10 Best Dishwashers price-quality (2023). Rating

Choosing a budget, but at the same time high-quality and functional dishwasher is not an easy task. These are the criteria we took into account in the rating. High quality washing, availability of standard and additional features, affordable price – these are the main parameters of the dishwashers included in the list. We have compiled the top of the most popular models with positive reviews, a decent service life, a manufacturer’s warranty and proven quality. The rating includes dishwashers . Among them are both well-known advertised brands – Electrolux, Bosch, Weissgauff, and less popular manufacturers – Midea, Gorenje. The rating also includes dishwashers with different parameters: 45 and 60 cm wide. Therefore, here you can easily find the ideal model for a kitchen with any area.

The best dishwashers (2023) price-performance ratio: width 45 cm

Narrow dishwashers are compact and low cost compared to full-size and standard models. Their width starts from 45 cm, and the capacity varies from 6 to 10 sets. In our rating you will find devices designed for 8-9 sets. The functionality in narrow dishwashers is usually the same as in standard ones. The consumption of detergents and water is slightly less. The advantage of such models is their compactness and reasonable price. They are suitable for a small kitchen, while the capacity of 9-10 sets is enough for a family of 4-5 people. 

5 Indesit DSCFE 1B10

★ Body with adjustable feet

Country: Poland

A free-standing dishwasher with a width of 45 cm at a very affordable price. Ideal for a small kitchen. The machine is designed for 10 sets of dishes, has 6 washing programs and 3 temperature settings. The set includes a basket for cutlery and a special accessory for glasses. The model has a classic design in white. And the body of the dishwasher is equipped with adjustable legs , thanks to which it can be fixed steadily even on uneven surfaces. 

Users noted such advantages of the dishwasher as compactness, affordable price, simple operation, high quality washing, good assembly, low water consumption. Not everyone liked the condensation drying, in which drops of water remain on the door of the machine. If you do not pull out the dishes in time, they become wet. In general, the model is suitable for those who want to buy a high-quality dishwasher at a low price and do not pursue functionality. 

4 Midea MID45S100

★ Works in the “Smart Home” system

Country: China

Dishwasher Midea MID45S100 is a direct proof that a low price can be perfectly combined with high quality. The machine has compact dimensions, a capacity of 9 sets, a water consumption of 9 liters, 5 programs, including a quick wash, economy and half load mode. The manufacturer also provided several additional functions – a timer, indicators of salt and rinse aid and extra-drying.

Despite the Chinese assembly, components in Midea MID45S100 are quite high quality. A big plus is that the doors of the machine are fixed in any position, so it can be ventilated. In the process of washing, it will turn out to report the dishes here, which can be done not in all expensive models. Also Midea MID45S100 boasts a long warranty period of 2 years, which is given for all models from the manufacturer. The downside of the dishwasher is the not very high quality of washing in economy and express modes.

3 Hansa ZWM475WEH

★ Third loading level and third sprinkler

Country: Poland (produced in China)

A freestanding dishwasher from a Polish brand. The model holds 10 sets of dishes, has 5 programs and 4 temperature settings. It consumes 9 liters of water and 0.74 kWh of electricity, which is quite a bit for such a load. Of the standard options, the machine has protection against children and leaks, an audible signal and a timer. Of the advantages of the model, it is possible to note the presence of a third load level and a third sprinkler, which makes dishwashing more efficient. 

Almost all buyers noted the good value for money Hansa ZWM475WEH. The machine does an excellent job with the main function. It effectively cleans even dried-on grease. She has a clear control and fairly quiet operation. Also, the model takes up little space, while it has a load of 10 sets. Of the minuses, users noted an inconvenient compartment for cutlery and the absence of an indicator of water hardness. Also, some buyers found the design too old-fashioned. 

2 Beak DIS 25010

★ The cheapest dishwasher at 45 cm. The most popular model

Country: Turkey

BEKO DIS 25010 is a rare combination of compact dimensions and good capacity. Although it is a narrow machine with a width of 45 cm, it holds 10 sets. 5 temperature modes and programs are enough to clean any dishes: from heavily soiled pans to glasses. Delay timer, half load mode, leak protection and other additional features make washing convenient and efficient.

One of the best models in the budget segment, the quality of cleaning is not inferior to luxury dishwashers. This effect is ensured by the presence of all standard and additional functions, an adjustable basket and two sprinklers. An additional bonus for buyers is the lighting on the floor, which is far from being the case in all expensive models. Of the minuses, noisy work and an inconvenient powder compartment with a hard-to-close lid were noticed.

1 Krona KAMAYA 45 BI

★ The most functional. The accelerated and strengthened cycles of a sink. Extra Drying

Country: Germany

Fully built-in dishwasher with excellent build quality and powerful functionality. The model is equipped with a whole range of modern options. It has an indicator light on the floor, chamber lighting, a 3rd sprayer, Express and Power Wash quick and heavy cycles, and extra dry. The dishwasher holds 10 sets and is equipped with 8 washing programs. In addition, the legs of the model are adjustable, and the hardness of the water also changes. 

