10 best ceramic electric kettles (2023)

Today it is almost impossible to imagine an apartment, house and office without an electric kettle. This is such a popular kitchen device that in any hardware store and even a large supermarket you will be offered dozens of models for every taste. The body material of most kettles is plastic or metal. A little less often, appliances are made of tempered glass. Today we will look at the best ceramic electric kettles. They have an original design, do not affect the taste of water at all and allow you to keep warm longer. Thick walls even provide lower noise levels than plastic, metal and glass appliances.

TOP 10 best ceramic electric kettles 2023

With all the declared advantages, ceramics also has some features. Heating water in this technique is slower. But, as noted above, a ceramic electric kettle is better suited for maintaining a high temperature for a long time without additional energy consumption, as in thermo pots. The cost of such equipment is higher than that of competitors, but they are more reliable, because their walls do not accumulate scale at all and do not conduct electric current. However, ceramics weigh more, so you need to handle the equipment with care. Remember that this material is fragile, so careless use of the kettle can lead to damage (up to uselessness).

1. Kelli KL-1338

Kelli KL-1338

Inexpensive but good kettle with a fully removable lid. The device has protection against overheating, blocking work without water, an auto-off function when removing equipment from the stand and a convenient base that allows the device to rotate 360 ​​°. The model KL-1338 has a thoughtful spout that allows you to accurately dose the amount of poured water. Among other advantages of an electric kettle, according to customer reviews, design stands out. The small check pattern looks very nice. Only the manufacturer’s logo spoils the appearance, which is made in too large a font.


  • convenient spout and water inlet;
  • nice design;
  • low noise;
  • the handle does not heat up during operation;
  • reasoned price tag.


  • no strainer in the nose.

2. Sakura SA-2033P

Sakura SA-2033P

The model from Sakura visually resembles an element of an elegant old service. On the body of the equipment there are textured decorative details, as well as a pattern of a flower. The volume of the Sakura ceramic teapot is 1.5 liters, which is the optimal solution for most consumers. Operation of the SA-2033P is almost silent. In terms of heating rate, the device is somewhat inferior to competitors, not only because of the case material, but also because of the relatively low power of 1200 watts.


  • very quiet operation;
  • beautiful drawing;
  • quality assembly;
  • keeps the temperature for a long time;
  • no foreign odors.


  • not very high power.

3. Kitfort KT-691-1

Kitfort KT-691-1

The best teapot in terms of reliability from a domestic manufacturer. The body of the equipment is made of heat-resistant glazed ceramics. It is a durable material that does not contain harmful substances and does not emit third-party odors. Holders are built into the lid of the electric kettle, preventing it from falling when the equipment is tilted.

Model KT-691 is available in two versions. They have similar features and design. But while the KT-691-1 has an all-white body, the KT-691-2 also has cute little duck prints.

A good Kitfort kettle is equipped with a Strix controller. It is the market leader in electric kettle components. Therefore, KT-691 is of high quality and durability. The device is protected against short circuit and fire. It turns off when boiling and does not activate if there is no water inside.


  • original design;
  • reliable controller;
  • boiling speed;
  • temperature maintenance;
  • high power 1800W;
  • exemplary build quality.


  • small volume of 1200 ml.

4. Polaris PWK 1287CC

Polaris PWK 1287CC

The next model visually resembles classic porcelain teapots. It offers a similar capacity of 1.2 liters. But its power is slightly lower than that of Kitfort – only 1200 W, which slightly reduces the boiling speed. The production of PWK 1287CC is carried out under the control of the Swiss company SWISS. And to prove the confidence in the high quality of its products, Polaris provides a whole 2-year warranty for the ceramic teapot. There is practically no noise during operation of the kettle. And another nice feature of the technique is the design with drawings in the form of a lemon tree.


  • keeps water temperature for a long time;
  • wear-resistant components;
  • attractive corporate design;
  • compact and not too heavy;
  • The lid at the top does not get hot.


  • there are plastic parts inside.



If you want to buy an electric kettle for a large family for a reasonable price, then the KR-460C will be an excellent choice. This device in a snow-white case from ENDEVER. In the production of equipment, eco-ceramics with an original texture are used. Odors or third-party impurities are not emitted when using the KR-460C.

