10 best Electric Kettles with lighting (2023)

An electric kettle is a relatively simple household appliance that does not have many characteristics. However, you should not rush into buying, according to experts, there are many low-quality models on the market. Such devices cause a lot of trouble – leaks, rust, a biased short service life. In our independent review of the best illuminated teapots for 2023, our editors included several popular models recommended by customers.

TOP 10 best backlit electric kettles 2023

Modern electric kettles are in many ways superior to their predecessors older than 10 years. Now these are progressive, technological devices equipped with a mass of useful and interesting functions. Thus, bright illumination adds aesthetics, protective options extend the service life, and innovative technical solutions increase comfort and ease of use.

The review from our editors includes teapots that have collected a lot of positive feedback from real buyers. The main factor of choice was the quality and reliability, as well as the type of backlight.

1. REDMOND SkyKettle RK-G203S

REDMOND SkyKettle RK-G203S

Users consider that this is one of the best backlit teapots in terms of functionality . The remote-controlled smart device is easily paired with a smartphone via the dedicated Ready for Sky app. The variability of the settings is amazing – via a smartphone, you can turn on the kettle, set the type of boiling, depending on the type of water, set the water heating temperature. The backlight also surprised with its multi-mode, for example, in the “Disco tea” mode, it changes to the rhythm of the music played on the smartphone, and in the “Night light” position, it shimmers smoothly and illuminates the room or kitchen. There were no significant minuses in the teapot; a slightly unfinished application was attributed to small users.


  • compatible with the Smart Home system Redmond and Yandex;
  • many functions and control via smartphone;
  • 5 temperature operating modes;
  • volume 2 l;
  • beautiful backlight.


  • minor bugs in the app.

2. Polaris PWK 1753CGL

Polaris PWK 1753CGL

An inexpensive model of a modern electric kettle boasts the patented WATERWAY PRO top water filling technology, without opening the lid. As well as innovative steel on the bottom, which greatly facilitated cleaning. In addition, the experts of our editorial staff noted the English controller STRIX – the device is designed for 15,000 boiling cycles, which is equal to 10 years of active operation. Bright illumination, according to customer reviews, is very pleasant and comfortable for the eyes. To subjective shortcomings, some attributed a small volume of 1.5 liters, objective disadvantages were not found.


  • metal water filter;
  • safety blocking of inclusion without water;
  • interesting design;
  • boiling speed;
  • slight heating of the body during boiling;
  • almost no noise.

3. Kitfort KT-656

Kitfort KT-656

Another model in the ranking, which pleased with the ratio of price and functionality. The kettle is equipped with five temperature settings, a timer, and a keep warm option. The minimum heating temperature of 40ºС allows you to brew different types of drinks, including white, yellow or green teas. Structurally, the model provides a metal flask for brewing tea or herbs. Complete with the device, the buyer receives a special stand for boiling eggs in a kettle. The design of the device deserves special attention – classic, but unconventional. The backlight changes color, depending on the degree of water heating, adding visual aesthetics.


  • 5 water heating modes;
  • unobtrusive sound signal;
  • the presence of a strainer for brewing tea;
  • advanced functionality;
  • unusual design.


  • a little noisy.

4. VITEK VT-7056


An inexpensive kettle from one of the most reliable manufacturers has all the necessary characteristics: large volume, the presence of a lock when turned on without water, a nice design and a nice glass case. Additionally, for convenience, there is a compartment for the power cord. According to buyers, this is a simple and reliable kettle, without additional features and at a low price. Despite the low price, the electric kettle did not disappoint users with its quality and convenience, but for some the platform seemed too thin.


  • cheap;
  • time-tested brand;
  • there is a blocking of inclusion without water;
  • soft and pleasant lighting.


  • mediocre quality of materials;

5. Polaris PWK 1759CGL

Polaris PWK 1759CGL

Another popular model from the famous brand, which has long been famous for its high quality at affordable prices. The modern teapot has received a bright backlight, a patented WaterWayPro technology for pouring water without opening the lid, and English STRIX controllers, which gave the device a long service life – about 10 years with frequent use. Customers also praise ease of use – the device is easy to clean, dial, boil. And he also has a successful design – the user is protected from steam shock. At the same time, the kettle pleased with a very affordable price and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • long service life;
  • quality materials;
  • light weight;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • water inlet without opening the lid;
  • 5 year factory warranty.

