10 Best Inverter Dishwashers (2023)

A dishwasher is a very useful appliance for any modern home. It not only saves time, but also reduces the cost of resources required for washing dishes. The best devices in this class use inverter motors, which consume even less energy, while providing a lower noise level.

Therefore, users are choosing this technique more and more often, despite the high cost. You can find this type of dishwasher in the assortment of any popular brand. Therefore, sometimes the choice becomes difficult. Our rating of the best inverter dishwashers in terms of reliability and washing quality will help you make it easier.

TOP 10 best inverter dishwashers 2023

Modern technologies affect not only the consumption of resources. Inverter motors are also more durable, because they are reliably protected from power surges. Also, engines of this type are not characterized by overloads, and thanks to automation, the type of their work is configured without user intervention. You just need to choose a program. This increases the efficiency of the dishwasher and allows you to expand the set of modes. If necessary, you can select an economical program for washing lightly soiled dishes. Seriously soiled plates will be cleaned with the intensive mode. Moreover, even in this case, the noise and resource consumption will be at the lowest possible level in this technique.

1. Bosch SRV2IMX1BR


Compact dishwasher for 10 place settings. The device is equipped with modern ActiveWater technology. Thanks to it, water consumption is optimized, which allows you to reduce costs while maintaining a high quality of washing. Also in this model, the DosageAssist container is used, with which the dissolution of tablets for washing is carried out as efficiently and in a timely manner as possible.

DuoPower double top rocker technology eliminates the need for rewashing. The correct calculation of the direction of the water jets helps the machine to reach even the most inaccessible corners of the chamber. Also in the reviews, buyers praise the presence of the 3rd retractable tier VarioDrawer, in which cutlery can be placed. And if you want to wash large pots, this drawer can be easily removed.


  • basket height adjustment;
  • tier for cutlery;
  • effective consumption of tablets;
  • double upper rocker;
  • corrosion guarantee.


  • no time display.

2. Beak DIS 28124

Beak DIS 28124

The proprietary ProSmart inverter motor makes the Beko dishwasher extremely quiet. The maximum noise level that the DIS 28124 emits during operation is only 46 dB. This allows you to start the device even at night. At the same time, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for 10 years, which covers any damage and sounds that are uncharacteristic of the device during operation. For the entire Beko compact dishwasher, the standard warranty period is 2 years.

In order for the machine to serve for a long time, without failures, it provides WaterSafe protection against leaks, which shuts off the water supply in case of its excess inside the chamber. In the event of leaks in the hose area, you will need additional protection.

The dishwasher allows you to efficiently and gently wash even crystal glasses. To keep them intact and sparkling, two glass protection technologies are used in technology: GlassShield and GlassCare. The task of the first is the ionization of water, which protects against stains. And to preserve the integrity of the glasses, it is enough to use a special mode for fragile dishes. It works at a lower pressure and a water temperature reduced to 40 ° C.


  • ease of management;
  • quality washing;
  • many useful features;
  • very quiet operation;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • reliable assembly;
  • acceptable price.


  • there is no protection from children.

3. Electrolux EEQ 942200 L

Electrolux EEQ 942200 L

45 cm built-in dishwasher with 9 place settings and 8 wash cycles. If the plates are not heavily soiled (for example, after dinner or immediately after a large feast), then quick programs for 30 or 60 minutes will do. Standard programs for 90 or 160 minutes are suitable for everyday use. There is also an intensive wash option, which makes it easy to get rid of outdated as well as serious dirt, and an ECO mode that lasts 4 hours, but due to the balance between energy, water and detergent consumption, it is very economical. So that you do not have to open the machine to check the cycle status, the machine projects a two-color beam on the floor. Also, the Electrolux dishwasher offers a delay timer up to 24 hours.


  • QuickSelect 2 control;
  • hygienic drying AirDry;
  • half hour program
  • excellent assembly;
  • permissible noise level;
  • low power consumption;
  • AutoSense auto mode;
  • self-cleaning function.


  • only partial leakage protection;
  • high price.

4. Bosch SMV25DX01R

Bosch SMV25DX01R

One of the most reliable models of the German manufacturer. The device is equipped with a branded brushless motor EcoSilence Drive – a new generation motor that is highly efficient, reliable and incredibly quiet. The 60 cm built-in dishwasher uses Hygiene Dry technology for drying: the door does not open during the process to prevent bacteria from entering from the outside.

If you are washing plastic dishes, then choose the ExtraDry drying mode, which provides a high drying speed without streaks. There are 5 washing programs in the SMV25DX01R. This is not much, but all the necessary modes are available. For convenience, the full-size dishwasher has a delay start timer. And its AquaStop leak protection system has a 10-year corrosion guarantee.


  • cutlery basket;
  • loading sensor and extra drying;
  • sound signal of the end of the cycle;
  • washing efficiency;
  • protection from children;
  • moderate energy consumption;
  • holds 12 sets of dishes.


  • no beam.

5. Whirlpool WSIC 3M27

Whirlpool WSIC 3M27

One of the highest quality dishwashers according to the owners. The device has a high class A for washing and drying, holds up to 10 sets of dishes, ideally washes even serious dirt from dishes that have not been washed for several days. The power consumption of the WSIC 3M27 meets the requirements of the A++ certification and reaches 0.74 kWh for a standard cycle. The typical noise level is only 41 dB.

It’s about the volume of work when choosing a daily program. In other modes, the maximum noise level can reach 47 dB, which is also very quiet.

