disc for making emulsions, mousses and airy sauces allows you to significantly expand your culinary possibilities. This is especially true for confectioners.

  • Country: France
  • Power: 240W
  • Modes: stepless speed control
  • Management: mechanical

ROBOT COUPE MINI MP is one of the few immersion blenders present in the professional segment. This model is designed specifically for use in catering establishments. The device is equipped with an engine ventilation system, which allows you to work almost continuously. The package includes a unique Aeromix beater disc, which allows you to achieve an incredibly airy consistency with bubbles, which is highly appreciated by confectioners. The immersion blender involves manual speed control, however, this also happens automatically, depending on the density of the whipped mass. The engine of ROBOT COUPE MINI MP is very powerful, which ensures high performance. The device is ergonomic: the handle is comfortable, the control is simple, the weight is small. All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel.

Pros and cons

  • Engine cooling system
  • Functional beater disc
  • Smooth speed control
  • High ergonomics of the device
  • Works only with small volumes (up to 5 liters)

Top 7. JTCTM-800A

Best Performance

Thanks to its characteristics, the device will crush ice or prepare smoothies in a matter of seconds. High performance is maintained regardless of the complexity of the components.

  • Country: Taiwan
  • Power: 2200 W, 38000 rpm
  • Modes: 3 speeds, automatic adjustment, impulse mode
  • Management: electronic

JTC TM-800A is a compact model that can be considered universal. The blender is suitable for both the institution and for home use. This is facilitated by technical characteristics and moderate cost. Users especially note the high maintainability of this blender, all the necessary spare parts are always on sale. In terms of performance, the 2200 W motor powers the blades at speeds up to 38,000 rpm. This allows you to quickly process any products. There is a handy timer. A two-liter jug ​​allows you to immediately prepare a fairly large volume. Electronic control, excellent protection against overheating, wide functionality – all this made the model quite popular.

Pros and cons

  • Made from high strength materials
  • Reliable motor protection against overheating and overload
  • Knife block with multidirectional blades
  • High performance
  • Control panel in English

Топ-6. Blendtec Stealth 895 NBS

NBS Technology

This is a unique solution – special nozzles that allow you to work with any disposable cups. Which is especially true for the self-service area.

  • Country: USA
  • Power: 1800 W, 20880 rpm
  • Modes: 42 programs, 9 speeds
  • Management: electronic

The Blendtec Stealth 895 NBS is the most advanced commercial blender, perfect for indoor kitchens and outdoor self-service areas. The model has been awarded one of the most prestigious Kitchen Innovations awards. This appliance impresses with its combination of high power and incredibly quiet operation. The smooth, sound-absorbing casing with innovative airflow directions makes the blender virtually silent. There are as many as 42 automatic mixing programs for every product imaginable in the kitchen. Management is organized using the touch panel. There is a mixing cycle counter with the ability to save the report on external media. As well as the ability to create your own programs. Most often, you can buy such a device only by pre-order.

Pros and cons

  • Designed for 200+ cycles per day
  • Low noise
  • High performance
  • OLED display with tactile keypad
  • Few sold

Top 5. Dauken MX800

Sturdy metal body

The Dauken MX800 features high build quality and durable materials. The metal case reliably protects the device and prolongs service life.

  • Country: USA
  • Power: 2000W
  • Modes: self-cleaning, stepless speed control
  • Management: electronic

The rating of the best Russian-made professional blender Dauken MX800 continues. Users appreciated it for its high performance and sturdy metal body. The device is quite powerful, at the peak the engine produces up to 2000 watts. Electronic control greatly simplifies the use, there is a function of smooth speed control. The blender perfectly breaks ice for cocktails, prepares smoothies, but is not suitable for heavier and harder products. Dauken MX800 is easy to care for, it can be easily disassembled and washed in normal running water or dishwasher. The motor has protection against overheating, which allows for a long time to operate it almost continuously. The unit is relatively quiet and looks great. Due to its low cost, a professional blender is widely used at home. Dauken MX800 deservedly entered the top of the best.

Pros and cons

  • Reliable overheating protection
  • Powerful efficient motor
  • Electronic control
  • Moderate cost
  • Bad engine cooling system

Top 4. Vitamix XL

Personal programming of modes

Vitamix XL is one of the most high-tech models in the ranking. The device allows you to create and memorize your own mixing programs.

