10 Best Hand Mixers: Guide, Top-rated by experts

Every kitchen cannot do without additional kitchen appliances that make the process of cooking not only simple, but also fast. A mixer is an essential tool for every kitchen. The device can move the ingredients and whip the dessert in a short time. Manual models are very popular, as they take up little space and can be controlled with one hand.

Models can have several speed modes and nozzles. In order to choose the right model for you, it is recommended to study the rating of the best hand mixers for the kitchen. All models have repeatedly proven quality and are suitable for daily use.

TOP 10 best hand mixers

Hand mixers are small kitchen appliances that are used to quickly prepare your favorite dishes. Using the device, you can whip the cream, knead the dough and prepare a dessert. There is a wide variety of hand mixers, of different capacities. The advantage of the models is their compact size and simple operation. The best hand mixers are versatile and will become real helpers in the kitchen. In order to choose the right device, it is recommended to study the review of the most popular, according to buyers.

1. Bosch MFQ 3010

manual Bosch MFQ 3010

Kitchen hand mixer Bosch MFQ 3010, ideal for kneading dough and making creams. The case is made of high-quality plastic, which is not damaged even with frequent use, so the device will last a long period.

Maximum power 300 W, 2 speeds can be used during cooking, depending on the type of food. Nozzles are removable and easy to clean. The kit comes with 4 attachments, including hooks for kneading the dough. Nozzles are disconnected by pressing a button, so there will be no injuries and difficulties. The weight is small only 0.9 kg, so the device is easy to hold in your hands. You can buy a hand mixer at an affordable cost, which also attracts buyers.

Also, according to user reviews, the device does not have an unpleasant odor, and does not heat up even during prolonged use. Also, users note that the model is convenient to store in a closet, since the mixer takes up a minimum amount of space.


  • works quietly;
  • small dimensions;
  • good power, quickly whips products to the desired consistency;
  • build quality and reliability;
  • simple care.


  • short cord

2. Polaris PHM 5014

manual Polaris PHM 5014

The electric hand mixer has a weight of only 800 grams and a convenient shape, suitable for long-term use. The maximum power is 500 W, so you can knead dough and whip cream in minutes.

The kitchen mixer has 5 speed settings . The kit comes with 4 nozzles that are not subject to corrosion and will last a long period without reducing their appearance. It should also be noted that the device can operate in turbo mode. The device is equipped with a latch, with which it is convenient to remove the nozzles. This feature prevents injury and makes cleaning easier. The model is equipped with a plastic case, but despite this, it will last a long period without loss of performance.


  • the ability to use in different speed modes;
  • stylish appearance;
  • justified price tag;
  • beats well;
  • does not play during operation.


  • corollas are short.

3. Moulinex HM 41013E

manual Moulinex HM 41013E

Moulinex HM 41013E is the ideal hand mixer for the kitchen. The model has a stylish appearance and a good power of 450 W, so it will become an indispensable assistant in the process of cooking your favorite dishes or baking. 5 different speeds plus turbo mode make the mixer versatile. All nozzles can be easily changed by simply pressing a button. The working elements are made of stainless steel, so they will last a long period.

According to customer reviews, the device is lightweight and has a comfortable handle, which greatly facilitates the whipping process.


  • comfortable and high-quality whisks;
  • stylish design suitable for any kitchen;
  • beats well;
  • permissible noise level;
  • many modes.

4. Polaris PHM 5009A

Polaris PHM 5009A manual

A good hand mixer Polaris PHM 5009A, with which you can beat the products and prepare them for further use. The device operates in 6 modes, so you can achieve the desired consistency in a short time. Using the turbo mode, you can quickly beat the product, while the mass will be uniform without lumps.

The power of the device is 500 W, 4 nozzles are included. A feature of the model is a durable metal case and a comfortable handle. Nozzles are inserted very quickly, so you can make replacements directly in the process.

The button for switching speeds is smooth, so you can beat products without drops and splashes. Also, having studied the reviews, it should be noted that the advantage of the model is the ability to switch speeds with one hand.


  • affordable cost;
  • high-quality stainless steel case;
  • comfortable handle, with anti-slip coating;
  • light weight.


  • A bit noisy at max rpm.

5. Bosch MFQ 36440

manual Bosch MFQ 36440

Bosch MFQ 36440 hand mixer for home has a convenient shape and 450 W, so it can cope with different types of products. The product operates at 5 speeds, which are conveniently switched on the handle. The features of the mixer, it is necessary to include a nozzle – a blender with which you can grind food. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the device belongs to the universal.

Also, special attention should be paid to the long cord, with which it is convenient to work in the kitchen. The handle is covered with an anti-slip layer, so even with prolonged use, the hand does not slip. The latch button facilitates the process of changing nozzles.

According to customer reviews, the mixer easily handles solid foods and can replace a blender .


  • many speeds;
  • permissible noise level;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • nozzle with which you can grind products;
  • great cord length.

6. Philips HR3705/00 Daily Collection, white

manual Philips HR3705/00 Daily Collection, white

If you need to buy a high quality hand mixer, you should pay attention to this model. The power of the device is 300 W, 5 speed modes allow you to choose the most suitable consistency of products.

4 nozzles are made of stainless steel, so even with frequent use they do not rust. The case is plastic, but the material is not flimsy and fits comfortably in the hand. Particular attention should be paid to cone-shaped rims. These nozzles whip products faster and prevent splashes when working at high speeds.

