10 best main water filters according to reviews. Rating

Several tasks are set for household water purification systems: removal of mechanical and organic impurities, precipitation of salts and dissolved iron, elimination of excess chlorine, improvement of taste. All of them are solved by installing main filters. They are placed mainly in the water pipes of private houses at the entry point, observing the order of fineness of filtration.

First – mesh pre-filters for coarse cleaning of particles up to 100 microns in size, then polypropylene or polyester (for cold and hot water) cartridges with a purification degree of up to 5 microns, and finally for ultrafiltration (0.002 – 0.1 microns). Many models are relevant for apartments in houses with old metal pipes.

If the water quality is high enough, as confirmed by laboratory tests, you can use another class of filters – flow filters. Main filters can be mounted at points of consumption – in front of complex household appliances, under a sink or on a water tap.

TOP 10 best main water filters

10 New Water A082

★ Best design. compactness

Many owners of apartments and houses, in addition to reliable operation and high-quality water purification, have one more requirement for main filters – design. It is connected with the fact that it is customary not to hide the equipment in a closet or under the sink, but, on the contrary, openly integrate it into the interior. Model A082 is made in the form of a flask made of brushed stainless steel, does not spoil the high-tech or loft style.

Another advantage is its small diameter, only 105 mm. The main filter stands between the water pipes, does not hide the usable space. As for reliability, people write different things. Some say that the filter has been standing for a couple of years, and there is not a single sign of rust on it. Others argue that the case is partially made of stainless steel, it is not cast, but welded, traces of corrosion quickly appear at the welding points.

9 Atoll I-11SM-p STD for GW

★ Metal wall bracket included


The main issue that needs to be resolved after buying a flow filter is installation. In order not to spend money on plumbing, you can do the installation yourself. The complete set of the Atoll I-11SM-p STD model provides everything you need for this, including built-in fittings for connecting to the plumbing system and a metal bracket for secure mounting on the wall. If you stock up on the necessary tools, there will be no difficulty connecting the filter.

Atoll is equipped with a filter element. Often inexperienced users miss this moment and because of the lower price they buy one flask without a cartridge. The package comes with a replaceable container with Pentek PD-25 or Atoll MP-20VG sorbent of standard configuration 10″ for hot water filtration.

8 Gilex 1 M 20 T

★ Housing made of transparent impact-resistant plastic. One year warranty


The Gileks filter can be installed in an apartment or in a garden plot. Its features are small dimensions and weight (675x216x213 mm, 4.5 kg), the possibility of direct connection to the water supply and low price. The flask is made transparent, you can immediately see when the cartridge needs to be replaced. More often the body is sold separately, empty. You can insert a filter into it that is better suited to your water or fill it with filter media. 

The main materials are plastic and brass, but there are no complaints about the strength of the structure. There is a video on the network where they crash test the model, and it copes with the load. The manufacturer also conducts reliability tests, so it gives a 12-month warranty. For comparison, other manufacturers have a warranty period of only 3-6 months.

7 Barrier VM 1/2

★ The best pre-filter. Cheap and easy to install cartridges


The WM barrier purifies cold, up to 35°, water from ferruginous and mechanical impurities. It can be used in centralized water supply, in wells and wells, as well as at local points to protect household appliances. Rust, sand, silt are removed well, so the filter is often placed as the first stage in an integrated water treatment system. For stand-alone operation, it can be effective if the initial water quality and taste are close to ideal.

The body is made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, a material with high rigidity and impact strength. The maximum pressure should not exceed 7 atm, the minimum effective pressure should not exceed 0.5 atm. According to reviews, the filter can withstand 8.5 atmospheres. The price of replaceable elements is also recorded in its merits (an average of 800 rubles). They need to be replaced on average 3-4 times a year.

6 Typhoon Geyser 10

★ Water quasi-softening effect. Good taste after filtration


A common problem in water supply is the formation of scale. It is harmful with constant drinking of water, spoils household appliances and plumbing. But the complete removal of calcium salts from the water turns it into a tasteless liquid that is difficult to drink. The research department of the Geyser company managed to find a solution – a method of softening water by changing the structure of salt deposits and suspensions.

The patented design of the Aragon-3 cartridge creates conditions for the recrystallization of compounds from calcite to aragonite. Unlike carbonate, calcium aragonite is released as a loose substance that does not linger on surfaces. The mineral composition remains the same, but the liquid you drink does not create a burden on the kidneys. The water turns out delicious, filter buyers also praise its high-quality assembly and affordable price.

