10 Best Haier Refrigerators – Ranking and Reviews Guide

Hyer appeared on the market in 1984 through the merger of the German company Liebherr with the Chinese Qingdao Refrigerator. The latter, as the name implies, made refrigeration equipment. The union with the Germans allowed the brand from the Celestial Empire to expand outside the home market. This applies to both sales and production. As a result, Haier has become the largest home appliance manufacturer in China.

On the European and international market, the success is also impressive. For example, the best Haier refrigerators are increasingly found in our homes. Moreover, in terms of sales of such equipment, the Chinese are second only to Whirlpool.

TOP 10 best Haier refrigerators

The Chinese giant is trying to cover the needs of all users. Haier’s range includes inexpensive models with a bottom freezer, Side by Side models, and more original solutions. Almost all presented devices have several color options that will help you choose the best option for your kitchen. The manufacturer even has unusual colors, including red and orange. Refrigerators differ in functionality. For example, some do not have a freshness zone, while others have two at once (dry and wet).

1. Haier C4F744CCG

model Haier C4F744CCG

The model from the 744 series opens the TOP Haier refrigerators . This is a classic two-chamber solution that uses No Frost technology for both compartments. The use of the Tower LED column in the design guarantees excellent visibility of products at any load. The organization of the interior space of the C4F744CCG is excellent. Among other things, the main chamber has a double folding wine rack.

We have a device in cream color on the review. There are also modifications in gold (the last two letters in the name GG) and gray (MG). Their parameters are identical.

For fresh dairy and seafood, vegetables and fruits, cheeses and deli meats , the Haier refrigerator has a freshness zone with a temperature of 0 degrees. Thanks to this, food is stored longer, while retaining a maximum of useful properties. Also in the refrigerator with full No Frost there is a special respiratory membrane. When the humidity in the chamber is high, it accumulates it, and if the air has become too dry, it returns it.


  • high-quality lighting;
  • three body colors;
  • build quality and design;
  • freezing speed;
  • excellent capacity;
  • the presence of a zone of freshness;
  • both branches with No Frost.

2. Haier A4F742CMG

Model Haier A4F742CMG

The ideal refrigerator with No Frost defrost system for users who love fresh vegetables, seafood and fruits. In addition to the main compartment of 277 liters, supplemented by a 129-liter freezer, there is a separate freshness zone with a capacity of 40 liters. The humidity in it can be changed to adjust the parameters for a specific product. The refrigerator also has a vacation mode, which will be useful if you are away for a few days or weeks. It will allow you not to turn off the equipment completely, so food will be stored in the freezer as usual. By the way, in this department the minimum temperature can reach 24 degrees below zero. There are no complaints about the freezing speed either – up to 12 kg / day. There is a super freeze mode.


  • noise level within 38 dB;
  • high freezing power;
  • thoughtful management;
  • large moist zone of freshness;
  • very roomy main chamber;
  • inverter with 12 years warranty.


  • sidewalls made of inexpensive plastic.

3. Haier HB18FGSAAA

Model Haier HB18FGSAAA

The best Haier brand refrigerator related to the Cube series . This line is available in two sizes: 83 and 90 cm wide. We reviewed the first option, because it is ideal for kitchens of almost any size.

The main advantage of Cube refrigerators is their adaptability to the needs of users. With a 351 liter main compartment, you can store groceries for the whole family. Separately, special zones can be distinguished: Dry and Humidity. Humidity in the first does not exceed 45%, and in the second it is kept at 90%.

The total volume of the freezer at the capacious Haier refrigerator is 157 liters. But if you do not often store frozen foods, then one of its halves can be easily switched to a regular refrigerator mode (+5 degrees -18 place).


  • two zones of freshness;
  • elegant design;
  • chic functionality;
  • large chambers;
  • economical (A++);
  • easy maintenance;
  • LED display on the door.


  • dimensions and weight;
  • little space between shelves.

4. Haier HRF-541DG7RU

Model Haier HRF-541DG7RU

The next line in the ranking of the best Haier refrigerators is the Side by Side model. In it, the freezer is not under the main compartment, but on the side. The total volume of the HRF-541DG7RU is 504 liters. Of these, 167 liters are allocated for the freezer.

The refrigerator uses a modern inverter compressor. It allows you to more accurately maintain the temperature set by the user in both chambers and is several times quieter than traditional analogues. The noise level of this model does not exceed 38 dB.

In the main compartment, the manufacturer placed the DEO FRESH module. It emits ultraviolet light in the chamber, which significantly reduces the likelihood of mold, harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors. Also, this glow prolongs the shelf life of food.


  • inverter compressor;
  • ultraviolet radiation;
  • uniform distribution of cold air;
  • moderate noise level;
  • the volume of the freezer;
  • Multi Air Flow technology.


  • not the lowest power consumption.

5. Haier A2F637CGG

model Haier A2F637CGG

Another three-door model with a bottom freezer. When buying from an official representative, the device receives a guarantee for as much as 5 years, which is more than that of competitors. The refrigerator has one door and two drawers. Behind the door is the main compartment with a volume of 257 liters. Behind the middle drawer is a dry freshness zone of 21 liters.