Despite the fact that the price of Krona KAMAYA 45 BI is not the cheapest option, customers really liked the quality of the dishwasher. Plus, finding the same number of options on cheaper models is almost impossible. The machine washes dishes well, especially buyers liked the automatic washing mode. The model works quite quietly, all options function as stated in the specifications. The most effective users found the beam on the floor, the lighting of the chamber and the express dryer. 

The best dishwashers price-quality: width 60 cm

Dishwashers with this width are also called full-size. As a rule, their capacity starts from 10 sets. Our rating includes models with a capacity of 12 to 14 sets of dishes. Among them there are free-standing dishwashers and fully built-in kitchen furniture. Please note that such devices are much more expensive than narrow dishwashers. They are suitable for kitchens with a decent area. And usually become the choice of families from 4 people. The advantage of such dishwashers is a large capacity, the minus is large dimensions and high cost.

5 Electrolux ESF 9552 LOX

★ Automatic shutdown. HygienePlus function. opening door

Country: Sweden

Full size 60 cm dishwasher with standard load and functionality. This is a free-standing model equipped with 6 washing programs and 4 temperature settings. The machine also has a display, a water purity sensor, leakage protection, auto-off, an extra dryer and a HygienePlus option. The latter is a disinfection of dishes with hot water up to 70 degrees and will be especially useful for families with small children. 

Despite the fact that this is a full-size dishwasher with a width of 60 cm, its price tag is closer to narrow models of 40 cm. But it is worth noting right away that it has a load of 13 sets, which is not the maximum for this category. For example, for a family with more than 6 people, it is more practical to purchase a dishwasher with a load of 15 sets. Otherwise, the model is fully consistent with the price: it washes dishes well, it works quietly, it is quickly configured. Customers especially liked the fact that at the end of the wash, the door of the machine opens by itself. 

4 Weissgauff BDW 6138 D

★ Complete protection against leaks

Country: Germany (produced in China)

Multifunctional, quiet and economical Weissgauff BDW 6138 D dishwasher is the perfect kitchen appliance for a large family. It is equipped with 3 standard and 5 additional cleaning modes, delayed start, partial load capability, leakage protection, beam indicator on the floor, 4 temperature settings to choose from. The capacity of the machine is standard for a full-size dishwasher – 14 sets.

The Weissgauff BDW 6138 D has all the settings for convenient washing: an adjustable basket, a separate compartment for dishes, an end sound signal and an economical water consumption – from 9 to 12 liters, depending on the program. The dishwasher is quiet. It can be set with a delay for night washing. Of the minuses – a too powerful drain pump, which is heard at the end, as well as a not very convenient compartment for tablets.

3 Hotpoint-Ariston HIC 3B+26

★ Better capacity. Suitable for various detergents

Country: Poland

Full-size fully built-in dishwasher with a width of 60 cm. Hotpoint-Ariston HIC 3B + 26 is designed for 14 place settings, equipped with 6 washing programs, half load mode, condensation dryer, adjustable basket and compartment for glasses. Each buyer is provided with a year of warranty service from the manufacturer.

In addition to flawless cleaning Hotpoint-Ariston HIC 3B+26 has a number of advantages. The machine works very quietly, is equipped with a convenient basket with compartments for glasses and cutlery, washes all types of dishes both with tablets and ordinary powder. The only functional drawback is a slight delay when turned on. After pressing the button, the dishwasher is activated only after 3-4 seconds.

2 Weissgauff DW 6015

★ 7 temperature settings. Consumption of 11 liters of water

Country: Germany (produced in China)

A dishwasher with a capacity of 12 sets is a rarity. But despite the low price segment, the quality of the Weissgauff DW 6015 is on top. For a complete cleaning, there are 5 modes here: normal wash, intensive program for heavily soiled dishes, express, economy and pre-soak mode. There is partial protection against leaks, sound notification of the completion of cleaning, 4 temperature settings and a 3 in 1 function. The machine is freestanding.

For a large family with a minimal budget, the Weissgauff DW 6015 is the best option. The quality of cleaning is like that of expensive models, quiet operation, decent functionality, economical consumption of water and electricity, high-quality equipment and efficient drying. There are no cons in the operation of the dishwasher. For some users, the device may not have enough features such as a delay timer, child lock, backlight.

1 Beko DEN 48522 DX

★ The most spacious. In black. Built-in ion exchanger and AquaIntense technology

Country: Turkey

Stylish, functional and very spacious dishwasher . This model is just made for a large family. It holds 15 sets of dishes, which is a rarity even among full-size dishwashers. Another feature of Beko DEN 48522 DX is the design in black, which will fit perfectly in the kitchen in dark colors. The model also has other advantages. For example, the ultra-quiet ProSmart inverter motor, 3 washing levels, AquaIntense technology, which cleans dishes with dried dirt. 

The high rating is fully consistent with the number of positive reviews about Beko DEN 48522 DX. For a capacity of 15 sets, the model has a very affordable price. But the main thing is that she perfectly copes with all the stated tasks. The dishwasher washes even the most heavily soiled dishes, dries perfectly, works very quietly, and all options function properly. The design looks expensive and is in no way inferior to the well-known Bosch machines.