If you have not accumulated enough dishes, then so that it does not stagnate, and detergents and water are not overused, you can activate half load. With her, the kitchen will always be in order, and utility bills will not grow. Optionally, the user can set a delay start from 1 to 12 hours. Useful if, for example, you want to get clean dishes when you return home from work or a walk.


  • low power consumption;
  • electronic control;
  • high quality drying;
  • long service life;
  • consumption up to 9 liters per cycle;
  • low noise level of 41 dB.


  • does not dry fast enough.

6. Hotpoint-Ariston HSIC 3M19 C

Hotpoint-Ariston HSIC 3M19 C

If the prices of the dishwashers discussed above seem too high to you, but you do not want to give up such a useful technique, then you can choose the Hotpoint-Ariston brand. The products of this brand immediately provide 7 programs and 4 temperature modes with a maximum value of 60 ° C. Most cycles support a delay start from 1 to 12 hours. The chamber of an inexpensive dishwasher has a holder for glasses and a third tier for cutlery. The control panel with display is traditionally located at the end of the door. Unfortunately, there is no floor indication in HSIC 3M19 C, but there is a sound signal. We also note the complete, and not partial, protection of the dishwasher from leaks.


  • works with any means;
  • extended set of programs;
  • practically silent in operation;
  • there is a drawer for cutlery;
  • the best price for its features.


  • mode times are not indicated.

7. Gorenje GV672C62

Gorenje GV672C62

In a large family, there are enough worries that need to be given time. And spending several hours every day washing dishes after cooking and eating is an unattractive idea. In this case, it is better to buy a dishwasher with an inverter motor from Gorenje. It holds up to 16 place settings, and its interior is easily adjustable so you can wash pans and pots of any size.

The holders are easily folded in the chamber and the height of the upper basket can be changed.

If you need to wash the dishes right after dinner or a party, then it makes no sense to spend a lot of time on it. It is enough to run a quick 15-minute program and all impurities are quickly eliminated without unnecessary waste of water and electricity. In normal mode, water consumption is only 6.9 liters. The power consumption is also very low – 0.73 kWh, which meets the requirements of the best efficiency class A+++.


  • low water and energy consumption;
  • 5 temperature modes;
  • low noise level up to 39 dB;
  • the presence of the 3rd sprinkler;
  • ease of operation;
  • holds up to 16 sets.

8. Kuppersberg GL 6088

Kuppersberg GL 6088

German quality at an affordable price – this is exactly what the Kuppersberg dishwasher offers. The GL 6088 model has a double security system. It consists of a pressure sensor and a water meter that work continuously. Therefore, for any values ​​that go beyond the normal parameters of the program, the device will simply turn off to avoid flooding. All collected water is simply drained.

The Kuppersberg built-in dishwasher has a “Multizone” function, with which you can only load half of each basket. In total, 10 programs are available in the machine, including delicate and night modes, hygienic washing at 65 ° C, as well as intensive and automatic modes. When the work is completed, the equipment will notify you with a beam on the floor. Also in GL 6088 there is a delay start up to 12 hours.


  • holds 14 sets of dishes;
  • effective protection system;
  • delay timer from 1 to 12 hours;
  • capacious containers for detergent;
  • official guarantee for 2 years;
  • good choice of modes;
  • moderate noise level of 44 dB.


  • a bit thoughtful management.

9. Indesit DSFC 3M19

Indesit DSFC 3M19

The only freestanding dishwasher in our TOP. It is designed for 10 sets of dishes, although it has a width of only 45 cm. It offers 7 modes and 4 temperature settings to choose from. The duration of the standard cycle is 4 hours. If necessary, DSFC 3M19 allows you to delay the launch, and very flexibly – from 1 to 24 hours in increments of an hour. The maximum inlet water temperature is 60 degrees Celsius. You can also simply connect to a cold water supply. The dishwasher has parental controls, basic leakage protection and an audible alarm. There is no beam on the floor, but since the control panel is outside here, the technique does not need this option.


  • washes dishes with high quality;
  • removable top cover;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • convenient control panel;
  • delayed start function;
  • saves water;
  • a large set of programs.


  • quite noisy (49 dB).

10. Midea MID45S970

Midea MID45S970

One of the best dishwashers from customer reviews, which may surprise you. Firstly, in this model, according to the passport data, you can fit up to 11 sets. Also MID45S970 is able to please with a choice of as many as 8 washing programs. The noise level of this machine is a modest 38 dB, so it can be run at night even in a studio-type apartment. In total, the technique provides 8 programs for washing dishes.

Among the modes available are pre-soak, which allows you to get rid of serious dirt more easily and at a lower cost, as well as intensive, economical, delicate and fast programs.

The quality and quiet Midea dishwasher has a third load level for cutlery. The middle basket for dishes can be adjusted in height so that the user can load large pots and pans. The technician will notify the completion of the program with a beam on the floor. It also offers a delayed start option. You can select a delay in increments of one hour and a duration of up to 1 day.


  • low power consumption A+++;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • thoughtful ergonomics;
  • cutlery basket;
  • a large selection of washing modes;
  • virtually silent operation.


  • slightly overpriced.

Which inverter dishwasher to choose

Gorenje offers the maximum capacity. Also, over 10 place settings can be washed in one cycle in a full-size model from Bosch. The Germans also produce compact models. Another brand from Germany, Kuppersberg, competes with them, and Whirlpool and Beko deserve attention among other manufacturers. Also, Midea appliances got into our rating of dishwashers with an inverter motor. Even with a width of 45 cm, it offers good capacity and impeccable dishwashing performance.