10 best budget refrigerators with No Frost by reviews. Rating

Premium kitchen appliances offer customers many features and technologies that are usually of little use. However, you still have to pay for them. In inexpensive models of refrigerators, everything is available for daily use. Each device in our review effectively retains heat, evenly distributing it across the chambers. Also, refrigerators with No Frost are famous for the fact that they need to be defrosted less often after prolonged use, because ice practically does not form in them. Other technical parameters depend on the specific model and manufacturer of the device.

TOP 10 best budget refrigerators with No Frost

The first criterion that you should pay attention to when choosing a device is its volume. For 1-2 people, a two-chamber refrigerator with a capacity of 200 liters is enough. If you have a small child or want to buy a suitable model for a dorm room in which three people live, then it is optimal to buy from 300 liters. A refrigerator for a large family should hold from 400 liters, and in this category it is better to look at Side by Side form factor solutions (side freezer).

1. Indesit ITR 5160 W

Indesit ITR 5160 W

When choosing a refrigerator according to reviews, you will certainly find equipment from Indesit among the leaders in the rating. The ITR 5160 W model is interesting in that it is compact. Its height is only 167 cm, which is convenient if the user has a small stature. Thanks to the uniform and bright LED illumination, the interior space is evenly illuminated no matter how full the chamber is. And glass shelves do not interfere with the passage of light and are convenient.

In addition to the shelves inside, there is a large container for fresh vegetables, as well as three trays for bottles, eggs, sauces, cheeses and other small food items.

A feature of the cheap Indesit refrigerator is the Push & Go function. If you load a week’s supply of food into the main chamber, quickly cooling them to the desired temperature. Also, the equipment is equipped with a super-cooling mode, but its productivity is only 4 kg / day, so it is better to fill the freezer in parts. The fridge comes with an egg tray and an ice cube tray. The ITR 5160 also has an organizer for soft packs.


  • rapid cooling;
  • quality assembly;
  • display on the door;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • small height;
  • permissible noise level;
  • keeps cold for a long time.

2. ATLANT ХМ 4421-000 N

ATLANT ХМ 4421-000 N

In terms of quality and reliability, ATLANT refrigerators have always been among the best. Also pleased with the good functionality of the equipment of the manufacturer at a reasonable cost. In the main chamber for storing fruits and vegetables, there are two vessels made of durable transparent plastic. Also inside there is a Smart Air Flow system for uniform air circulation and maintaining the same temperature in the chamber.

The No Frost refrigerator comes with an egg storage insert that can be placed on the door or in the compartment. But it holds up to 8 eggs instead of the usual 10. The refrigerator freezer has a volume of 104 liters. Its drawers are made of durable white plastic. But so that you can easily find the right product, the front wall is transparent. The minimum temperature of the freezer is -18.


  • temperature indication;
  • long warranty;
  • worked service;
  • two trays for vegetables;
  • long service life;
  • sound indication;
  • freezing 6 kg/day.


  • not in all places the details are clearly adjusted.

3. Beko RCNK 335K00 W

Beko RCNK 335K00 W

Model with a laconic design, made in snow-white color. The case in the device is made of metal and plastic. Inside are glass shelves, plastic trays and drawers. The volume of the freezer is 100 liters, and the main chamber takes up 2 times more usable space. A good Turkish-made refrigerator offers the user a Vacation mode to save energy during a long departure.

Freezing performance in RCNK 335K00 W reaches 7 kg/day. The complete set of this model includes trays for eggs and dumplings, as well as a form for freezing ice. As for the autonomous preservation of cold, everything is very good with this – up to 18 hours. If the power goes out frequently in your area, then this is important. If you do not close the door of the main chamber, then the refrigerator for a family of 2-3 people will notify you with a sound signal.


  • separate streams in the chambers;
  • appearance and build quality;
  • freezing performance;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • keeps cold for 18 hours;
  • superfreeze, vacation mode.


  • sometimes noisy;
  • slightly overpriced.

4. Filed ITR 4160 E

Filed ITR 4160 E

The next line in the list of budget models with No Frost is occupied by the ITR 4160 E refrigerator. This model is identical both in size and capacity to the older models of the Indesit brand. The total volume of equipment is 257 liters, of which 78 are for the freezer. The useful volume of the refrigerating chamber is 157 liters. It also has a freshness zone for greens, vegetables and fruits, under which a box of 22 liters is allocated.

The popular budget model of the Indesit refrigerator is offered in two colors: white or pink and white (the letters W and E in the model name, respectively). Energy consumption per year for the reviewed model is 344 kW / h, which meets the requirements of class A. There are no differences from the older modification in terms of freezing speed. The design of the device is similar, and the only simplification is the rejection of the display on the door of the refrigerator compartment.


  • two colors to choose from;
  • convenient shelf for bottles;
  • reasoned price;
  • spacious freezer.


  • a bit noisy work.

5. Pozis RK FNF-170 Bg

Pozis RK FNF-170 Bg

We turn to refrigerators at an affordable price from domestic brands. And the first in this list is a model from the Pozis brand. This is a device with a standard width, depth and form factor (freezer from below). The height of the equipment is 186 cm, which in most cases is the best solution. The total volume of the chambers in the RK FNF-170 Bg is 314 liters, of which the main compartment accounts for two-thirds.

In order to fit a larger volume in the standard dimensions of the case, the thermal insulation had to be slightly simplified. Therefore, the time of autonomous preservation of cold in this device is slightly less than that of competitors, and is a maximum of 9.5 hours.