5 Aquaphor Viking

★ Durable stainless steel body. Long service life of consumables


Plastic main filters may not withstand the pressure of water supplied through pipes. The consequences of such accidents are sad – a break in the water supply and flooding of neighbors from the lower apartments. The Russian manufacturer Aquaphor is aware of this problem and is launching the Viking model on the market. Its flask is more massive than its analogues, since it is made of stainless steel. It operates at a pressure of up to 6.3 atm, while municipal water utilities supply 4–5 atm through pipes.

The operating temperature of the filter is +5…+90°, that is, it can be installed on both cold and hot water mains. The filter element is Aqualen-2 fibers, which are considered a smart sorbent of a new generation. They perform their task 100%, running water after cleaning becomes, according to users, transparent to blue. And you need to change cartridges infrequently – about 2 times a year. True, the kit for HV and HV comes out a little expensive – about 20 thousand rubles.

4 Honeywell Habedo F76S-1/2AA

★ Best quality according to professionals. famous brand

Country: USA

The American corporation Honeywell has been in the TOP-100 of the Fortune world ranking for many years. It produces various products – from aerospace and automotive equipment to main filters for water purification. The F76S-1/2AA model is based on the patented Habedo block, provides a continuous supply of water and prevents the penetration of foreign particles into the main pipes – rust, sand, clay, etc.

The design provides for the removal of debris accumulated in the flask and mesh by a mechanical rather than manual method. It is necessary to turn the handle of the ball valve and the dirt will be eliminated into a previously substituted container or into the sewer (connection required). Quality is highly valued by customers. The plumbing filter is especially praised, but they also warn that in the event of a breakdown, you will have to stock up on repair kits, and they are very expensive.

3 Aquabright ABF-NERZH-12

★ Good value for money

Country: Germany (produced in China)

The body of the main Aquabright filter is made of stainless steel. It is durable, used for cold and hot water, withstands pressure up to 8 atm. There are no cartridges included, they are sold separately, but they are inexpensive. Cartridges of different types of this manufacturer are suitable for the filter – the simplest mechanical ones, for cleaning from iron, sorption, softening drinking and industrial water. The buyer selects the option for their tasks.

The kit comes with a bracket and self-tapping screws, connection diameter 1/2 or 3/4 inches. Installing the filter is simple, you can do without a plumber. The model has many advantages. It does not need to be hidden under the sink. The stainless steel case looks neat. It withstands temperatures up to + 70 ° C, does not deform from hot water. Minus – the sealing ring quickly becomes unusable. To avoid leaks, it is better to install a new gasket every time you change the cartridge.


★ Titanium filter module. Cartridge does not require replacement

The characteristics of the model in official sources are intriguing: the filter makes water transparent, tasty, removes harmful impurities from it and inhibits the growth of microorganisms. No consumables are needed. The cartridge for it is made of sintered titanium powder, has micropores up to 0.8 microns in size, and when installed in the main water supply system of a house or locally in an apartment, it purifies water well.

When contaminated, the filter element must be removed and washed with a 10% solution of citric acid. The number of cycles is not limited, and the expiration date specified by the manufacturer reaches 50 years. Sounds a little fabulous? So the reviews are far from unambiguous – they say that the flow filter does not work, money wasted in vain, etc. But if you dig deeper, the truth will be somewhere in the middle. TITANOF provides fine cleaning, retaining rust, chlorine and bacteria, but is powerless against alkalis and acids, as well as sand, silt and clay.

1 Fibos for ХВ 1000 l/h

★ Efficient post-cleaning at the finish. Compressed sorbent


Fibos Trade suggests using a carbon filter on cold water pipes (up to 40°C) to clarify it, remove chlorine, and remove unusual odors and tastes. Active chlorine is eliminated by 100%, heavy metals by 98–99%, hexachlorocyclohexane (a pesticide widely used in agriculture) by 95%. The water is filtered with a replaceable coconut shell activated carbon cartridge. The technology of pressing the sorbent does not allow contaminants to pass into the purified water.

Plus main filter – efficiency in the fight against the smell of bleach. According to customers, the water becomes lighter and tastes better. A capacity of 1 cubic meters per hour is enough for drawing water in a small house or apartment for 2-3 people. If there are more users, a flow system with a throughput increased to 3 cubic meters per hour is needed. With severe contamination of the main water, one purification stage will not be enough.