The freezer of one of the best refrigerators in the combination of price and quality differs in volume of exactly 100 liters. It can freeze up to 12 kg of food per day, and its minimum temperature reaches minus 24 degrees.

Of the distinctive features of the A2F637CGG model, it is also worth noting the tourmaline antibacterial module. It ionizes and disinfects the air, destroying harmful microorganisms and eliminating unpleasant odors. And in order for the temperature of fresh products to quickly reach the desired level, there is a super-freeze and super-cooling.


  • power consumption A++;
  • roomy compartments;
  • very powerful freezing;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • separate freshness zone;
  • air ionization option.

6. Haier CEF537AWD

Model Haier CEF537AWD

If you are looking for an inexpensive high quality refrigerator, then Haier also offers such models. For example, CEF537AWD, which offers the MultiFlow function and LED screen on the door. The first is responsible for the uniform distribution of air flows, so that all products are cooled correctly and stored for as long as possible. The display also allows you to control the temperature and adjust it without opening the refrigerator and freezer. Their volume is 263 and 105 liters, respectively. Inside the two-compartment refrigerator there are three drawers for frozen food, as well as 5 shelves in the main compartment.


  • affordable price;
  • super freeze;
  • low noise level;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • the presence of a screen;
  • full No Frost.

7. Haier A2F635CWMV

Model Haier A2F635CWMV

According to the characteristics, this refrigerator is as similar as possible to models from the 637th series. It is also equipped with a separate dry freshness zone with a volume of 21 liters, and the freezer has a size of 100 liters. But the main compartment here is a bit smaller (only 235 liters).

The device also differs from the older modification in the noise level. If A2F637CGG turned out to be a very quiet refrigerator, then in this case the volume of work reaches 42 dB. Because of this, the technique is definitely not suitable for use in studio apartments.

The antibacterial module migrated to the younger version of the device. Also in the upper chamber there is a folding shelf that allows you to place large pots and other large items inside. Bottles (wine, milk, etc.) have their own shelf.


  • capacious freshness zone;
  • powerful freezer;
  • nice white color
  • excellent build quality;
  • very durable compressor.


  • too much noise.

8. Haier C2F636CXMV

model Haier C2F636CXMV

Quality refrigerator with freshness zone. In this model, it is dry, so it is very well suited for cheeses, dairy, meat and seafood. The body of the equipment is made of durable metal. On the door of the refrigerator compartment there is a control panel with a digital display. It displays the current temperature in the chambers.

The reviewed refrigerator is available immediately in 5 colors: silver, gray, cream, orange and dark red.

One of the best Haier refrigerators in terms of functionality allows you to quickly freeze or cool large volumes of food. To do this, after downloading them to the appropriate camera, you must activate the required function on the control panel. The door in the C2F636CXMV can traditionally be hung, and without the help of a master.


  • fairly quiet operation;
  • super cooling function;
  • high-quality lighting;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • there are 5 beautiful colors;
  • door open signal.

9. Haier C2F536CWMV

Model Haier C2F536CWMV

In reviews, Haier refrigerators are often praised for powerful freezing . The entry-level model C2F536CWMV was no exception. It can freeze fresh food at high speed (up to 12 kg / day), which is very good with a chamber volume of 108 liters. The volume of the main compartment here is 256 liters, optimal for a family of 2-3 people.
The freezer of one of the best in quality and reliability rating refrigerators is equipped with 4 drawers that fit a lot of food. The interior lighting in the main chamber is equipped with LED elements, which are quite bright, but economical. There are 5 shelves in the refrigerator compartment. There is also a drawer for fruits and vegetables.


  • spacious freezer;
  • attractive price;
  • illumination of the main chamber;
  • the presence of a folding shelf;
  • “Vacation” mode is available;
  • convenient arrangement of shelves;
  • convenient management.


  • only one box for vegetables.

10. Sharks C3F532CMSG

model Haier C3F532CMSG

Which refrigerator from Haier to buy if you are not very tall? With small growth, it is almost impossible to use the upper shelves, so 2-meter equipment will not be the best choice. But the model C3F53CMSG is an ideal option. Its height is only 179 cm. The volume, however, did not suffer too much: the freezer holds the usual 108 liters for the class and can quickly freeze a large amount of food, the size of the refrigerator is 205 liters.

According to reviews, the refrigerator keeps cold for a very long time. If your home regularly loses electricity, then the C3F532CMSG will be able to keep food fresh for up to a day. The exact time depends on the ambient temperature and how often the chambers are opened. Of the very useful additions in the refrigerator, one can single out a separate container for cosmetics and medicines. But the freshness zone in budget Haier models, alas, is not provided.


  • reasoned price tag;
  • separate tray for medicines;
  • low height of equipment;
  • high-quality body painting;
  • uniform air flow;
  • bright economical LED lighting.


  • noise level is above average.

Which Hyer refrigerator to buy

An excellent choice would be refrigerators with an inverter compressor. Yes, they are more expensive than classic models. But it will pay off over time. Firstly, the noise of such devices does not interfere even in studios. Secondly, they consume little electricity, maintaining the ideal temperature. Yes, they have a longer lifespan. If you are looking for the best Haier brand refrigerators with a low price , then the models from the 532nd and 536th series, as well as the CEF537AWD, are the perfect way to wisely manage a small budget.