Another reason to buy a Pozis brand refrigerator is the freezing power. Here it reaches as much as 10.5 kg / day. This is one of the best results not only in its segment, but also in the market in general. The minimum temperature in the freezer is typical for this technique and is -18 C°. The noise level of the refrigerator RK FNF-170 Bg is moderate and is 40 dB. This is normal for an ordinary apartment, but too much for a studio installation.


  • very fast freezing;
  • uniform cooling;
  • low price;
  • excellent capacity;
  • moderate noise at work.


  • meager equipment;
  • difficult to move the door.

6. Stinol STN 200 D

Stinol STN 200 D

An interesting solution among inexpensive narrow refrigerators is Stinol STN 200 D. In terms of capabilities, this model is not much different from competitors in the class. The useful volume of the refrigerator and freezer is 249 and 75 liters, respectively. The freezing capacity is low (up to 2.5 kg/day), but it is enough for such a volume and infrequent use. On the door of one of the best inexpensive refrigerators with the No Frost system, there is a display that allows you to control the temperature in the chambers. When the door is left open, the STN 200 D will sound an alarm to prevent food spoilage. Also noteworthy is the low energy consumption, reaching 377 kWh/year (class A certificate).


  • quality assembly;
  • keeps freshness;
  • attractive price;
  • proper distribution of internal space;
  • keeps food fresh for a long time;
  • complete No Frost system.


  • noisy compressor.

7. Turquoise 840NF

Turquoise 840NF

Biryusa continues the rating. Her refrigerators are cheap and are of very good quality. The 840NF model offers a good freezing capacity of 5 kg/day, a minimum freezer temperature of -18 C° and the ability to adjust from 0 to 8 C° in the main compartment. In the event of a power outage, the equipment can autonomously keep cold for 17 hours. During this time, all products are guaranteed to remain fresh.

A two-chamber refrigerator with a freshness zone allows you to separate vegetables, herbs, fruits. You can also adjust the humidity in the tray to get optimal conditions for longer food storage. Other nice features include an extended scope of delivery. It includes 2 egg cups and an oiler at once. The freezer in 840NF contains 4 drawers that allow you to store blanks, semi-finished products and other products.


  • freezer with a volume of 130 liters;
  • super-freeze, super-cooling;
  • official guarantee for 3 years;
  • long-term preservation of cold;
  • simple temperature control;
  • the presence of an oiler in the kit.


  • mediocre assembly;
  • the noise level is too high.



The next line in the TOP of refrigerators went to another affordable device. This time, the NORDFROST brand received attention, the equipment of which received the optimal refrigerating and freezing chambers in terms of volume – 170 and 105 liters, respectively. The second contains three drawers, as well as a separate tray for freezing berries.

The device can be purchased not only in silver (332), but also in black (232) and white (032) body colors.

Also in the reviews, the refrigerator is praised for the convenient organization of the internal space in the main compartment. It contains a large fruit and vegetable drawer, a pair of door trays to store bottles and eggs, and 3 glass shelves. The top two, if necessary, can be installed in two positions.


  • economical LED lighting;
  • large box for vegetables;
  • low noise level (41dB);
  • shelf for freezing berries;
  • laminated coating;
  • low height technology.


  • on the first, the doors open tightly;
  • No Frost only in the freezer.

9. Turquoise SBS 587 I steel

Turquoise SBS 587 I steel

A spacious Side by Side refrigerator from a manufacturer. It is available immediately in 4 color options: black, white, beige and stainless steel. In the first three options you will get glossy glass doors, and in the last – metal. The volume of chambers in SBS 587 is 335 liters for the main compartment and 175 for the freezer. In terms of freezing power, we have one of the best representatives of the rating – 10 kg / day. There is also supercooling in the Biryus refrigerator. In the freezer on the door there are shelves where you can store crab sticks, ice cream and other products in small packages. The main compartment has two drawers for vegetables and fruits, four glass shelves, and 5 trays on the door. Therefore, if you are still wondering what is the best refrigerator in the Side by Side segment to buy for your home, be sure to take a closer look at the SBS 587 model.


  • capacious chambers;
  • freezing power;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • reasonable cost;
  • quality assembly;
  • inverter compressor.


  • a small number of height adjustments of the shelves.

10. Hisense RS-560N4AD1

Hisense RS-560N4AD1

The most spacious refrigerator in terms of freezer capacity is offered by Hisense. Model RS-560N4AD1 received a freezer with a size of as much as 194 liters. And this is enough for harvesting a large number of mushrooms, berries, semi-finished products, and other products.

The Multi-Air Flow technology is responsible for the uniform distribution of cold in each of the chambers. Its work is based on the circulation of air through the vents. The flows between the compartments do not mix with each other, therefore they do not tolerate odors.

The quiet refrigerator from Hisense is equipped with super-cooling, super-freezing, as well as a vacation function. The latter maintains the temperature in the refrigerator compartment at 15 C° and in the freezer compartment according to the parameters set by the user.


  • clear and convenient management;
  • spacious freezer;
  • distribution of air flows;
  • excellent workmanship;
  • separate trays for vegetables / fruits;
  • built-in bottle holder.


  • given the low cost, they are not.

Which budget refrigerator with No Frost is better

If you want to save money, it is better to take the products of domestic brands like Biryusa and Pozis. ATLANT also produces good products in terms of price-quality ratio. For buyers who prefer low technology, we recommend Indesit. Also in the ranking of inexpensive refrigerators with No Frost technology, models in the Side by Side category are available. Hisense is a great choice for a family of 4-5 people, Biryusa is for 6-8 users.