The power button of the device is located at the bottom of the device. It has a backlight, which allows you to visually see the moment of boiling. The ENDEVER kettle automatically turns off the power supply in the absence of water, and also turns off when removed from the base. And to prevent scale from getting into the cup, the KR-460C received a special filter.


  • relatively light (1.5 kg);
  • large capacity;
  • cool case design;
  • blocking work without water;
  • one and a half year warranty;
  • not heated handle.

6. Kelli KL-1339

Kelli KL-1339

The next line in our ranking is a budget kettle that offers both more volume and higher performance than the main competitors. The KL-1339 holds 1700ml of water, which boils quickly thanks to the 2200W heating element. The equipment automatically turns off when the user takes it from the base. There are also protection against short circuit and overheating. On the case of Kelli there are decorative elements, as well as a cute pattern with pink roses.


  • long service life;
  • high performance;
  • keeps temperature well;
  • developed security;
  • case made of durable ceramics;
  • Handle and top do not get hot.


  • heavy enough.

7. Gorenje K10BKC

Gorenje K10BKC

A very beautiful electric kettle in a ceramic case from the Slovenian brand Gorenje. The device has a heating element with a peak power of 1.6 kW. This is a very good indicator, given the small capacity of 1 liter. This volume is enough to brew tea for a company of 3-6 people, and it boils quickly enough.

Kettle stand with 360° rotation allows, if necessary, to wind an extra cord for convenient installation of equipment near the outlet.

If there is little or no water in the kettle, the safety systems will automatically turn off the device. Also, the device has a blue indication of the power button, which allows you to see that the boil has already been completed or that the safety block has worked. The thick ceramic walls of the Gorenje kettle retain the heat of the water very well.


  • beautiful black design;
  • noiselessness in work;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • the handle does not heat up in operation;
  • good heating power.


  • mediocre build quality.

8. VLK Venice 6547

VLK Venice 6547

What is the best electric kettle with a ceramic case to buy if you want the device not only to fulfill its direct duty, but also to decorate your kitchen? We recommend the model from VLK. Refined lines, competent selection of colors are what makes Venice 6547 attractive and recognizable. The body of the equipment is completely made of environmentally friendly ceramics, and the number of plastic elements in the VLK design is minimized. The Venice 6547 stand is symmetrical and allows you to install equipment on it at any angle. The design of the electric kettle is thought out in such a way as to exclude heating of both the main handle and the handle for lifting the lid of the device.


  • light weight of only 1.3 kg;
  • the optimal volume is 1400 ml;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • exquisite coloring;
  • service life of at least 4 years.

9. Gorenje K10C

Gorenje K10C

Snow-white model of an electric kettle made of high-quality ceramics. The body features a repeating pattern of minimalist blue flowers, which adds to the overall design and appeal. The manufacturer offers an official year of warranty for the K10C and an additional year of service. The illuminated operation indicator is built directly into the power button of the device. In reviews, the kettle is praised for its high boiling speed, compactness and ease of use. To protect against overheating, turn on without water and ensure accurate operation of equipment after boiling water, Gorenje chose high-precision thermostats from Strix.


  • compactness and lightness;
  • beautiful case design;
  • thoughtful design;
  • high-quality Strix thermostat;
  • blocking of inclusion without water;
  • network cable 1 meter long.


  • the lid is too tight.



The latest in the list of the best ceramic electric kettles is the LINE GL0501 model from the popular brand GALAXY. It can be called a good competitor for Gorenje devices, because the device holds the same liter of water, but at a lower price. In terms of power, the kettle does not set records – 1400 W, which provides an acceptable boiling speed. Additional features include keeping warm, which is very nice for the money. The stylish design with a multi-colored bird on the body is also pleasing. Noise during operation of LINE GL0501 is practically absent.


  • environmentally friendly ceramics;
  • one of the lightest in the class;
  • wonderful body design;
  • maintaining hot water;
  • precise and reliable controller.

Which ceramic electric kettle is better to buy

If you usually boil small amounts of water, then Gorenje appliances are a great option. They are worthy competition from the GALAXY brand. Moreover, a kettle of this brand will cost you much cheaper, and it weighs as much as 600 grams lighter. Of the larger models, the Russian companies Polaris and Kitfort stand out. The ideal solution in our ranking of the best electric kettles with a ceramic body in terms of price and quality are Kelli brand appliances. And if you need more volume, then choose ENDEVER or VLK.