6. Hottek HT-960-005

Hottek HT-960-005

A good model of an electric kettle at an affordable price stands out against the background of analogues with overheating protection, optimal volume and the usual power of 2.2 kW. The platform has a special recess for the power cord, the device rotates 360º around its axis. Users especially praise the pleasant blue backlight and solid design, to match premium devices. The kettle quickly heats water, easy to clean, no complaints about the quality. The kettle is good on all counts, the only negative is that it is a little heavy, according to reviews.


  • does not emit foreign odors when heated;
  • convenient design;
  • soft, beautiful lighting;
  • looks expensive.


  • a little heavy.

7. Scarlett SC-EK27G34

Scarlett SC-EK27G34

A compact and inexpensive kettle with a volume of 1.7 liters in practice turned out to be very convenient to use. In the reviews, buyers write a lot about the beautiful design, quiet operation, spectacular backlighting, thanks to which the device shines with light blue light. The main thing worth highlighting is reliability, good assembly, durable materials. Unlike cheaper analogues, plastic elements do not crumble, and the kettle retains its original appearance for more than one year in a row. Buyers do not note shortcomings, believing that the model is impeccable for its cost. However, there are a couple of comments – it is difficult to remove the power cord into the compartment.


  • the ratio of characteristics and prices;
  • quiet at work;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • effective lighting;
  • made from quality materials.


  • narrow compartment for the cord.

8. BBK EK1724G


The model from BBK became the cheapest in our review. In terms of quality and reliability in operation, the electric kettle is not inferior to competitors, and the manufacturer managed to reduce the final cost by eliminating various additional functions. At the same time, a simple model is made of tempered glass, the flask is of the usual cylindrical shape, the handle is strong and comfortable in the grip. The kettle consumes 2.2 kW of energy and holds 1.7 liters of water, it is equipped with soft, beautiful lighting. The heating element is hidden by stainless steel, durable and easy to clean. According to experts, this is one of the best electric kettles in the budget segment , it is worth buying it in case of acute cost savings.


  • volume 1.7 l;
  • affordable price;
  • soft illumination of a heavenly shade;
  • anti-slip base with a compartment for the cord;
  • protection against switching on without water.

9. Scarlett SC-EK27G67

Scarlett SC-EK27G67

Another budget model of the kettle in the rating, however, it is distinguished from its analogues by a reduced energy consumption of 2 kW and the presence of such a useful function as keeping warm. According to reviews, the device fully complies with the declared characteristics and works stably without causing trouble. The lid closes tightly and is easy to open, inside the kettle is easy to clean, thanks to a thoughtful, classic design. The disadvantages of the kettle include only the lack of a filter from scale.


  • low price;
  • keep warm function
  • low power consumption;
  • good volume – 1.8 liters.


  • The manufacturer does not provide for the presence of a scale filter.

10. Starwind SKG2082

Starwind SKG2082

Model SKG2082 consumes only 1.7 kW, so it can work from a small gas generator or in suburban areas where there is poor electrical wiring. At the same time, the other characteristics of the kettle are the most standard: volume 1.7 l, filling with water without opening the lid, beautiful lighting, comfortable handle and button. According to buyers, the device is slightly inferior to competitors in terms of boiling time, otherwise it is a worthy copy. The flask is made of tempered, heat-resistant glass, the base and lid are made of durable plastic that does not emit extraneous chemical odors. The shape of the spout is comfortable, boiling water does not spill. Objectively, this is a good model of an electric kettle that does not have serious disadvantages.


  • low power consumption;
  • optimal volume;
  • high-quality plastic;
  • comfortable handle.


  • Slightly increased boil time.

Which illuminated teapot is better to choose

When choosing a good kettle, you need to focus on its key characteristics, such as volume and energy consumption, as well as design. The second point is the functionality that determines the capabilities of the device.

For example, the innovative SkyKettle RK-G203S from REDMOND with remote control via smartphone is the choice of those who appreciate the latest technology. If you need an ordinary kettle for a long time, you should pay attention to the models from Polaris. And Scarlett, BBK and Starwind electric kettles are strong state employees, very simple and inexpensive. This is a good option for an office, cottage or home, if there is no need to fine-tune the boiling temperature.

Choosing which one is better, you should take into account your own preferences, as well as past experience in operating the devices. Our rating of the best kettles with built-in lighting included diverse devices for any needs of a modern user.