  • Country: USA
  • Power: 1700 W, 35000 rpm
  • Modes: 10 speeds, 6 modes, programmable
  • Management: electromechanical

Vitamix XL will greatly simplify the work in the kitchen and diversify the menu of any establishment. At home, a blender is rarely used, primarily due to its high cost. Vitamix XL is the most expensive gadget in our top. However, the administrators of the establishments in which the device was installed note that this is one of the best investments in business. The blender is able to work non-stop for a long time, has great endurance and durability. Works great in high traffic conditions. The device grinds everything from frozen and fresh vegetables to any solid ingredients. The professional blender is very powerful (up to 1700 W) and is capable of delivering up to 35,000 rpm. The device is multifunctional, it is suitable for making smoothies, cocktails and any other mixtures. There are six standard programs with the possibility of personal programming. The design itself is very durable, the containers are anti-shock. Despite the volume (5.6 liters), compact.

Pros and cons

  • Large bowl capacity (5.6L)
  • Housing made of high-strength materials
  • Possibility to program your own cycles
  • Multifunctionality
  • Very high cost
  • No soundproof casing

Top 3. RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04

Most popular among users

Blender RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04 is very popular. This is confirmed by the largest number of reviews on recommendation and trading platforms.

  • made in China
  • Power: 2900W. 50000 rpm
  • Modes: 7 speeds. impulse
  • Management: mechanical

Stationary professional blender RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04 is the most popular among users. This is confirmed by an impressive number of reviews in the vastness of the network and statistics from search engines, judging by which, information about this particular model is most often searched for. Professional blender with high power (up to 2900 W), mechanical control and the possibility of smooth adjustment of the rotation speed allows you to process even hard and complex products with ease. It is easy to operate, allows you to prepare a smoothie or crush ice for a cocktail in just a matter of seconds, just add ingredients to the bowl on the go and press one button. High strength tritan jug suitable for frequent use. A six-blade volumetric knife is responsible for the quality of grinding. Cons: Large, takes up a lot of space

Pros and cons

  • High power and performance
  • Large and sturdy jug
  • Smooth speed control
  • Wide functionality
  • High noise level



Despite the very high power of the motor, the device works quite quietly. This is often noted in user reviews.

  • Country: Germany (produced in China)
  • Power: 2200 W, 45000 rpm
  • Modes: 8 speeds, 6 programs
  • Management: electronic

Stationary blender OBERHOF WIRBEL E42 is an excellent choice for both home and commercial use. It is powerful enough, does not require a lot of space for placement and is relatively quiet, which adds to the comfort of the process. Blender power up to 2200 W, this allows you to work effectively with complex products. The device has five preset programs and eight speed settings that make it possible to quickly prepare smoothies, ice cream, chop ice for a cocktail and much more. Especially users in the reviews appreciated the build quality and components. The body is made of stainless steel and is durable and resistant to damage. The motor is equipped with overload protection, which allows you to withstand the flow of customers and work for a long time in intensive use.

Pros and cons

  • Impact resistant tritan bowl
  • Double motor fuse
  • Reinforced knife block
  • Unique engine cooling system
  • Sophisticated control interface

Top 1. RAWMID Dream Modern 2 BDM-06

The best ratio of price and quality

This is one of the most popular professional devices in the ranking. The model impresses with a combination of characteristics and possibilities with moderate cost.

  • made in China
  • Power: 2900 W, 50000 rpm
  • Modes: 8 speeds, 8 programs
  • Management: electronic

The Russian manufacturer of household appliances RAWMID has reliably established itself in the niche of professional blenders. Users rated the Dream Modern 2 BDM-06 for the build quality, materials and components, as well as for ease of use and functionality. Here is a great combination of power and speed of rotation of the knives (2900 W and 50,000 rpm), eight speed modes and the possibility of smooth adjustment. The waterproof display ensures the safety of the electronics even if the device is used carelessly. There is a timer for 180 seconds. In addition to power, the motor has protection against overheating and allows you to use the blender almost continuously. RAWMID Dream Modern 2 BDM-06 copes with any food: frozen bananas, meat, ice, nuts and other complex ingredients grinds in a matter of seconds.

Pros and cons

  • High performance
  • Excellent motor protection against overheating
  • Convenient touch control panel
  • High-strength knives made of AISI420 steel
  • High noise level


Attention! The above information is not a buying guide. For any advice, you should contact the experts!