Also, buyers note the presence of a cord lock, so the work is not only comfortable, but also safe.


  • turbo mode;
  • light weight and compactness;
  • on the handle there is a rubber coating against slipping;
  • special cone-shaped beaters reduce the risk of spatter.


  • The mode button is not convenient.


manual REDMOND RHM-M2104

If you need to choose a powerful hand mixer, this model is ideal. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to work for a long period. The power of the device is 500 W, 5 speeds are switched smoothly using a convenient switch. The stylish metal case is not subject to scratches, and will last for a long period without losing its appearance. All attachments are easy to change with the push of a button. Also, the mixer has protection against overheating, during prolonged operation, the device can automatically turn off if the motor heats up. Also, the device provides protection against electric shock.

According to customer reviews, the mixer easily copes with kneading a large amount of dough . At the same time, the case does not heat up and works evenly without jerking and rattling.


  • works quietly;
  • quality assembly;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • premium appearance;
  • ease of switching nozzles;
  • good power.


  • weight 1.1 kg.

8. Bosch MFQ 2420

manual Bosch MFQ 2420

A good hand mixer for the kitchen easily handles heavy loads. The power of the device is 450 W, the comfortable handle fits well in the hand. A feature of the model is the FineCreamer technology, with the help of which the products are whipped evenly. There are small balls on the whisks that provoke the appearance of turbulent flows.

The kit comes with 4 nozzles made of stainless steel. Also, the mixer can be used with a grinding attachment, which will quickly cope even with hard foods. However, the nozzle must be purchased separately. Nozzles are inserted very simply, so you can change them during operation. For safe use, a click is provided, after which the mixing process can begin. Some buyers note that the price of the model is too high and you can purchase a more affordable device with similar functions.


  • 5 speeds;
  • works quietly;
  • light weight;
  • combination price-quality;
  • the quality of the materials.

9. Philips HR3740/00 Viva Collection

manual Philips HR3740/00 Viva Collection

The power of the mixer is 450 W, its compact size and light weight make it indispensable in the kitchen. The device is equipped with a convenient button for switching speeds, there are 5 of them in total. There are 4 nozzles in the kit, which are made of stainless steel and will last a long period without reducing their appearance. They are very easy to care for, just rinse with water. You can also wash the attachments in the dishwasher.

Attachments detach with a convenient button on the handle. Therefore, during the cooking process, there will be no splashes, and makes the process absolutely safe. The cord is 1.2 meters long. You also need to pay attention to the device for winding the cord. This makes it very convenient to store the mixer. The well-thought-out aerodynamics of the body allows you to comfortably take the device in your hand and work for a long period without stress on the hand. The plastic is durable and the mixer does not vibrate or wobble during operation.

The price of the model is high, however, as buyers note, the costs are quite justified, and the device can be attributed to universal models necessary in any kitchen.


  • high build quality;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • whisks are convenient, quickly beat products;
  • simple care.

10. Bosch MFQ 36480, white/grey

manual Bosch MFQ 36480, white/grey

The universal device in the ranking of hand-held kitchen mixers occupies a leading position. Due to the presence of a large number of attachments, it will become a real helper in any kitchen. 5 speeds allow you to choose the most suitable, depending on the type of products that are being processed. The curved shape of the whisks allows you to thoroughly whip the cream without air. Also included is a handy blender nozzle, with which you can grind solid foods. The features of the mixer include the presence of a measuring cup and a chopper, so the preparation of salads and mashed soup is no longer difficult. The measuring cup is made of safe plastic, so it is an ideal vessel for storing the finished product. The handle on the mixer is rubberized, which makes the process of use not only simple, but also safe. All nozzles are removed with a button, it is also necessary to note the quiet operation. The price of the model is quite consistent with the quality. Therefore, the model is very popular among buyers.


  • quality assembly;
  • combination of blender and mixer;
  • price-performance combination;
  • many additional features;
  • works quietly.


  • glass and bowl made of flimsy plastic.

How to choose a hand mixer for the kitchen

Properly selected kitchen appliances will last a long period without losing their characteristics. In order to buy an inexpensive, but high-quality hand mixer, the following criteria must be considered:

  • Power. For the kitchen, appliances with power from 300 W to 500 W and above can be used. It must be remembered that the higher the power, the faster the whipping process;
  • Body material . There may be metal and plastic cases. When choosing a plastic case, you need to make sure that the material is not flimsy;
  • Number of speed modes . By changing the speed, you can whip different types of products without air bubbles. On average, the device has 3-4 speeds, but there are models with higher rates. Such devices are expensive;
  • Nozzles. In order for the mixer to have a universal purpose, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of nozzles. In addition to whisks for whipping cream, there are often additional nozzles for dough. More expensive models have knives for chopping food;
  • The weight. The hand mixer must weigh no more than 1.3 kg. Since the device has to be held in the hand for a long time and models that are too heavy cause discomfort.

In order for the mixer to facilitate the cooking process, it is also necessary to take into account the shape of the device.

Which hand mixer is better to buy

In order to understand which hand mixer is better to choose, it is necessary to evaluate the frequency of use of a kitchen appliance. An inexpensive hand mixer is suitable for whipping the cream. The product will cope with whipping and mixing products, but is not suitable for long-term use. Products with a large number of modes and attachments are expensive, but they will become an indispensable product in any kitchen. A review of the best mixers for the kitchen describes the advantages and disadvantages of popular appliances and makes it easier to choose.